The Blotter April 22 2004

Outside an apartment complex on Ajax Drive, an officer was speaking with a burglary victim. A masked man walked around the corner. When the masked man saw the police car, he quickly turned around. The officer drove around, looking for the masked man. The officer found him and asked why he was wearing a mask. The masked man said he was playing with his friend. (The masked man is 43 years old.) The officer asked the masked man if he knew the burglary victim. No, he said. Then, he changed his story and said he and the burglary victim had problems in the past. The officer said, "I think that he was planning on doing something to the victim if I wasn't in the area." The masked man was charged with wearing a mask/hood and concealing his identity. He went to jail.

On Simpson Street, a man said a woman slapped him. The woman, age 54, said she slapped the man because he did not return the $10 she gave him to buy some toilet paper. The woman was charged with simple battery. She struggled during arrest, and was taken to jail.

An officer smelled the odor of burning marijuana in the breezeway of an apartment complex on Whitehall Terrace. As the officer climbed the stairway, he saw a 38-year-old man drinking an Olde English beer. The officer arrested the man for drinking in public and searched him. He discovered a "nickel" bag of suspected marijuana in the man's pocket. "Damn! I forgot that was in there," the man said. He went to jail.

An officer saw a suspicious man walking back and forth in front of a convenience store on Conley Road. After speaking with the man, the officer requested a computer check, which revealed that the man was wanted for probation violation in Forest Park. The officer searched the man and discovered four hits of suspected crack in his pocket. The man, age 35, said he just found the drugs in the woods and he was on his way to smoke the drugs to see if the crack was real. He went to jail.

On Hamilton Holmes Drive at I-20, an officer stopped a Ford van for speeding. The driver, a 25-year-old man, said his taillights and speedometer don't work. The officer detected the smell of booze. The driver failed some sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI. "While in my patrol car [the driver] was crying and begging me to let him go," the officer wrote. "But once we got close to the jail, his attitude toward me changed." The driver got angry and said over and over that "God was going to get me," the officer wrote.

Two officers noticed a black Chevy Avalanche SUV parked on North Evelyn Place. The car was running, but it didn't appear to be occupied. One officer looked inside the car and noticed a man "slightly leaned back with his penis exposed." A woman was sitting in the passenger seat, performing oral sex on the man. The officer motioned for them to get out of the car. The man, age 40, identified himself as a Cobb County firefighter. The firefighter and the woman were charged with indecency and taken to jail.

At the entrance to Underground Atlanta, a 19-year-old man said another man asked him if he "had any weed to sell." No, the 19-year-old said, and walked away. Then, a man claiming to be an undercover police officer arrived. The man said, "I just seen you serve this guy up there some marijuana and you need to come with me so I can search you for any more illegal substances." He took the 19-year-old into Underground Atlanta, by the game room. Then, he showed an Atlanta Police ID card and a set of handcuffs. "I could cuff you right now," he said. He searched the 19-year-old's pockets, removing $150 cash and a cell phone. He said he was going to run a one-day check on the cell phone, and the 19-year-old could pick up the phone at the precinct the next day. "I'm giving you a break," the man said. "And I don't want to see you down here any more." Then, he left.

The 19-year-old found a real police officer. While the 19-year-old was talking with police, he saw the suspect, who ran to the Five Points MARTA station.

The fake police officer was described as having no upper teeth except for one bad tooth. According to the police report, "This robbery is consistent with others from this area."

A security alarm went off at a house on Regent Street. An officer arrived and noticed that the back door and window were open. A bag of frozen fish was behind the house. No one was home, and both refrigerator doors were open. The officer contacted the woman who lives there, and she returned. The only item reported missing: $80 worth of frozen foods.

An 18-wheeler truck was parked at a truck stop on Bankhead Highway. Someone broke into the truck and stole an undetermined amount of frozen chicken.

At a grocery store on Central Avenue, a 34-year-old woman put a bottle of hair grease in her jacket pocket. Then, she went to the deli section and put a container of chicken salad under her armpit. She was stopped for shoplifting. She had a ripped fingernail, which she probably received when she tried to punch a store employee. She went to jail for shoplifting.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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