The Blotter September 16 2004

A man in boxer shorts was causing a ruckus in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Peachtree Hills Circle. An officer managed to locate the man's pants about 100 yards from where he was. The officer asked for his name and address but the man could not give his whole name without losing track of his thoughts, the officer wrote. The officer asked, "Why did you take your pants off?" The man continually talked about 9/11 and how before the events of Sept. 11, things were different. Back then, he said, people did not have names, cars, AIDS or drugs like the ones he was on.

(He admitted he was on meth.) The man, who was sweating a lot, was charged with disorderly conduct under the influence.

The manager of a grocery store on Peachtree Road saw a man hide $15.16 worth of sausage in his pants. An officer arrived to handcuff the man. "Are you really going to press charges over that little bit of sausage?" the man asked. After arresting the man for shoplifting, the officer took him to a nearby security office. The man asked to use the restroom. No, the officer said. So the man tried to urinate in the security room. Then, he was taken outside, where he tried to remove his pants and defecate in the parking lot. The man said he has AIDS and threatened to blow up the grocery store with all the employees inside.

A homeless man walked into a store on Simpson Road and started throwing food and liquor on the floor. He flipped over a huge tub of beer bottles. Police arrived, and the homeless man explained that he damaged the store because he wanted police to respond quicker. He said he called the police five times because he got into a fight down the street.

The store had to be closed for about an hour to clean up the mess. Total damages were estimated at $480.

The homeless man was charged with criminal damage.

A 57-year-old woman called police to her apartment on Todd Street. She said someone entered her apartment, threw all her shoes on the bedroom floor and moved her vacuum cleaner. Nothing was missing, however.

The woman believes her downstairs neighbors are responsible. She said it's just a gut feeling, and this has been going on for about a year. She said she never saw her neighbors move her stuff, but, she said, "I know it's them."

There were no signs of forced entry. The officer agreed to file a report.On Rosemary Drive, a 70-year-old woman said she and her husband weren't getting along. She said her husband is mentally abusing her, and it is so bad that she would shoot him if he kept it up.

Police spoke with the husband, who said he didn't do anything to his wife, but she does need help. He said her family knows about her troubles, but they leave her alone. He also said the real reason his wife is acting this way is because his retirement money is running out and she is used to getting money from the bank without question, and now there is no money.

The officer asked if there were any weapons in the house. Two weapons, the husband replied.

An officer filed a report that he was helping fellow officers "get into a lock running vehicle" on Seventh and Cypress streets. The officer wrote, "In the process, we were using the Slim Gym kit. The Slim Gym slip out of my hand rippiping three fingers causing a deep laceration." Medics were called to the scene. "They advised me to get stitches and a tecnic shot," the officer wrote. "I arrived at Grady at 8:50 a.m. the administered six stitches and a tecnic shot."

The reporting officer is 38 years old.

Two women, both age 23 and from Asheville, N.C., were sitting in a rental car on Martin Street. A man they know as "D Bo" walked up and said they needed to do like his cousin and make that money.

One woman said they had money and didn't need any more. D Bo got angry, kicked the car door, and poured soda on the women.

D Bo left for a moment and returned with two bricks. He acted like he was going to throw the bricks, but didn't.

D Bo fled before police arrived.

At a grocery store on Ponce de Leon Avenue, a 50-year-old Decatur man tried to conceal two bottles of Taylor Port Wine in his pants. A security guard called police. The man admitted to shoplifting. He said he needed the wine for a social gathering that he was hosting later that day.

Instead of playing host, the man went to jail.

Two officers were working undercover at a strip club on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard. They saw a female dancer performing a table dance for a 33-year-old man in the corner of the club. "[The woman] was dancing and allowing [the man] to rub his groin against her buttock in an up, down and circular motion. [The woman] was also rubbing her buttock against [the man's] groin willingly," the officer wrote.

Both the man and the dancer were charged with "conduct of employees and others on license premises." The man works as a store clerk.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual police reports and are public record.

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