The Blotter November 25 2004

A 52-year-old man met a woman and was going to help her start her own business. (The woman is in her 20s and has long, curly black hair.)

They went out to dinner, and the woman got upset. The man said he was leaving. "If you leave I will cause a scene and break all the glass in this place!" the woman said.

The next day, the woman showed up at the man's office on West Wieuca Road. She knocked on the front door, but the man didn't answer.

The woman got mad and shoved a pie and coffee through the mail slot.

Later, the man left the office. When he returned, the woman was standing outside. "I have something for you!" she yelled, pulling out a dozen eggs. Then, she pelted him with eggs.

The man doesn't know the woman's real name. Turns out, the name and address that she gave him were fake.

Police told the man to call them when the woman returns.

One Sunday afternoon, a 42-year-old man got into his Lexus and picked up two acquaintances by the name of "Grape" and "Fruit." They headed to a store on Arno Drive to buy booze.

At the store, the man hopped out of the Lexus. (Grape and Fruit stayed in the car.) The store clerk refused to sell any booze (since it was Sunday), so the man bought a Coke instead.

When the man returned to his car, Fruit was behind the wheel and driving out of the parking lot.

The man said he doesn't know Fruit very well, but he is a friend of Grape's. All he knows about Fruit is that he is bald and has a tattoo of a Chinese letter on his shoulder. Also, the man had left the car running, and the keys with Grape and Fruit.

A man was stabbed on Auburn Avenue. When a police officer arrived, he found a 54-year-old man with a cut on his chest. The officer asked, "Who stabbed you?" "I don't know him or where he is," the man said. The officer asked, "What happened?" "Hell, I don't know," the man replied. "I probably did it to myself, I am so drunk all the time. All this is bullshit. I am a Vietnam veteran."

The man was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

On Mayson Turner Road, a man and his male roommate fought over the quality of orange juice. During the spat, the roommate raised his fist and said he hated old people.

When police showed up, the roommate, age 31, didn't deny this. He was taken to jail for acting violent.??
A 38-year-old woman said her mother tried to kick her door in. Her mother was high on crack and looking for a place to get out of the rain, she said. The daughter won't let her mother stay at her government apartment, which is on Thomasville Boulevard.

The mother, who is currently homeless, was last seen walking down the street in a yellow raincoat. Also, according to the police report, the mother has stubble on her face.

On Moury Avenue, two officers were checking a vacant house, which had a "No Trespassing" sign posted. Inside the house, a bearded man was defecating on the kitchen floor. The man was dressed entirely in green. He went to jail.

A male police investigator asked a female informant to contact a call-girl agency and ask if they had any girls that "do" couples. The informant made the call, telling the agency that her boyfriend has plenty of money and she wanted to buy him another girl to mix in the fun as a birthday gift for him. An agency representative said "Inga" does couples for $450.

A few minutes later, "Inga" called and arranged to meet the informant at a motel on West Peachtree Street. (The investigator was monitoring the calls.)

The investigator and the informant went to the motel. Inga arrived, and the investigator, calling himself "Jay," gave her $450.

Then, Inga removed her shirt and bra and massaged the investigator's back. Inga asked if he wanted to take his underwear off. The investigator removed his underwear, and Inga massaged his buttocks. According to the report, "The informant sat in a chair and acted as a voyeur."

A few minutes later, the investigator identified himself as a police officer. Inga, a 37-year-old blonde, was ticketed for not having a permit for escorting or massaging.

A middle-aged man was outside, cleaning up his yard on Federal Terrace. His neighbor, a muscular man in his 40s, walked up. Cussing and yelling, the neighbor said he had already killed four people and it was no problem to kill the 53-year-old as well. Still yelling, the neighbor said he had slept with the wife of the 53-year-old man, and she had a nice ass.

Finally, the neighbor's kids pulled him inside — but he kept yelling. He threatened to blow the 53-year-old's head off with a gun.

Later, the 53-year-old and his son were inside their house. They noticed that a red laser dot was being pointed at each of them.

This is the second time the neighbor has threatened him with death, the 53-year-old said. He doesn't know much about his neighbor, but he believes he has done jail time.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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