The Blotter September 30 2004

A woman on Walthall Street said she found a dead rat in her mailbox. Also, two weeks ago, someone shot a BB gun pellet through her window. The woman, age 32, believes someone might be trying to scare her and her roommate. The officer wrote, "I thought it might be bias because her roommate is female also and someone in her neighborhood may think that they were together and may be trying to scare them off."

The officer removed the rat.

Outside a liquor store on Boulevard, an officer saw a man drink from a Diet Coke bottle, which appeared to contain booze. The man started to throw the bottle, but when he saw the officer, he put the bottle in his pants. The officer asked, "What's in the bottle?" The man said it was his first beer of the day and he didn't know why he had tried to disguise it in the Diet Coke bottle. The man said he was drinking Budweiser because he didn't feel good and wanted to see if alcohol would soothe his sore throat.

The man was arrested for drinking within 100 feet of a liquor store.

In Renaissance Park, an officer saw a man go into some bushes and sit down. It was about 2 p.m. The officer asked, "What are you doing?" The man replied, "I'm about to use drugs." The man opened his hand, revealing a glass pipe with suspected crack inside.

The man was charged with disorderly conduct.

A 26-year-old woman parked her car in a lot on West Peachtree Street at about 7:30 a.m. She walked into a stairwell, and a man grabbed her wrist and ordered her to give up her purse. The man had his hand in his pocket. "Don't make me take it out," he said. The woman handed over her purse. "Turn around and put your hands on the wall," the man said. Then, he ran away.

While police were speaking with the woman, a security guard found a pair of brown pants with a fake gun in the pocket. "There were two strings attached to the pants so that you could attach the pants to other clothing," the officer wrote.

The fake pants and fake gun were turned in as evidence.

The woman's husband called her cell phone (which had been in the purse) and the suspect answered. On the second call, the suspect said he knew where they lived and that was his insurance.

A 28-year-old woman went to her boyfriend's apartment on Ralph McGill Boulevard. (She used her key to get in.) Inside, the woman saw her boyfriend and another girl asleep in the bed. The woman asked, "What's going on?" The boyfriend said nothing was going on. The woman told the boyfriend that they needed to talk. The boyfriend said she needed to leave.

The woman left, walked to the elevator, and then returned to the apartment. She told the boyfriend that her plane didn't leave until 4 p.m. and if he wanted to talk about him having a girl in the bed and their relationship, then they needed to set up a time and place. The boyfriend told her to leave, pushed her into the elevator, and hit and kicked her. In return, she bit him in the ankle.

An officer saw a young woman get out of the passenger side of a car on Hobson Street. The officer stopped and asked the driver, a 28-year-old man, why the woman was exiting his car. The driver said his girlfriend just had a baby and can't have sex, so he was talking with this woman in order to make a date.

The woman said they were discussing the terms of their "date," but the man wasn't willing to meet her price.

The woman has a tattoo of "Too Sweat" on her back; the man has "NY" tattooed on his left hand. Both went to jail.

An officer went to a construction site on North Avenue and Glen Iris to deal with a man who had fallen. The man was in an ambulance stretcher, and his pants were torn at the knee and had red dirt on them. He said he fell in the construction debris. The man said he walks on that sidewalk to get to work at least once a week. The officer asked if he noticed that the sidewalk had been messed up for months now. Yes, the man said, but it was never a problem.

The officer asked what was hurting. The man was vague. Medics offered to take the man to any hospital that he wanted, but he refused. Then, the man didn't want to sign a form stating he was refusing medical care. He said he was tired of signing paperwork. Eventually, he signed the form. Then, he walked away, acting as if he was in pain, with difficulty walking. The officer followed him from a distance. "As I watched, his walk appeared to get easier." The man walked up a hill, rested for a few seconds, and then hopped over a fence.

An officer was sent to Edie Avenue to deal with a woman who was acting strange. She had been released from Grady Memorial Hospital's psychiatric ward. The woman said there was a Green Beret at the house and she was 51 years old and went to Lovett High School.

Police took her back to Grady's psychiatric ward.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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