The Blotter June 26 2003

A 23-year-old man was riding his bike on a sidewalk that runs along Peachtree Road. He didn't notice that a section of the sidewalk was just replaced with fresh cement that was still wet. He rode his bike right into the wet cement. The bike stopped, instantly throwing him onto the roadside. "There were construction trucks and a cement truck parked directly next to the new cement and the workers were all around," the officer wrote. "[The 23-year-old] said there were no signs saying the sidewalk was closed."

The 23-year-old was taken to Piedmont Hospital with abrasions and a possible broken pinky finger.

At Hartsfield Airport, a 44-year-old woman said a middle-aged man helped her put her bag on her shoulder on the C-Tran bus. A few minutes later, she noticed that a 12-pack of root beer soda was missing from her shoulder bag. She saw the container of sodas stuck in the back door of the bus. All but four sodas were missing. She asked the middle-aged man about the sodas and he became abusive and began to pass back two sodas to her via another person. All the sodas were damaged and not suitable for drinking. She exited the bus at her residence on Garden Walk Boulevard. The middle-aged man was still on the bus.

A 51-year-old woman left her house on Jailette Road in College Park and noticed that the license plate of her Chevy Spectrum was missing. Then, she saw her son's girlfriend driving down the street. The girlfriend had the Chevy license plate on the 51-year-old's other car. The 51-year-old called 911. She followed the car to the intersection of Browns Mill Road and Cleveland Avenue, then pulled in front of the girlfriend and blocked her car in. Both women got out of the car and started fighting in the street. Police broke up the fight and found an open beer in the girlfriend's car. The girlfriend, age 31, didn't have a driver's license and knew the license plate belonged on the 51-year-old's Chevy. (The other car didn't have insurance.)

The girlfriend was arrested. Inside the patrol car, the girlfriend pulled down her pants and tried to pee through the window. Instead, she urinated on the back seat of the police car. "She was charged with public indecency because everyone was watching her trying to do this activity," the officer wrote. "She ended up pee[ing] mainly on herself."

A 51-year-old woman on Hawkins Street returned home and found a hole in her window and a small arrow lying on the floor. Police determined that someone had shot an arrow through her front window. No injuries and no suspects.

A 28-year-old man found two hand grenades in a storage unit at the rear of his home on Drewy Way. He called police. Police determined that the grenades could be dangerous, so they called a SWAT team. It is believed that previous homeowners left the grenades. The 28-year-old lived there for 11 months before finding the hand grenades.

A homeowner on Cascade Road said a man came onto his property and tried to sell him some meat. The homeowner said this same man tried to sell him meat about four months ago. The homeowner is very concerned and finds this behavior very strange.

An officer was flagged down by a woman on Somerset Terrace. She said she heard some human noises coming from the lot next to her house. The officer wrote, "We walked into the shrubbery and I saw a [man]. He was moaning and singing in a deep, distorted voice." The officer called for backup. Two officers approached the man, who was sniffing from a plastic bag. "When he lifted up his head, his whole nose and mouth area was silver," the officer wrote. On his lap: a can of spray paint.

During arrest, the man shouted, "I'm going to fuck you up. I'll remember you!"

A 39-year-old man lives in an apartment complex on Fairburn Road. He told a man in his early 20s (who also lives in the complex) not to sell drugs around his apartment. The 39-year-old then walked away. The younger man got into his car, drove toward the 39-year-old and hit him in the leg. The 39-year-old went to the hospital with minor injuries.

The manager of a shop on Renaissance Parkway told police a man was bothering his customers by asking for money and going through the trash. The manager asked police to give the man a trespass warning. So the officer talked to the man. During the conversation, the man gave police a false name. And there was a small amount of marijuana in his pocket. So he was arrested. In the man's possession: one newspaper, one cell phone and one CD-ROM called "Gang Sluts."

One morning, a woman in her 60s walked to her gold minivan outside her house on Hazelwood Drive. She noticed that the car had some egg on it. Then, she saw that her husband's car (a red minivan) also had egg on it. No suspects.

A 26-year-old woman said her ex-boyfriend came over to her apartment on Englewood Avenue. While he was there, the ex-boyfriend accused her of taking some drugs out of his pants pocket. They argued, and he tried to choke her. He also bit her fingers, causing them to bleed. She did not require medical attention.

A homeless man walked into a newsstand on Peachtree Road. He put 10 magazines inside his pants and fled.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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