The Blotter December 09 2004

A 38-year-old woman said someone has been entering her apartment every day for the last two months while she and her boyfriend are at work. The woman said this person takes baths, eats her food, watches TV, and plays her boyfriend's PlayStation. When she comes home, sometimes the front door is unlocked, she said.

An officer examined the door and noted, "I could not find any forced entry that would allow someone to enter the residence without a key."

Nothing was reported stolen.

A 35-year-old woman was sitting in her car near Perkerson Park. During a half-hour period, she pulled up her dress three times while some garbage men watched. The garbage men were touching their crotches while she pulled up her dress, a witness said.

When police arrived, the garbage men were gone. The woman was arrested for indecency. She had a syringe in her coat. (She said she uses cocaine.) The woman's arms were covered in track marks.

On Ponce de Leon Avenue, a man in a Lexus pulled alongside a female officer, who was working undercover. The man offered to give her $20 for a blowjob, so he was arrested for solicitation. The man has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Two young women returned to their apartment on Collier Avenue and found human feces smeared on the bathroom wall and floor. Their furniture had been moved all over the place. Missing items included a laptop computer, a silver bracelet, $75, and 10 DVDs. No suspects.

A 59-year-old man said someone smeared feces on his car, which was parked outside his home on Glen Arden Way. No other damages reported.

On Sylvan Road, a 40-year-old man said he was hanging out in his apartment, playing cards with a few people. One card player was a woman who weighs about 200 pounds. The woman wanted to have sex with the man, but he said he didn't want to have sex. The woman got mad — and then she made a phone call. A short time later, a few men showed up and jumped on the 40-year-old man. They beat him, damaged his mirror and wall, and took his cell phone.

Police arrived and took the man to South Fulton Medical Center. The man said the woman he refused to sleep with lives in his apartment complex.

At Underground Atlanta, the employee of a store said vandals destroyed two windows. One window was etched with a Confederate soldier; the other window depicted Henry Grady. The windows were valued at $20,000 each.

An officer was in his patrol car on Cypress Street. A car pulled in front, and two men jumped out, arguing.

The first man said, "Officer, you know me! You know I'm a male prostitute. He won't pay!" (At this point, the second man hopped in the car and drove away.)

The first man shouted, "Oh my God! Do your fucking job! I can't believe you are just going to let him drive away!"

The officer explained that he can't arrest someone for not paying for prostitution (since prostitution is illegal). The officer told the man to get out of the road and return to the sidewalk.

The first man yelled, "You're just a little boy. If you ain't gonna listen to me, I ain't gonna listen to you."

So the officer arrested the man for "pedestrian walking in roadway." After a struggle, the man apologized for his actions. He said he was mad at his lover (the other man), whom he lives with. He said he took out his frustration on the officer.

The man, age 37, went to jail.

At 2:35 a.m., an officer saw a man walking in the middle of the road on Renaissance Parkway. The officer noted, "Sidewalks exist on both sides of the road, and [the man] made no apparent attempt to utilize either one."

So the officer asked, "Why are you walking in the middle of the road?" The man replied, "'Cause the sidewalks are dangerous, Sarge. A man was shot there a few months back."

The man was arrested for "pedestrian walking in roadway." He went to jail.

A man was slumped over the steering wheel of his car on Peachtree Road. When an officer arrived, he noted, "It took a few minutes of shaking him to wake him up."

The officer asked the man for ID. The man produced a photocopy of an expired license. Then, the officer noticed several blue lights in the back of the man's car.

The officer asked, "Are you law enforcement?" "No, I'm not," the man said.

The man's car also contained a police radar unit, a police computer, police radios, and pepper spray. The man said the car was for show only.

The man, age 37, went to jail.

A woman at City Hall said a man called and threatened to kill a former mayor of Atlanta. According to the woman, the man said he was on his way to the former mayor's current business and he was going to shoot, poison, and kill the former mayor. The caller also stated his own name.

Atlanta police notified guards at the former mayor's current business. The woman also said this same man called City Hall in May and said, "Tell [the former mayor] to stop following me," and "Tell him to stop sitting out in front of my house."

The woman feels the caller is mentally deranged.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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