The Blotter March 11 2004

There was a bomb threat at an office building on Pulliam Street, and police and a fire truck were sent to deal with it. An officer went inside and spoke with the woman who called in the threat. She said she had three white office envelopes, and one had two $10 bills inside. The officer wrote, "I looked at and picked up the envelopes and was able to see that they did not have a bomb in it." The officer took the envelopes and the money and turned them in as evidence.

A 25-year-old man was putting air in his tires at a gas station on Flat Shoals Road. Another man — wearing an orange camouflage outfit — walked up behind him and hit him in the head with a gun. "Break bread!" the man in orange said.

The 25-year-old backed up, toward the store. He left his car running with the doors unlocked. The man in orange hopped into the car and drove away.

A 29-year-old woman said she went to her male friend's apartment on Metropolitan Parkway and drank with him and his girlfriend. Then, she and her male friend argued about a threesome gone bad. The woman said she passed out, and when she came to, she overheard the male friend say to his girlfriend, "Oh baby, you screwed up!" Then, the woman noticed that her right arm had been cut, apparently by the girlfriend. The male friend put her in the hallway of the apartment complex and a resident took her to Piedmont Hospital to get stitches.

The woman said she didn't want to press charges and she would avoid all contact with the friend and girlfriend. She added that she doesn't remember exactly where she was because of heavy drinking. Her injuries were described as minor.

A woman said her niece called her at work and told her that someone had broken into their apartment on Stone Road and took a TV, a stereo and an Oriental rug, which depicted five girls praying. The door was kicked in, leaving debris on the floor.

The niece was asleep in the bedroom when the theft occurred. The niece said she heard a noise around 11 a.m., but she didn't get up until around noon, and that's when she figured out that the apartment had been burglarized. The niece is 30 years old.

At the intersection of Roy and Smith streets, a woman approached an undercover officer and asked to get into his car. She had a long slit in her dress, and she immediately revealed her leg all the way to her inner thigh. "What do you want me to do?" she asked. "What you do best!" the officer replied. Then, the woman took a piece of candy that was in her mouth and slowly pulled it in and out of her mouth. The officer understood this to mean oral sex. "How much you got?" the woman asked. Twenty dollars, the officer replied.

A backup unit arrived and took the woman to jail.

A man said he returned to his apartment on Monroe Drive and found a plate, fork and knife on the ottoman, and the TV on. A bottle of salad dressing was on the floor. He thought his friend, who has a key, had stopped by. But his friend always cleans up, so he thought it was unusual that things were a mess. The next day, when the man came home, the bottle of salad dressing was knocked over. Also, there was a wet towel and someone else's underwear on the floor. The man was angry, but he went to bed. The next day, the man called his friend, who said he hadn't been there.

The man said his fax machine was gone, and there were bits of food on the kitchen cabinets. The mess reminded him of another friend who lived with him last year but was asked to leave, in part because he was messy, he said. The friend has a drug problem, the man said.

When police arrived, the man had cleaned the apartment, so they couldn't take any fingerprints.

On Bixby Street, a 28-year-old man said his girlfriend threw the telephone out the window. The reason: He was on the phone too long. The girlfriend admitted to the phone toss, but said the boyfriend also pushed her down. Both had minor bruises and both were jailed for fighting.

A 52-year-old man said he picked up a man in downtown Atlanta. He hadn't seen the man in three years, and doesn't know the man's full name or address. The 52-year-old stopped at a grocery store to get a pack of cigarettes. He went inside, leaving the acquaintance in his car. When he came out of the store, his car was gone — along with the acquaintance. The car is a 1996 Toyota Camry.

A 24-year-old Buckhead woman said she put her picture on an Internet dating service in October 2003. She's received calls from an unknown man asking for her address. He wants her address because he says he has a gift to give her.

Since she's never met this man, she couldn't provide police with a description.

A man said he left about three weeks ago to go home to Ohio. Before he left, he gave an apartment key to a co-worker nicknamed "Smoke," who was supposedly moving in and paying half the rent. The man said he met Smoke at a meat-selling job the week before.

When the man returned to the apartment, many things were missing: a leather sofa, two leather chairs, two TVs, a mattress and a PlayStation. There were beer bottles all over the apartment, which the man said didn't belong to him. A neighbor said he saw a truck with a meat sign on it at the apartment four or five times.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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