The Blotter May 07 2003

Two officers were on routine patrol on Forsyth Street. In a parking lot, they saw a 28-year-old man with his hands on his head. The officer wrote, "As we pulled into the parking lot and put the alley lights on, [the man] still had his hands on his head with his penis hanging out." One officer asked the man what he was doing. The man said, "I'm proud of my dick, it is 10-and-a-half inches long, and I like boys." He was arrested for public indecency.

An officer responded to a domestic dispute at a house on Verbana Street. Upon arrival, the officer saw on the porch "a pair of female pants burning." He spoke with the 28-year-old woman who lived there, along with her three sons. She said her boyfriend of more than five years got upset and accused her of being unfaithful. He grabbed her pants and set them on fire, saying that they weren't appropriate for her to wear. Then, the boyfriend broke some furniture in the living room. He fled before police arrived. No injuries reported.

Two men were constructing a fence around a business on Waverly Way in Inman Park. Both men said while they were working, a middle-aged man approached them and offered to pay them $10,000 in small, non-sequential bills if they would burn down the business. Both men said they believed the man has some affiliation with a house for sale on Waverly Way. According to the police report, "Possibly the subject is a realtor." Both men refused the man's offer, so he left. The reporting officer noted, "There has been an ongoing dispute with some of the residents of Waverly Way and this business."

The middle-aged man was described as gray-haired with a thin mustache, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt.

A 29-year-old woman said she was robbed while she was in an apartment on Greenbriar Parkway. She said a fat man — whom she knows — took $1,100 from her pants. After the robbery, the woman got in a truck with the fat man and another friend. She said they dropped her off at a location on Metropolitan Parkway. The woman told police that she didn't call 911 from the apartment — where she was robbed — because she couldn't get a cell signal.

SHE SAID: A 33-year-old woman said a 55-year-old man let her stay for two weeks at his apartment on Pine Street, while she took care of some business. After three or four days, he started acting strange, talking bad to her, and not letting her eat a sandwich that she made. Then, he hit her leg with a stick, so she went to the balcony and refused to go back inside. He tried to force her into the apartment, so she climbed down the balcony, wearing only her panties. She went to a neighbor, who gave her a dress. Then, she called police.

The 55-year-old man said he never touched the woman, and she was walking around the apartment with nothing on but her panties. He said she refused to put on any clothes, even after he asked her to. Then, she ran onto the balcony, and he tried to get her back inside the apartment. She struggled with him, so he stopped trying. She climbed down the balcony and went to a neighbor's apartment. He said he never hit her, all he did was try to get her to come inside and put on some clothes.

In Buckhead, at about 1:45 a.m., an officer was flagged down at a nightclub on Bolling Way. A drunk man was trying to start a fight with the doorman. The drunk man was yelling at people in front of the club. The officer approached the man and asked what was going on. The drunk man said another man hit his arm with a cane. A witness said the drunk man had a knife. The officer asked if he had a knife on him. "Yes," said the drunk man. The officer said he would retrieve the knife from the man's pocket. "Fuck you, I'm a vet," the drunk man said, rushing at the officer. He was promptly arrested. The drunk man is homeless and has missing teeth and shoulder-length hair. Police found a knife on him, along with a crack pipe.

A 29-year-old woman on Weyman Avenue said a female friend is threatening to kill her and her children. The female friend goes by the names "Big Bird" and "Crazy Cat." The 29-year-old said the friend is having commitment issues with her cousin, and she is taking it out on her. She said Big Bird/Crazy Cat called more than 20 times in one hour. Big Bird/Crazy Cat is about 30 years old with shoulder-length black hair and weighs about 180 pounds.

A 70-year-old woman on Hardee Way said a woman came to her house around 8:30 p.m., asking if she needed any food from the food bank. The elderly woman said the young lady (described as age 40-50) knew her name. The younger woman said she would need the elderly woman's Social Security number in order for her to get food from the food bank. The elderly woman gave her Social Security number. However, the younger woman never returned with any food.

At Walgreen's on Piedmont Road, a 20-year-old female impersonator was caught putting two dozen Durex condoms in his purse, along with three Gillette razors. He went to jail for shoplifting.

On Sylvan Road, a 42-year-old woman said her live-in boyfriend got mad because she didn't wait for the cable guy. The boyfriend argued and snatched the phone off the wall. Before she could call police, he grabbed her cell phone and fled.??

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