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The Blotter January 29 2004

A woman on Maywood Drive said her brother was outside her house and wouldn’t leave. When the police officer showed up, the brother was sitting on the front porch, bleeding from his hands. The officer asked him how he was injured. The brother said he was shot in the head, and there were pellets in his head and blood on his face. The officer wrote, “I did not see any injuries to his head, nor did I see blood on his face.”

The brother said everyone in his neighborhood was shooting at him all night, and they were all out to get him. Also, the brother said, he had a halo around his head and an angel on his back and that X-rays would prove it. Several hours ago, he had a few drinks and smoked some crack, he admitted. He repeated that he had pellets in his head, and he wanted X-rays to prove it. The cuts on his hand came from running through some bushes or a fence, he said.

Medics arrived and examined the man: The only injuries they found were cuts on his hand. He went to Grady Memorial Hospital.

At an office on West Anderson Avenue, a woman complained that a male co-worker grabbed and rubbed her buttocks on several occasions. She told him to stop touching her, but he didn’t. She said that on one occasion, the co-worker walked into her office and told her, “I have something to show you.” According to the police report, “He pulled down his pants and showed her his naked buttocks. On his buttocks were two horseshoe-shaped brands.”

A 59-year-old woman said the last time she knew that her small purse was inside her big purse was about 9:30 a.m. while she was in church. She reached into the small purse and used her lipstick. When she got home from church, she opened the large purse and realized the small purse was gone. The small purse was described as a black wallet-sized purse with colorful shoes drawn on the front.

At an apartment on Rocky Ford Road, a 20-year-old woman was feeding her child. She said the child’s father got mad because she was feeding the child too much and the child was getting too fat. She said the father pulled the bottle out of the child’s mouth and slapped her in the face. The officer noticed a small bruise under her left eye. The father fled before more police arrived.

On Concourse D at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a man took his pet dog out of its container and allowed it to defecate on the floor. An airport employee told the man that the dog wasn’t allowed out of its container. The man continued to let the dog defecate on the floor. He then gave the dog to his friend, who walked the dog down the concourse. When the airport employee explained the rules concerning pets, the man got upset and told the employee to “get the fuck out of my face,” and “Piss off, you little shit.” The man, a 58-year-old from Tallahassee, Fla., was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

Police responded to a fight call on Griffin Street. A 24-year-old man said his friends were fighting inside his house and destroying property. He didn’t know why they were fighting because he was asleep when the fight started. The officer noted, “We had to wait outside for about 10 minutes for [the 24-year-old] to find the keys to let us in. While outside, I heard lots of yelling and screaming from in the house.”

Once inside, the officer noticed broken glass and blood spattered on the floors and walls. According to the police report, the fight started when two women went into a room together (the first woman is age 23, the second is 18). The first woman performed oral sex on the second woman, but the second woman wouldn’t return the favor. So the first woman got upset and they argued. Then, the first woman’s boyfriend hit the second woman in the face. So, the second woman’s boyfriend retaliated by punching the first woman’s boyfriend in the face.

More punching took place. Both couples were charged with simple battery and reckless conduct.At a convenience store on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, an employee saw a man conceal a Slim Jim Beef Jerky in his right pocket. When the man tried to leave, the employee called police. The man threw the Slim Jim at the employee, hitting him in the face. Police arrived and booked the man for shoplifting. Police found $333.75 in the man’s right pocket. The Slim Jim was valued at $1.82.

A man who lives on Venetta Place said he found some tools, which were stolen from his property. The tools were across the street, next to the curb. The man also said some “accelerant” was left adjacent to a trash pile in front of his house. According to the police report, the man believes this to be some kind of “warning” to his family.

An officer saw a man with a crew cut burning papers in the park. The officer asked the man why he was burning the papers inside the park. The man said he was burning bank statements and didn’t want to put them in the trash. The officer asked him if he had a place to stay. The man said he was homeless. The officer gave him a ticket and asked him to clean up the papers and leave the park.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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