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The Blotter March 04 2004

A 33-year-old man said he was walking on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive when a red car with a Confederate tag pulled up alongside him. Inside the car were three men in brown and green hunting-type clothing. One man asked him for some marijuana. I don’t sell drugs, the 33-year-old replied. One man pulled out a gun and said get in the car or be shot. So he got in. The men blindfolded him and took him about eight or nine miles away. Still blindfolded, the man said he was put in a room. He said he heard dogs barking, or possibly farm sounds. He heard two men argue and waited until he heard no movement. Then, he took his blindfold off and left the room. One man was asleep. He ran to the road and was picked up by a passing motorist. He wasn’t hurt during the ordeal.

Police noted that several details of the man’s story changed or were unclear throughout the conversation: He was blindfolded, then he wasn’t. He couldn’t describe the road conditions or his location in the house once he removed the blindfold. According to a police report, a 24-year-old man advertised on the Internet that he was a transvestite escort nicknamed “Summer.” A police officer phoned Summer and made an appointment. Summer said it would cost $200 for one hour of his services, which included a massage. According to the police report, Summer advertises on his website that “he is [5 feet 11 inches tall], 180 pounds, 34C-29-48, 9 1/2 cut fully functional. He is experienced in escorting, dancing, massages, light domination, role-playing and more.”

Summer gave the officer directions to his apartment on 14th Street. When the officer arrived, he ticketed Summer for escorting without a permit, no massage license and operating a business without a license.

There was a suspicious car on Eureka Drive and Hurst Street. The driver was slumped over, keys in the ignition. An officer knocked on the window, and the driver opened the door, “releasing a strong odor of alcohol that was built up inside.”

The driver was a 48-year-old woman wearing a fur hat. She said her car had stalled. “The more she talked, the more the alcohol smell poured out of her breath,” the officer wrote. She said she had one too many last night and this morning. The officer took her driver’s license and walked to his patrol car to check it on the computer.

When the officer returned to her car, the driver was “laying back in the seat, kissing her dog.” She was arrested for DUI. En route to jail, the driver said, “I cannot go to jail and I will pay you and suck your cock for a month if you let me go.” She said this “while making slurping sounds,” the officer noted.

Around midnight, an officer saw a man walking in traffic on 12th Street. The man “was not watching vehicles that were approaching him and was exhibiting poor balance,” the officer wrote. The officer stopped the man, who said he’d been drinking and was walking to a bar. The man said he had excellent peripheral vision and did not need to watch for traffic.

The man, age 53, was arrested for being intoxicated in the roadway.

At a convenience store on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, a man threatened to kill the clerk and blow up the store. When police arrived, the man said he threatened to kill the clerk because the clerk didn’t give him back the correct change.

The man, age 54, went to jail. He was tipsy, according to the police report.

A woman came to the Zone 2 precinct and reported that her husband, age 45, had an affair with another woman. The husband and the other woman worked together at an Atlanta-based airline. At some point, the other woman was laid off. Now she works as a flight attendant for a discount airline.

According to the wife, her husband ended the affair some time ago. But the other woman calls on the phone, contacts them on the computer and follows them around. She has gone on flights that the wife is on, just to watch her. She uses her job connections at the airlines to figure out which flights the husband and wife are on, and just shows up at the airport and wants to “talk” to them. The wife is afraid of this woman and feels that she is emotionally unstable.

A man said he visits his rental property on Mayson Avenue every day. One day, five men wearing red, black and white clothing threw rocks at his house. The man said they threw rocks because he calls the police about drug activity in the area. The man said he’s been targeted for the last nine years.

There was no reported damage to the house from the rocks.

On Springdale Road, a 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend argued over a pair of shoes she bought. The woman said she returned the shoes and got her money back, but the boyfriend wanted the shoe money for himself. She informed him that she wasn’t giving up the shoe money. He got upset and punched her in the eye.

The boyfriend fled before police arrived. The girlfriend had minor bruises and refused medical treatment.

A 33-year-old man said his girlfriend let him into an apartment on Springdale Road. He said he saw another man — an acquaintance — so he jumped out the second-story window. He got into his car and the acquaintance threw a chunk of concrete at his car window. After that, his car wouldn’t start. He said he ran through the apartment complex, and the acquaintance had a gun.

The acquaintance’s story: The 33-year-old was in the apartment with him. He and his girlfriend (the same girl) didn’t let him in. He followed the 33-year-old and cornered him in another apartment until police arrived. He said the 33-year-old had a gun.

The girlfriend’s story: She has messed around with both men. She has a child and isn’t sure which man is the father.

The acquaintance was charged with property damage.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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