The Blotter November 18 2004

An employee theft took place at a bank on Peachtree Street. A female employee admitted that one Friday evening, she took $25,000 and gave it to a man she met. The man said if she brought him $25,000, he would triple the money and then she'd return the original sum to the bank — and no one would know. The man said his father was the vice president of Liberia, and his father stole the money from President George Bush. The man said when Bill Clinton sent aid money to Liberia, it was stolen en route. Now, the man said, President Bush sends "white money" to Liberia to protect it during the trip. He said the "white money" looks like blank paper until it is treated with a special chemical and pressed against real money. The man said if the employee gave him $25,000, he would press out $75,000. Then, she would return the original $25,000 to the bank — and she would get 35 percent of the profit ($19,000).

The female bank employee, age 24, went to jail.

On Stanton Road, a 24-year-old woman and her live-in boyfriend got into an argument about their relationship. According to the woman, her boyfriend wants her to sleep with other men. But when she said that she would sleep with other men, the boyfriend got mad and pushed her onto the bed. Then, he slapped her. When the boyfriend calmed down, the woman tried to call police. But the boyfriend destroyed both of their telephones, and then fled.

A 25-year-old woman went to a house on Margaret Place to meet a man who said he could get her a job with Comcast. She gave him a resume, and he offered to help her fill out the paperwork. After the interview, the man wanted to play a card game with her. (The card game was on white index cards.) The cards listed several prizes that she could win. One prize was eight hours of comp time (when she got the job). Another prize was a one-minute back massage.

Every time the woman played the card game, she won the one-minute massage. She went into a back room with the man, and he gave her the massage. During the massage, he put his penis on her lower back. She told him to stop and ended the massage.

Police spoke with the man, but the report didn't indicate if he was arrested.

A 29-year-old Snellville man was going to Florida to get married over the weekend. He dropped off his car (a Honda Accord) on West Peachtree Street, where a friend was supposed to watch it over the weekend. Later, the friend called and said when he checked on the car, it was gone.

On Fox Street, an officer saw a man pushing a cart down the street. The cart was loaded with plywood, which seemed to have come from a vacant house on the street. The officer questioned the man, who gave a fake name. The officer ran a computer check and realized the man matched the description of a wanted man. (The man had a tattoo of T-bone on his chest, which helped the identification.)

The officer handcuffed the man and patted him down. During the search, the officer found a bag of suspected cocaine in the front pocket of the man's pants.

"Those aren't my pants," the man said. The man — and his pants — went to jail.

At a gas station on Peachtree Street, a drunk man was harassing customers as they walked into the store. Then, the drunk man went into the store bathroom. When police arrived, the drunk man was washing up in the toilet bowl. The drunk man, who is homeless, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

A man with a mustache went into a grocery store on Cleveland Avenue. The man concealed several bags of candy in his pants legs. When the man was arrested, he said, "I was going to give the candy out for Halloween."

The man was arrested for stealing $52.88 worth of candy.

On Emery Place, a mother needed to go to the store for milk for her 3-week-old infant. So she asked her neighbor to come over to her house and watch her kids while she went to the store. The neighbor, a 36-year-old woman, agreed. After an hour, the mother returned home. But the neighbor had already gotten the milk, because the mother had taken so long. The neighbor berated the mother and cussed her out about the kids. (The neighbor had a beer in her hands during the confrontation.) The mother went inside, and the neighbor broke the beer bottle on the steps. The two women got into a fight, during which the mother's head and arm were cut. Then, the neighbor ran over to her house and returned with a gun. She waved the gun and said, "It isn't over, it isn't over."

Police arrived and took the neighbor to jail.

A bearded man was throwing chairs into the middle of Hollywood Road. An officer stopped and asked the man if he was OK. "No!" the man said. The officer asked, "Why are you throwing chairs?" "Because someone pissed me off," the man replied.

The officer asked the man to remove the chair from the road. (Cars were driving around the chair.) The man said he would pick up the chair when he was ready. Again, the officer told the man to remove the chair. Again, the man said he would pick up the chair when he was ready.

The man, age 34, went to jail.

At 10 p.m., an officer saw a man urinating on Delevan Street. When the man spotted the officer, he quickly walked away. The officer stopped the man and asked why he was urinating on the road. "I started to piss but when I saw you, I put my dick back in my pants and started pouring my liquor out," the man said. The man, age 52, was arrested for public urination.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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