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The Blotter August 28 2002

An officer responded to a call about a dog on Richardson Street. A woman said she was standing at the trunk of her car when the dog started barking at her. The dog lives across the street, and never left its yard, she said. Still, the woman was afraid that the dog might bite her, so she ran to her house. Along the way, she fell down, hurt her arm and ripped her nylons. She refused medical treatment. But she said she wanted a police report so she could file a lawsuit against the person who owns the dog.

A 25-year-old man said he allowed another man to stay in his apartment on North Highland Avenue for a few days. The 25-year-old said the man stole some of his T-shirts, socks and underwear, and $350. He said the man is bald with a sunburst-type tattoo on the back of his skull. Also, the man has many piercings, and always wears black clothes, spiked collars and wristbands. The 25-year-old said he sees the man around Little Five Points. The alleged theft took place a month before the 25-year-old contacted police.

A 34-year-old man said he called a transsexual person from a listed number in a newspaper. He said during the call, the transsexual person threatened to take his penis and shove it down his throat. The 34-year-old reported the call to police.

At a bar on Pharr Road, a 37-year-old man was unhappy with his drink. He told the bartender, “You made a very weak drink. Remake my drink or I will come over the bar and rip your fucking head off.” The man approached another bartender and said the first bartender is a bitch and demanded a new drink.
Two security guards asked the man to leave. The man pushed both guards. The guards escorted him out of the bar. Then, the man walked away and fell down a flight of stairs, injuring his arm and face. Medical workers arrived. The man said a bald man pushed him down the stairs. The guards said there was no bald man employed there. The man refused to go to the hospital. The bar management didn’t press charges against the man, but they did ban him from future visits.

A 40-year-old man said another man came to his apartment on Pryor Road with a broken bottle and threatened to stab him in the heart. Then, the man left, but he returned later. The 40-year-old believed that the man came back to offer an apology. Instead, the man hit the 40-year-old in the nose with a broomstick. He fled before police arrived.

A man entered a fast-food restaurant on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and walked around the service counter. An employee stopped the man and asked him to leave the restaurant. The man said, “My daddy’s money is in that register and I want it.” The man then left the restaurant. The employee said the man occasionally comes into the restaurant.

An officer responded to a car accident on the I-75 access road to I-85 southbound. A 32-year-old male witness said, “I saw the car pull over, it was smoking, then it caught on fire. I stopped to help. The driver is so drunk I had to pull him out of the car.”
The witness said the driver was a 19-year-old man in a white shirt. But the 19-year-old denied this. Instead, a 26-year-old man from Decatur said he was the driver. Both men smelled of booze and had trouble walking. The car was completely destroyed by fire. The officer put both men in the patrol car; both men promptly passed out. When they reached the jail, the officer saw some vomit on the back seat of the patrol car. “Both men had vomit on them. I could not determine which man had vomited,” the officer noted. The 19-year-old was charged with DUI; the 26-year-old with obstruction of justice.

At 9:30 a.m., a 54-year-old woman was walking her dog along Woodland Avenue. The dog stopped in front of a residence. The woman said her dog proceeded to “lift his leg” over some bushes near the sidewalk. A man sitting on the front porch shouted his displeasure of the woman allowing her dog to “do its business” on his property. He said if she brings the dog back, he will shoot it.

A 42-year-old man said he allowed a man named “Pee” to stay at his apartment on North Avenue. He said Pee then let a known prostitute named “New York” move into his apartment. The 42-year-old said he came home one day and found Pee and New York coming down off a crack high. Pee and New York both accused him of sexually assaulting New York, then they left the apartment.
Later, they returned with a group of men that beat the 42-year-old. The 42-year-old, who had bruises on his head and body, refused to identify the men because he is afraid they will return and beat him again.

At the public library on Margaret Mitchell Square, several witnesses were waiting for the elevator. They heard a man in a green hat say, “I’ll kill them, I’ll kill my family. They think I’m kidding, I’ll kill them, I’ll kill everybody in the building.” The man ran from security guards, but was caught at the Peachtree Center MARTA station. The library was evacuated. No further information available.

i>All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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