The Blotter March 12 2003

A 47-year-old Oklahoma woman called Atlanta police and said her uncle stole her father's headstone from his burial site at a graveyard on Clifton Road and Braeburn Circle. (The uncle is her father's brother). The woman's husband put the military headstone there about a week ago.

Around 4:35 p.m., a 54-year-old man went to a cemetery on Cascade Circle. He drove inside and visited a gravesite for about 10 minutes. When the man drove back to the front gate, he discovered that the gate was now locked. (Thus, the man was trapped inside the cemetery.) No one from the cemetery office was in the area. The man didn't see any signs indicating the cemetery's hours of operation or any contact numbers. So the man called police. An officer arrived and cut the chain lock, so the man could leave the cemetery.

The manager of a Church's Chicken on Bankhead Highway said a woman walked into the lobby of the restaurant, pulled down her pants, and defecated on the floor. Customers were present. The manager confronted the woman and asked her to clean up the defecation. The woman refused and left the restaurant. The manager called police and described the woman as thin with missing teeth. An officer circled the block and found the woman near a convenience store, drinking from a half-pint of Glenmore gin. The woman, age 28, went to jail.

At an apartment on Clay Street, a 21-year-old woman woke up one morning and discovered that her fiance had rummaged through her purse and found a phone number from another man. The fiance got angry and wanted the engagement ring back. She refused to return the engagement ring. She said the fiance pushed her down, broke off all her fake fingernails, pulled off the ring and left on foot. She wants to press charges.

At Hartsfield Airport, a 44-year-old man said his foreman reported to work intoxicated and attacked him with a pocketknife and a pipe. They are both employed with a construction company currently contracted by Hartsfield Airport. After the incident, the supervisor took the foreman's work ID and sent him home. The 44-year-old didn't want to press charges, so he started working. During the workday, the 44-year-old was injured by items falling from the ceiling. He was taken to South Fulton Medical Center. The supervisor said that since the 44-year-old was going to the hospital, he should let the doctors treat the minor cut on his side (from the pocketknife) and the large bruise on his back (from the pipe). After receiving treatment, the 44-year-old reported the incident to police.

A 44-year-old woman flagged down an undercover officer on Hosea L. Williams Drive. The woman wore a red hat, red shoes and white pants. She opened the passenger door and got inside the officer's truck. Her initial words were: "How would you like your dick sucked?" The officer said, "I would love to have my dick sucked." The woman said a blowjob would be $15. The undercover officer explained that the truck belonged to his boss and he had to drop it off, but would return in five minutes. As she exited the truck, the woman said, "How about some pussy, too?" "Sounds cool," said the officer. She said a fuck-and-suck would be $20. The officer pulled away, reassuring the woman that he would be right back. The officer radioed for backup and the woman was arrested. She had a small crack rock in one hand.

A 35-year-old woman on Deckner Avenue said she is 12 weeks pregnant by her boyfriend, a 28-year-old Conyers man. The boyfriend came to her house one Sunday. She asked for $20 to buy "crave food," according to the police report. She said her boyfriend gave her the money, but then took it back, beat her and said she should have an abortion and that he didn't want any children. She said he twisted her arm and pushed her hard in the stomach. She said it appeared that he was attempting to make her lose the baby. She has not seen a doctor and couldn't explain why she didn't call 911. She said she has 10 children and has been married before. She said her boyfriend fooled and bamboozled her into believing that he was going to marry her. Her injuries were minor.

A 30-year-old woman on Bohler Road received in the mail a light brown envelope with a return address in Alpharetta. When she opened the envelope, a large cloud of white powder came out and spilled onto the kitchen counter. A three-page letter was inside. The letter was addressed to a doctor, whom the 30-year-old doesn't know. Also, the letter contained the name and address of an Alpharetta man. The woman called the Alpharetta man, who said several other doctors in the area received similar packages. She said the content of the letter did not seem to have a specific subject. The package was secured and turned over to investigators.

The next day, the 30-year-old woman received an envelope identical to the first one. That letter was secured as well.

An officer was working an extra job at a hotel on Peachtree Road. The officer saw a male security guard push away a 39-year-old man wearing a flannel shirt, jeans and a black leather coat. The security guard said, "He just grabbed my ass." The 39-year-old was so drunk that he fell to the ground. He went to jail for disorderly conduct.

On Highview Drive, a woman with a Southern accent said her brother threatened her with a knife because she wouldn't make him a plate of food. She said her brother also broke a window pane. There were no injuries, and the brother left before police arrived. Police noted that the woman seemed irrational.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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