The Blotter February 26 2003

An officer checked out a call about a "demented person" at an apartment complex on Sidney Marcus Boulevard. A 61-year-old female resident was in the apartment manager's office, complaining that her neighbor was pouring chemicals and disinfectants all day. She said the fumes were coming into her apartment and causing her some health problems. (The manager noted that she has complained several times). The police officer, the manager, and the 61-year-old woman went to her apartment to check it out. "There was no smell of fumes and all the drains were functioning properly," the officer wrote. "[The 61-year-old] said that you can't smell the fumes when other people are in the apartment." The 61-year-old, who was clutching her chest, refused an ambulance, but "requested that we all leave the apartment because of the smell," the officer noted. She said she would follow up with her doctor.

At an apartment complex on Northside Parkway, a 56-year-old woman was talking on the phone when a man came to her door. The man said he was with security and needed to check the door locks. The 56-year-old opened the door — without looking through the peephole — and returned to the telephone. She continued talking on the phone, not realizing that the man claiming to be "security" was

in fact a 59-year-old man she knew. The man went into a rage, threw her antique lamp across the room, and grabbed her. She threatened to call police, so he left. The woman told police that the man suffers from mental problems and thinks that he is her dead husband.

An officer investigated a mother-daughter spat on Savannah Street. The officer walked into the home and noticed that the daughter, age 33, was lying on the couch wearing only her underwear. "I asked her several times to put on clothes, she refused," the officer noted. "She finally put on a white shirt, but still refused to put on any pants." The mother said her daughter showed up at her house about two hours ago, very drunk. The daughter pulled her mother's hair, scratched her face, and slammed a vase onto the ground. The officer asked the daughter how much she had to drink. "Too much," she replied. "I had about three shots of Jager and about four beers." The daughter was arrested and put in the patrol car, along with her pants. But even in the patrol car, "she still refused to put on her pants," the officer wrote.

At Hartsfield Airport, an X-ray machine detected 17 rounds of ammunition inside a passenger's bag. The passenger, a 32-year-old Roswell man, said he didn't know the rounds were in his bag.

A man called a 43-year-old woman at her home on Grandview Avenue and asked, "How much would you charge to let a child watch you pee?" She said the man called back and asked another profane question. An officer arrived. She showed the officer her Caller ID box and both calls came from MARTA, but from different numbers at MARTA. She said she talked to a MARTA detective, who told her to file a report with the Atlanta police. She said last year, the same man called her, but she had that number blocked.

In an apartment on Westchester Boulevard, a 21-year-old man said he accidentally set his pants on fire while attempting to light a cigarette. He was taken to Grady Hospital and treated for burns.

A fire broke out at a home on Fair Street. A police officer spoke with the 34-year-old man who lives in the house. The man said he lit three matches in the bedroom and threw them on the bed. He said he meant to put the matches in an ashtray, but he missed the ashtray. The fire caused major structural damage, along with water damage and heavy smoke. Police charged the 34-year-old with arson. He works as a cook.

A narcotics team executed a search warrant at a house on Oak Street. One man tried to escape and tossed a bag containing 18 hits of suspected crack. Police arrested him. Inside the house, police found another 60 grams of suspected crack, about 35 bags of suspected marijuana, and a pair of brass knuckles. Many people in the house were interviewed, including a 33-year-old woman who said all the drugs belonged to her. She said she sold crack and marijuana because she suffers from anxiety attacks and is unable to work. She said she planned to use the money to hire a lawyer for her son, who had been arrested for rape. She showed police a lunchbox filled with 100 grams of marijuana, scales and a loaded gun. She went to jail.

A 59-year-old woman on Beatie Avenue heard a man yelling in her yard. The man yelled, "Hey you fat bitch, I'm gonna give you the clothes from Wright Street that they gave me." She recognized the voice — the man is her neighbor. She walked into the yard and heard a loud noise. A taillight was busted on her Ford Taurus. The neighbor, a man in his 20s with long black hair, fled before police arrived.

On Carey Drive, a 50-year-old man was watching television in his bedroom. In front of him was a TV tray with some food and a plastic cup on it. The man heard a gunshot. His bedroom window broke, and the plastic cup shattered and fell from the TV tray. The man wasn't injured. He told police he believes the shooting was in retaliation for him locking the gate in his back yard, which prevented people from walking through his back yard. No suspects.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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