The Blotter September 11 2003

An officer responded to a domestic dispute on Cascade Avenue. A 30-year-old woman said her husband, age 26, was acting violently toward her during an argument. She felt afraid for her safety and called police. Her husband has several aliases. The officer wrote that the husband said "he was not going to leave the property no matter if I told him to leave, 100 officers told him to leave, or the whole department because he felt that if Allah told him to stay, he was going to stay." The officer called for backup, and the man was taken to jail.

An officer was called to a home on Edwina Lane. A 45-year-old man insisted that the officer "take his mother to Grady Hospital's mental-health floor because she was endangering the community and him," the officer wrote. The officer looked around the home and found no signs of violence. The mother, age 75, said she and her son argued because he refuses to get a job and work, even though he has a bachelor's degree in business. The mother said she thinks her son is going to kill her so he can have the house to himself, and he and his friends can drink and smoke drugs all day.

In front of a 24-hour club on Peachtree Road in Midtown, a man was running in and out of the road. Club security said the man took out his penis and waved it around. The man, age 33, tried to flee, but he was arrested for indecency.

A female impersonator was flagging down cars on Ponce de Leon Avenue and Durant Place. Police set up a sting operation. The female impersonator got into a car belonging to an undercover officer. The impersonator asked if the officer would help him celebrate his birthday. The officer asked, "How much is that going to set me back?" The impersonator replied, "How long do you want to be together?" "About 30 minutes," the officer said. "A fuck and a blowjob for $40," the impersonator replied. While the undercover officer was driving, the impersonator reached over and grabbed his genitals. During the grab, he felt the officer's bulletproof vest. "You're the police," he said. Then, the impersonator jumped out of the moving car. He was quickly caught by other cops, and he wasn't hurt badly — just some bruises and a lump on the head. The impersonator, age 37, had long curly black hair.

A wedding reception was held at a restaurant on West Paces Ferry Road. At some point, a member of the wedding party ushered all those with children outside the restaurant. While they were waiting to leave, the ex- husband of a woman who either attended or participated in the wedding showed up. He was loud and threatening. He tried to hit his ex-wife's father. But her younger brother stepped in and asked what was going on. The younger brother had a child in his arms. The ex-husband started to strike out and hit the child in the eye. He also hit a nephew. During this time, the ex-husband threatened to get even with his ex-wife back in New Jersey. The ex-wife told police there is a long history between her and her ex-husband in New Jersey.

A 41-year-old woman said her sister bit her finger off. She said the fight started when her sister, age 46, threw something at her husband, which hit him in the eye. She told her sister that there would be no fighting in the apartment. "Fuck you, bitch," the sister said. They started fighting and pulling hair.

The younger sister said she didn't want to fight and tried to pull away. Then her finger was bitten off. The younger sister's husband said the two sisters had been drinking. He told his wife that when they get drinking, they never get along.

Right after that, the older sister punched him in the eye. He didn't want to press charges. A medical unit arrived. They found the end of the finger in the apartment and put it in a bag. Medics said they probably wouldn't be able to reattach the finger. The younger sister was taken to Grady. Police arrested the older sister, who was drunk.

At 9:15 a.m., a 24-year-old man was preparing to testify in a courtroom on Gannett Street. A 30-year-old blond woman moved from the front of the courtroom to the back, where the 24-year-old was sitting. She sat next to him. "You gonna regret getting involved," she said. "We live in the same apartments; I'm gonna get you." Then she grabbed the 24-year-old's subpoena and tore it. Then, she punched him twice in the stomach. The court clerk witnessed the entire incident. The woman was arrested for simple battery.

An employee at a real-estate office on Defoors Ferry Road said someone had entered the business with a key, unplugged the computers and switched the phone lines around. Nothing was reported missing or damaged.

An officer was flagged down by a 47-year-old man outside a convenience store on Boulevard. The man said he bought some cigarettes and was going to share the pack with a male friend. But the friend didn't like the brand of cigarettes that he purchased. So the friend got mad, punched him in the head and fled. The friend is missing teeth, and has a beard and "Big Bitch" tattooed on one arm.

Around 10:30 p.m., a 34-year-old homeless man walked into a drugstore on Piedmont Avenue. He swiped a bottle of lotion and ran out of the store. Security guards couldn't catch him. One hour later, the same homeless man returned to the same drugstore. This time, the homeless man grabbed four gold-colored boxes (which contained bottles of lotion) and sprinted for the door. This time, security guards captured him. He was jailed for shoplifting.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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