The Blotter July 24 2002

At 12:45 a.m., an officer was working at a road block on Hosea Williams Drive. A 44-year-old man approached the officer's patrol car and started pushing up and down on the hood. The officer told him to stop. The man refused to stop pushing and said "the Force" was making him do it. The man assumed a fighting stance. The officer called for backup, and the man was arrested.

Police saw a green Pontiac Grand Am parked in a cul-de-sac on Walthall Court and "observed feet sticking out the window," wrote the reporting officer. The officer approached, and the feet retract inside the car. Police spoke with the driver, a 36-year-old woman with red hair. When police shined a light in her car, she got mad, cursed and threw her purse at the officer. She refused to get her driver's license out of her purse. Eventually, the woman calmed down. Police were ready to release her with a ticket. Then she yelled, "Fucking take me to jail." She said she was from Columbus, Ga., and was looking for somewhere to stay. She said she threw her car keys outside to prevent herself from driving her car, because she was in no condition to drive. Police didn't smell any alcohol on her. But they noticed two beer bottles near her car. She continued to curse and act violently, so police arrested her and took her to jail.

A 49-year-old drunk man walked into a restaurant on Spring Street. The restaurant staff asked if they could help him. The 49-year-old ignored them and pulled up his shirt. Again, the staff asked if they could help him. No response. The 49-year-old pushed aside the restaurant host and owner. He then proceeded to the dining room and aggressively asked customers for money. Security guards escorted the man outside. A police officer arrived. The 49-year-old continuously insulted the officer with a host of names, including calling her a "cracker-ass redneck from Alabama." The officer wrote in her report, "Note: I'm not from Alabama." ?The 49-year-old also told the officer that she'd "be sorry" and she should watch her back. The man was jailed for terroristic threats, public drunkenness and simple battery.

A 41-year-old man walked into a restaurant on Cascade Road. Employees asked him to leave, but he refused. The man harasses customers, an employee said. A police officer spoke with the 41-year-old, who admitted he was trespassing at the restaurant. He said he was only en route to buy illegal drugs. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

At an Atlanta hospital, a 29-year-old Newnan man told an officer that he had smoked crack with the individuals who had taken his car, a '96 Chevy Suburban. He said he tried to flag them down several times, as they drove past him. He couldn't describe or name the individuals with his car. The officer checked with another officer, who had spoken with the 29-year-old earlier. According to this officer, the 29-year-old traded his car for crack cocaine at an apartment complex near Bolton Road. A man saw another man driving a white van, which was weaving all over Cheshire Bridge Road. The first man followed the van into Tara Shopping Center. The van pulled up alongside a bar. The driver, a 53-year-old man, got out of the van and staggered toward the bar. The first man approached the driver, saying the bar was closed and he was the owner of the bar. The driver started to get back in the van. The man told the driver that he shouldn't be driving because he'd had too much to drink. The driver tried to drive away. But the man pulled his car in front of the van, blocking him in, and called police. The driver was charged with DUI.

On Mary George Avenue, a 50-year-old man said he looked in the crawl space of his home and noticed that his lawn equipment and two pit bull puppies were missing. The puppies were about 2 months old, and the lawn equipment included a mower, weed-eater and chainsaw. He suspects his neighbors.

A 21-year-old woman on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive said her brother got out of bed and was mad about his money problems and started swearing at her. Then, he hit her neck with a curtain rod and bit her arm. The woman refused to provide any more information. The brother fled before police arrived. The woman was treated at Grady for a minor head injury.

A 19-year-old woman was walking down Hamilton H. Holmes Drive with a 19-year-old man when a white Jeep Cherokee pulled alongside them. Four men with guns jumped out of the jeep. They stole $80 cash, some Pampers and gym shoes from the young couple.

Three officers were patrolling an area known for illegal drugs on Arlington Circle. One officer saw a 37-year-old man standing on the curb, holding a tennis ball. "It is a common technique to conceal illegal drugs inside the tennis ball," wrote the reporting officer. The officer called the man over to his car. As the man approached, a truck passed between him and the police officer. During that instant, the man threw the tennis ball into a yard. Police retrieved the tennis ball and found one hit of suspected marijuana, and 12 hits of suspected crack. The man went to jail.

A 46-year-old woman was at a diner on University Avenue ordering an ice water. She asked a man whom she knew if he would like for her to buy him an ice water. According to a police report, he "answered her question by punching her in the head." He fled before police arrived.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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