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The Blotter April 29 2004

At a spring festival in Piedmont Park, a 27-year-old man was walking around when he felt something “tickle” his buttocks. The man checked his back pocket and realized that his DeKalb County police badge and case were missing, along with his U.S. Army ID card. No suspects.

At a fast-food restaurant on Metropolitan Parkway, a 28-year-old man bought a cheeseburger, fries, five-piece chicken nuggets and a large fruit-punch drink. As he drove away, “he bit into the burger and felt a hard object in his mouth,” the officer wrote. The man spit out the burger and determined that the hard object was a pill.

He went back to the restaurant and spoke with the manager. She wanted to replace the food or refund his money. The manager also said she possibly knew where the pill came from, but she declined further conversation.

The man drove to a police station and the yellow-and-white pill was turned in as evidence.

A 23-year-old man pulled into a parking lot on Greenwood Avenue. A man walked up to his car and asked for the time. Then the man pulled a switchblade and said, “Do you know what this is?” The man asked the 23-year-old for his wallet and his car keys. (Two other men appeared at some point.) The three men hopped into the 23-year-old’s car, but they couldn’t get it started. The first man asked the 23-year-old to start the car for them. So he started the car for the men who were stealing it from him. Still, the three men had problems driving the manual shift. The 23-year-old walked into an apartment building. A few minutes later, he realized the thieves were gone — and so was his wallet — but his car was still in the parking lot.

The manager of an apartment complex on Wilkes Circle called police and said someone was inside a vacant apartment unit. Police entered the apartment and found a 45-year-old homeless man asleep on the floor.

“The bathtub was full of human feces and urine,” the officer wrote. “The toilet was full of human feces and urine, there was urine on the living room floor, and the apartment was dirty and contained some of [the man’s] personal items.”

Prior to the break-in, the apartment had been cleaned and was ready for a family to move in. The homeless man went to jail.

An officer saw a car speeding on I-85 North. The officer stopped the car and spoke with the driver, a 21-year-old Duluth man. The driver had to reach in the backseat to get his wallet, which he dropped. While the driver looked for his wallet, the officer saw an open can of Natural Light beer on the back floorboard. The driver said, slurring, that he’d only had two beers. The officer asked him to get out of the car. Then, the officer noticed that the driver wasn’t wearing any pants or shoes. I spilled some Coca-Cola on them, the driver said. The officer wrote, “I attempted to get his pants from inside the vehicle but found them to be covered in vomit.” The driver was charged with DUI.

A man was running down the middle of Peachtree Street. A police officer warned the man to get out of the street, but the man kept running. The officer approached the man and told him to stop. Still, the man ran. The officer chased him. “As I caught up to [the man], he threw a package of sausage on the sidewalk and continued to run.”

The officer caught the man, who is homeless, and took him to jail for disorderly conduct.

On Pryor Road, a middle-aged man called police and said a male acquaintance tried to run him over with his car at 6 a.m. The middle-aged man said he didn’t call police right away because he was en route to a job interview. The middle-aged man also said he frequently sees the acquaintance in the neighborhood, selling drugs to women against their will.

A woman hired a wedding photographer to document her wedding. The photographer, a 40-year-old Marietta man, showed up at her wedding and took the pictures. But before she got the pictures, the wedding photographer’s car was repossessed. Her wedding photos were in the car. The woman approached Atlanta police about the incident, but an officer told her it was a civil matter. The officer did give her some advice on potential steps to take.

A 36-year-old man said around 9:30 a.m., he left his vehicle running in a parking lot. The keys were in the ignition. Then the man went inside a building on Hank Aaron Drive. He returned 20 minutes later, and the vehicle was gone.

The vehicle — a 2003 blue Dodge Durango — was valued at $20,000. It was a rental.

On Boulevard, an officer saw an 18-year-old man “in a known drug area, hanging out on the sidewalk.” The 18-year-old recognized the cop and walked into a nearby store. There, he tried to hide 12 bags of suspected marijuana inside some toilet paper on a shelf. He was arrested for drug possession and taken to jail.

A 72-year-old man said a prostitute showed up at his apartment on Cooper Street, asking to use the restroom. The 72-year-old allowed her inside to use the facilities. (He has purchased services from her in the past.) When she emerged from the bathroom, the prostitute asked the 72-year-old if he wanted to have sex. “No,” he said. So she grabbed his wallet, which was on the sofa, and took off.

All items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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