The Blotter April 08 2004

On the Internet, a 37-year-old man advertised himself as a transvestite escort named "Saphire." A police officer called and made an appointment. Saphire said his services cost $200 per hour, and he gave directions to his hotel on Peachtree Street. The officer wrote, "I went to the room, where he greeted me in black lingerie." Saphire was arrested for not having an escort permit or a business license.

On the Internet, a 19-year-old man advertised himself as a transvestite escort named "Michelle." A police officer called and made an appointment. Michelle said his services cost $150 per hour, and he gave directions to his apartment on Hunnicutt Street. The officer went to the apartment. "He invited me inside the apartment and went to a nightstand, where he got lubricant and a condom out of a drawer." Michelle was arrested for not having an escort permit or a business license.

An apartment complex
on Ponce de Leon Avenue was vandalized. Among the damage: black marks on the walls and blood on the first floor. On the second floor, there was a rattrap near the fire exit. On the fourth floor, cat litter was scattered in the hallway, and there was glitter in the stairwell. On the fifth floor, there was an overturned plate of food on the hall carpet. On the terrace level, in the stairwell, there was mustard, a broken coffee jar, a jelly jar and "unidentified substances" on the stairs, wall and railings. On the Juniper Street side of the building, there were streamers, magazines and coat hangers.

In another building (same apartment complex), the stairwell and floors were covered with confetti, birdseed and BBs. "The lobby was completely covered with silver pellets, and red and yellow pieces of shredded paper," the officer wrote. There was confetti in the light fixtures. Two glass doors were sprayed with fake white snow.

And two signs were posted: "Club (name of complex) Midtown's Hottest Underground Party is Right Here!!! Friday-Sunday, 11 p.m.-9 a.m. ... Bring your own condoms and drugs."

The apartment complex has been vandalized before. Apartment officials believe the vandalism is being done to destroy the reputation of the property.

A woman went to her 64-year-old mother's apartment on Magnolia Way. During the visit, the mother complimented the daughter's ring (rhinestone diamonds and 14-karat gold). While the mother and daughter played cards, the daughter took off her ring and put it on a bed. After a little while, the mother said she was tired and going to bed. So the daughter left (but forgot her ring).

Later, she called her mother, who said she hadn't seen the ring and she actually didn't go to bed after her daughter left. Instead, the mother stayed up partying until 6 in the morning. (The partying mother is age 64.) The daughter, age 42, said her mother has used crack since the early 1980s, and her mom may have sold her ring for crack. She wanted to get a warrant on her mother.

A 60-year-old man said he misplaced his navy-blue pullover sweater. He misplaced the sweater while he was at an auto parts store on Bankhead Highway. The owner of the store said he didn't see or move the sweater, the man said.

Police filed a report on the missing sweater, valued at $5.

The owner of a gas station on Ponce de Leon Avenue said someone spray-painted the letters "N-E-A-T" on his door and canopy post. No suspects.

At the intersection of Nassau and Spring streets, an officer saw a 48-year-old man dart into traffic six times while directing cars to park on a city street. Then the man walked down the center lane in the midst of traffic. The officer stopped the man, who refused to get out of the street. "I'm doing what the white folk do," he said. "I'm welcoming people to the South!"

Police searched the man. There was less than an ounce of marijuana in his pocket. He was jailed for possession and obstructing traffic.

At an apartment complex
on Bankhead Court, a woman said a man in a wheelchair attacked her. She said the man punched her all around the face. (The man is paralyzed). The officer noted, "[The woman] who is ambulatory, was visibly upset and was very concerned that her face was going to be swollen the next day."

The man in the wheelchair said the woman was drinking Glenmore Gin and getting wild. He said the woman hit him while he was in his chair, and he was trying to get her off of him.

Police noted that the woman was tipsy and "... it was difficult getting the entire story from her." Both parties were told to return to their respective apartments.

Around 9 a.m., an officer was on routine patrol on Campbellton Road. He saw a 44-year-old man standing on a city sidewalk, drinking from a bottle of beer. The officer asked the man for ID, and asked why he was drinking in public. The man said he had no ID, and that he had to have a drink before he went to work because he drank too much the night before, and a drink would help his hangover. The man was jailed for drinking in public.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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