The Blotter October 14 2004

On John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, one man said a bearded man tried to stab him with a clothes hanger for no reason. (Police didn't find that the bearded man had a clothes hanger, however.)

The bearded man's story: He said the first man started talking to him about giving his soul to Allah, and got so close that his spit sprayed him.

No charges filed.

An officer saw a man on the corner of Seventh and Cypress streets, in Midtown. The man's penis was peeking through his denim shorts. When asked, the man said he was "fiddlin' with his fingers." He was jailed for public indecency.

A woman walked her kids to the bus stop and then headed back to her apartment on Moury Avenue. An ex-boyfriend started following her in his car. When she reached her apartment, the ex-boyfriend pushed his way inside.

The woman told the ex-boyfriend to leave. "I'm going to use the bathroom," he replied. The woman put something on the toilet to stop him. So he peed in the sink.

Then, the ex-boyfriend threw a fake punch at her. She tried to call police, yelled for her neighbor and went outside. He followed and pushed her. She ran to the neighbor's door, and he drove away in his purple Geo.

Two city of Atlanta sanitation workers parked their garbage truck on Hill Street and went into a store. When they returned, the garbage truck was gone. Later, they learned that a man who works for the Atlanta Public Works Department took the garbage truck. The man said he took the truck because it was left unattended.

One of the sanitation workers said his wallet was stolen from his backpack, which was still in the truck.

On Oakland Drive, a woman was annoyed because her neighbor's dog kept barking. She walked over to the neighbor's yard and yelled at the dogs, telling them to "shut the fuck up."

"Those dogs don't understand what you are saying," the neighbor commented. The two women exchanged curse words. The first woman said, "You just think your man is looking at me, bitch. I'll take your man." Then, the neighbor charged at her with a phone and threw it at her. The first woman said the neighbor hit her car and slashed her tire with a knife.

An officer arrived, and he couldn't find a knife, any witnesses or even a car. The neighbor was charged with fighting and taken to jail.

A 37-year-old woman went out of town. When she returned to her apartment on Harwell Road, her furniture was gone and there was a letter from her husband. It said he was divorcing her and taking the furniture. (The furniture included a black leather sofa, a black love seat, a chair, a black ottoman and glass tables.) The couple had bought the furniture together and the wife had a signed contract to prove it. The husband is possibly heading for Texas.

A 21-year-old woman said her child's father knocked on her apartment door and refused to leave. She called police, and when the officer arrived, the ex was gone. On the woman's car, however, someone had written "Gay, Gay Ho Fuck Ass" on the hood, and "BITCH" on the trunk.

At a North Avenue apartment complex, a 54-year-old man said a female neighbor knocked on his door and said she needed to talk. So he invited her into his apartment. While she was sitting in the living room, he went to the kitchen for a glass of water. When he returned, the woman said she was OK and no longer wanted to talk. So she left. Later, while he was changing the TV channel, the man noticed that his money box was missing. And his watch. He called the neighbor and asked why she took his money. She denied it and told him not to call her again.

The man called police. He said his money box contained $10,000 cash. And the watch is worth $2,500.

The man lives in a public housing apartment complex.

A 46-year-old man who lives on 10th Street allowed another man to store his clothes at his apartment. One morning, the other man called and said he was coming to get his clothes. The 46-year-old said the man needed to pay him for keeping the clothes. The other man refused to pay and called him names. "I'll see you walking the street and I'm going to sneak up behind you and burst you in the back of your motherfucking head," the other man said.

The 46-year-old man said since the other man is threatening him, he will allow him to get his clothes free of charge. But he would like a police officer to supervise.

An officer turned into a church driveway near Jonesboro Road. He spoke with a woman, age 39, who said she was trying to make some money. The officer asked, "How are you trying to make money?" The woman replied, "What are you up to?" The officer said he was looking for some sex.

The woman hopped into his car and asked if he had $20. She said if they went to her house, she would get naked, but if they stayed outside, she would only pull down her pants.

She was arrested for prostitution.

A blond woman flagged down an undercover cop on the corner of 13th Street and Peachtree Walk in Midtown. She said she would have straight sex and wake-up head for $50. The woman said she needed some crack and asked the officer for $20. The officer said he'd been burned before, and she'd have to get the crack first, before he gave any money. She left and the officer called for backup. When the woman returned, she was arrested. Then, the woman put her crack and crack pipe in her vagina. The officer told her to shake her legs, and the crack pipe fell out. Later, "in a discrete location," another officer removed the crack from her vagina. The woman claimed to be suicidal, but later recanted that claim. So police took her to Grady Memorial Hospital.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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