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The Blotter February 06 2002

On Ashby Street, a 20-year-old woman, nicknamed “Peaches,” told police she and her child’s father were fighting. She said she got mad after he refused to have sex with her. She and the child’s father both admitted to hitting each other. She had facial cuts and a swollen mouth. He had a chest injury. Both were charged with battery and fighting words.

A 25-year-old woman on Mayson Street called police and said her live-in boyfriend, age 46, became violent after she confronted him about transporting women to the bus station/train station. He hit her and bit her left forearm. He was charged with aggravated assault and battery.

A 57-year-old man returned from work to his home on Thaxton Drive and found five burned spots on his lawn, where someone had dumped gas, he said.

In an incident report described as “lady enraged about road rage,” a 28-year-old woman said she was exiting Ga. 400 at Phipps Boulevard when she was cut off by a BMW traveling across four lanes of traffic. She honked her horn at the driver, a heavyset middle-aged man. She said he cut in front of her, slammed on the brakes, got out of his car and screamed and yelled at her. She said he briefly followed her before turning off the road.

A 32-year-old woman said a fortysomething man slapped her buttocks and then hid in the bushes on Peachtree Road. “He was near the bus stop and thus possibly escaped on a MARTA bus,” wrote the reporting officer. The woman said the man’s outfit was dark, and possibly some kind of uniform.

The chief operations officer of a medical center on Ridge Avenue said a physician at the center had been acting strangely since October 2001. The physician, a bald 55-year-old Marietta man, was recently terminated for abuse of his sick leave time. The COO said for the last three weeks, the physician has been calling the center and making threats. A woman said during a phone conversation with the physician, he said the reason the Sept. 11 terrorists were so dangerous is because they didn’t care, and right now, he don’t care either. Another woman said during a phone conversation, the physician said she needed to decide if she is on his side or on the side of the devils that work in the center. The reporting officer wrote, “She said he then said that he was coming with his army and he’s gonna do what he has to do. He went on to say that this is war, God’s angry and so is he.” The COO said the physician must sign his termination papers before he gets his last paycheck. The COO feels the physician might make good on his threats and wants to press charges.

At a McDonald’s on Marietta Boulevard, a 20-year-old female employee said a man came into the restaurant, demanding food. He said if he didn’t get the food he was going to stab her at the bus stop when she left to go home. Management asked the man, age 44, to leave. He refused. He threatened to stab the 20-year-old in the back with a screwdriver. He was taken to jail.

A man with NO feet refused to leave a location on 4th Street. A 29-year-old man said he asked the handicapped man, an acquaintance, to leave his property. The man then cursed him and grabbed an umbrella in order to swing at him. An officer spoke with the handicapped man. “I asked him if he was capable of moving since he was handicapped,” wrote the officer. “He then asked me if I did not have better things to do. I then asked him his name and he stated that his name was ‘motherfucker.’” The handicapped man was taken to jail.

An officer responded to a fight at a residence on Ezra Church Drive. Upon arrival, the officer encountered a hostile 18-year-old woman, about 5 feet tall. She walked toward her great aunt and grandmother and said, “You two ain’t nothing but bitches ... fucking bitches.” and “Fuck you, I’ll break the window again.” The great aunt said her niece returned home from a night of entertainment and was “raising hell” and threatened her with a stick. She and the grandmother forced the niece outside and the niece tossed a brick through the front window. The officer asked the niece her full name. She said, “My name is suck my motherfucking dick.” She was taken to jail.

A 35-year-old man returned home from work and found that the front end of his Honda Accord was severely damaged. A note on his windshield said a witness, a 29-year-old man on Myrtle Avenue, saw the whole incident. Police spoke with the witness, who said at 9 a.m., a Georgia Power truck went down Penn Avenue. As the truck was turning onto 4th Street, it hit the Honda. The witness said the truck just kept on going. The witness didn’t have a tag number, but did give police the truck’s DOT sticker number.

At a nightclub on Ponce de Leon Avenue, a heavyset man in a black-and-white striped sweater asked two women for a table dance. The 33-year-old dancer said the man wanted her to walk in front of him. As they were walking to the back of the club, the man pushed her, grabbed her purse and tried to run out the door, she said. The man dropped her purse and nothing was taken. She said the man told her he knew the evening bartender and was a regular. The other dancer said the man grabbed her breast when he pushed the 33-year-old dancer.??

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