The Blotter August 14 2003

An officer was working an extra job at a Midtown nightclub on Peachtree Street. At 7:20 a.m., a 28-year-old man was kicked out of the club for disorderly behavior. At 8:05 a.m., the same man returned. He had changed his shirt and sneaked back into the club. Again, security told him to leave. The man said he was going to keep coming back to the club because he was the master of illusion. Instead, the man went to jail for criminal trespass. The man is bald and hails from Bluffton, S.C.

A 21-year-old man was staying at a hotel on Ponce de Leon Avenue. A male acquaintance barged into his room, yelling about Jesus, and repeatedly cut him with a razor. He was cut on the arms, chest and head. When police showed up, the male acquaintance was struggling and babbling incessantly. Two officers and two medics were required to restrain him. When they tried to put him in a patrol car, he jumped up onto the car and kicked them. Finally, the medics sedated him. The man seemed both delusional and under the influence of booze and drugs, the officer noted. Police found two razors in his pockets. He was jailed for aggravated assault.

During the night, someone left a Cheer laundry detergent box with a profane note on the front porch of a 35-year-old woman's home on Spence Street. The note, which was handwritten, read: "Slut whore wash yourself clean please." This is the second time she has been the victim of this type of harassment. The woman said she still has the same girlfriend and she hasn't made anyone mad.

At a McDonald's on Campbellton Road, a 43-year-old woman was waiting at the drive-thru window for her food. Simultaneously, she was talking to her husband on her cell phone. The woman saw a young female customer inside the restaurant, waiting at the counter. The woman told her husband that she was looking at a girl that needs to "comb her hair." The drive-thru window was closed, but the young woman apparently read her lips, said the 43-year-old. The young woman walked outside and opened the 43-year-old's car door. The young woman asked what the problem was and challenged her to a fight, said the 43-year-old. The 43-year-old called 911. The young woman walked back inside McDonald's and took off before police arrived.

One Sunday, a man on Vedado Way received a phone message. The caller said he was from the Chattahoochee Neighborhood Homeowners Association and he wanted to know if a sign on a piece of property in Sandy Springs was permanent. The man returned the call and explained that the sign wasn't permanent. In fact, the sign would remain only until he was finished with construction. The caller said that he wanted to make sure that people weren't just putting up random signs on Riverside. A few days later, the caller phoned again. He said, "Listen, if you don't take that sign down, I'm going to call the police." "Why?" asked the man. The caller replied, "'Cause I'm going to kill you! I'll be looking for you!"

A 23-year-old man called police to report the unsafe apartment he lives in on Rosedale Road. He said he repeatedly spoke to his landlord, but nothing had been done. There is a tree growing into the roof. Raw sewage is draining from a pipe onto the back of the apartment. The reporting officer contacted an inspector, who said he had already investigated the complaints, and code officials had ordered the residents to leave the apartments for safety reasons. The inspector said he would follow up on the situation.

Early one morning, a 73-year-old man on Eleanor Street received several harassing phone calls. The reporting officer wrote, "The person calling continued to ask the question, "Do y'all engage in men fucking men?"

At an apartment complex on Mayson Avenue, a 41-year-old woman said a sort-of friend of hers kept bugging her for a ride. She repeatedly declined to give the male acquaintance a ride. About 25 minutes later, she heard a loud banging noise at the rear of the apartment. She went to investigate. She saw her friend standing near her 2000 Ford Focus, clutching a can. Smoke rose from her car. "You're too late, bitch," he said. The woman drove her car to the Zone 6 Police Precinct. Pointing at large white spots on her car, she said she believed her friend poured acid on her car. Police went to the apartment complex and found a can of Red Devil Lye near the spot where her car had been parked. The sort-of friend, a talkative guy with glasses, was arrested.

A 49-year-old man called the owner of a muffler shop on Campbellton Road and said the manager was running videotapes about emissions 24-7. The man said the court told him the tapes could only be run during business hours. The owner talked to the manager about the incident. The manager then called the 49-year-old and said, "I am going to run the tapes 24-7. And if you don't like it, I'll come down and kick your ass."

An officer was working an extra job at a private pool party at a condominium complex on 14th Street. The rear of the pool area was specifically designated for those partygoers who wanted to drink alcohol. But a 33-year-old man walked outside that area with a bottle of "Hypnotic" alcohol. The officer asked him to return to the proper area. The 33-year-old refused and said, "I pay your salary, you fuckin' rent-a-cop. You are here because of me; I run this shit." The officer repeated his request. This time, the 33-year-old agreed and started walking. "Fuckin' rent-a-cop. You wouldn't be so tough if you took off that badge," he said. Then, he put down his booze bottle, clenched his fists, yelled obscenities and walked toward the officer. He was promptly arrested for disorderly conduct.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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