The Blotter May 29 2003

At a cooking school on Otley Drive, a 30-year-old woman offered to take another woman's bread out of the oven because the oven was beeping. The other woman put her hands in the 30-year-old's face and said, "You are always getting into someone else's business." Then, the other woman cursed her. The 30-year-old asked the other woman to get her hands out of her face, and the other woman pushed her. The 30-year-old started crying and told her chef that the other woman assaulted her. The other woman, age 40, was wearing a chef's coat and had missing teeth.

A 24-year-old Marietta man parked his Acura Legend overnight at an apartment complex on Peachtree Road. The next morning, he walked from the apartment and saw that his left tire was cut and all the air was let out of the right tire. Also, his car was keyed. The following words were written in marker on the hood. "You need to get a parking pass."

A 73-year-old woman on Kipling Street said her daughter tried to set her house on fire by throwing gasoline on the house and then lighting the gasoline. The daughter pushed her mother to the ground and fled. An officer noticed there was burned paper inside the residence, and a heavy smell of gasoline outside the residence. The daughter, age 48, had been drinking. The mother wasn't injured and the house wasn't damaged.

At a McDonald's on Jesse Hill Drive, a female cashier asked a customer if she could help him. Then, she noticed that the customer was wearing a hospital gown under his long black wool coat. The cashier said the restaurant couldn't assist patients who order with gowns on. The customer, a 38-year-old man, called her and another employee "bitches" and threw a cup of soda at them. The security guard asked the man to leave, and he did. But a few minutes later, the man returned. He was promptly arrested.

At Grady Hospital, a 26-year-old female employee was in a breakroom. A man walked by and talked to her. She was familiar with the man from previous visits to the breakroom. The man offered to walk her to her floor. On the way, the man said he needed to drop off his bag in a certain area and asked the woman to go with him. Then, the man offered his telephone number and asked for a hug. She gave him a hug. He asked for another hug. "No," she said. They passed a bathroom and the man said, "I have to let it out. It's right at the tip." He asked her to come back with him. "No, what for?" the woman said. The man replied, "I didn't think $20 was bad for two minutes." She said, "I don't know who you are talking to, but I'm not that kind of person." She said they got onto an elevator and when the man exited at his floor, he brushed his genitals against her.

One afternoon, a man walked into a bar on Ponce de Leon Avenue and sat down. The bartender told him to leave, because the man is known for causing disturbances at local bars. The man reached across the bar and took a bottle of vodka. He poured some vodka into a cup and drank it. He refused to leave the bar and threatened customers and staff. Police arrived and arrested the man, who threatened to get a gun and "do" both himself and the bartender or get someone else to "take care of it." The man had no ID, and gave a name and birth date that weren't on police file, even though he claimed to be a local "hustler" and "dope boy" who has been "locked up thousands of times." The man, age 39, went to jail.

A 22-year-old man said he allowed his older brother to stay at his apartment on Delowe Street for about two weeks. One day, the older brother came home drunk. They exchanged words and started to physically fight. The older brother threw the dining room table and chairs, breaking them. They both went outside in the rain and kept fighting.

The older brother told police a different story: He said he asked his younger brother if he could have some macaroni-and-cheese and they argued over that. He admitted to fighting but denied breaking furniture.

The officer saw the broken table and chairs. The older brother went to jail.

In an apartment on New Town Circle, a 24-year-old woman, who was bleeding from the side, said her brother stabbed her with a steak knife. While she was talking to police, her brother walked into the apartment. He was bleeding from a stab wound in the shoulder. He said he and his sister argued over clothes in the dryer, and she stabbed him. The sister said her brother got upset because she removed his clothes from the dryer, so he stabbed her.

Both went to Grady Hospital.

A man from Virginia Beach, Va., left his car at a repair/car parts store on Piedmont Road to be fixed. When employees called with the bill, he didn't want to pay. The man came by the mechanic's shop and wanted to get some items from his car. (A club steering wheel lock was on the car, to insure that he wouldn't take it without paying.) The man walked to his car, smashed the windshield and dragged a screwdriver over the roof. The man scratched the name of the store and "the customer service people" into the hood and rear bumper. Several people saw him damage his own car. An airbag was popped and wires under the dashboard were pulled out. Someone asked the man what he was doing. He started screaming and slowly walked away.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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