The Blotter September 09 2004

A middle-aged woman said someone broke into her apartment on Cleveland Avenue and stole three pairs of women's shoes, 13 packs of Doral cigarettes and two deep fryers with pictures of Jesus on them.

At 2:05 a.m., an officer saw a man screaming and waving his arms in a parking lot on Piedmont Avenue. The officer stopped and asked if something was wrong. "I'm just eating Chinese food," the man said. "Also, I'm drunk." He was arrested for disorderly conduct under the influence.

An officer responded to a call about a shooting on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard. The victim, a 56-year-old man, was holding his right eye. There was a bruise under his eye, but he didn't appear to be suffering from a gunshot wound; "the skin was not broken and his eye was still in place," the officer wrote. The man said he was walking near a Krispy Kreme when he was struck in the eye with an object that was greasy and cream-colored. There were no shell casings near the Krispy Kreme. The man was hospitalized for a bruised eye.

A clerk at a convenience store on Campbellton Road said a man walked into the store and bought a lottery ticket. Then, the man stepped outside to scratch the ticket and see if he had won. Then, the man walked back into the store and bought another ticket. This routine went on for a while — buy ticket, go outside, scratch, come back in, buy another. Finally, the clerk said it was time to close the store. The man got upset and punched the clerk in the face, damaging the clerk's eyeglasses.

A 20-year-old woman parked her car in a lot next to a restaurant on Maple Drive. The woman works at the restaurant, and after her shift, she got a ride with some friends and spent the night with them. The next morning, she returned to her car, a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Someone had used green spray-paint to scrawl "Taliban Will Rule" on her door and fender. No suspects.

Police stopped a car on Peachtree Road and spoke with the driver, a nervous man with a goatee. The driver couldn't explain who owned the car. "There was also intelligence that this vehicle may have been involved in previous activity," the officer wrote. "There were characteristics of a transport vehicle that supported this intelligence." These characteristics included: maps of several cities, the driver's Florida license and the fact that the car was registered in Washington state, a trailer hitch and multiple cell phones. Police searched the car and found fraud documents and hidden compartments. One compartment contained $199,970 cash. The investigation continues.

A woman tried to drive her car into the garage of her home on Lynhurst Drive when a strange man suddenly drove a red car into her driveway. The man got out of the car and jumped her security gate "with his penis hanging out" and began to masturbate. The woman found her gun and shot once into the air. The man jumped back over the security gate and headed for his car. The woman went outside to get her cell phone and call 911. The man was coming back over the gate, toward her. The man said he dropped his cell phone and wanted to get it. The man apologized, but didn't leave. "Leave," the woman said, pointing her gun at him. He jumped the gate again and dove into some bushes, so she fired the gun at him. The man drove away in his red car.

An officer walked onto the porch of a house on Walnut Street, in search of a man nicknamed "Cato" who had hit a woman. On the porch, there was a strong scent of marijuana. A 20-year-old man was standing there, with a joint a few feet away. The 20-year-old got mad, saying Cato wasn't there and the officer was harassing him. The man went on to say that he was smoking weed on his porch, "indicating that he should not be bothered," the officer wrote. The officer explained that marijuana was illegal, "to which he seemed surprised." The man was arrested for marijuana possession.

A man was lying on the sidewalk on Monroe Drive; when he saw an officer approaching, however, the man tried to stand up, only to fall down three times. The man said, "Officer, I drank a lot of Listerine. I did not drink any liquor." The man, age 55, was arrested for disorderly conduct under the influence.

A security guard at a grocery store on Cascade Road saw a man try to hide two packages of pork ribs. The guard stopped the man and forced him to return the ribs. "Leave the store and don't come back," the guard told the man.

Later that same night, the same man returned to the same grocery store. This time, he tried to steal a package of snow crab legs ($13.99). The guard promptly called police, and the man, age 36, was jailed for shoplifting.

A woman returned to her apartment on Campbellton Road and found the bathtub full of her clothes — which had been doused with bleach. Her CD player was gone, as was one piece of meat from the freezer. She suspects her husband. (They have been separated for one year.) According to her, the husband usually comes to her apartment around 5 a.m. to watch cartoons with the children. He does this three or four times a week. Recently, she took him to court for child support. He left about 30 messages on her cell phone saying they need to get back together, and left two notes saying he didn't ruin her clothes.

Also, the woman said, when she and her husband split up, she bleached his clothes.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual police reports and are public record.

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