The Blotter January 06 2005

A man participated in a tenants' meeting for his apartment complex on Piedmont Road. The man complained about cats being allowed to run free in the breezeway, and said the cats urinate on his door. He said if the cats' owner doesn't keep her cats inside, he's going to call Animal Control and have the cats picked up.

This upset the cats' owner, a 58-year-old woman. During the verbal spat, the woman yelled, "I am going to kill you, you fucking faggot."

Police were called. The woman admitted that she lost her temper. While police were there, she continued to use derogatory language toward the man.

The officer explained to the man the relevant charges that could be made against the woman. The man didn't want to pursue felony charges; he thought the matter could be best resolved in municipal court.

The woman was cited for disorderly conduct.

On East Brookhaven Drive, a woman returned home and saw two men rearranging her Christmas reindeer in the front yard. According to the report, the men tried to "arrange the deer to simulate them having sex."

The men fled before police arrived. The Christmas reindeer were not injured.

Around 7:15 a.m., a man was asleep in his apartment on Walnut Drive. Suddenly, his neighbor tossed a potted plant through his living room window. Glass shattered, and the man called 911.

An officer tried to speak with the plant-tossing neighbor, a 50-year-old woman. The woman called the officer a "cock-sucking motherfucker" and slammed the door in his face. Peering through the window, the officer saw that the woman's apartment was ransacked, with broken pieces of furniture on the floor.

Inside, the woman threw herself onto the floor and started praying. Then, she stood up, yelling and cursing.

More officers arrived. They tried to talk the woman into coming outside. Eventually, police got an apartment key and took the woman to Grady Memorial Hospital for observation.

An officer saw an unmarked tow truck run a stop sign on James P. Brawley Drive. The officer followed, as the driver ran through three more stop signs. The officer called for backup, and the tow truck was stopped.

Police spoke with the driver, a 53-year-old man. "I'm not out here to pick up a vehicle, officer. I am supposed to meet a lady friend on one of these corners," he said. The officer asked the driver if he knew he ran the stop signs. "I stopped at all the stop signs," the driver replied, his tone changing from pleasant to a bit hostile.

The officer asked for his driver's license. The driver complied. "Also note that when [the driver] first handed me his driver's license, he also handed me a news clipping showing where he had run for City Council in DeKalb County."

The former candidate received tickets for failure to stop and windshield requirements (there were basketball-sized cracks on the front windshield).

A 19-year-old man walked into a Radio Shack on Piedmont Road. He asked employees if he took items without paying, would he go to jail. The employees said yes. So the man picked up an item and walked toward the door. One employee stopped him. Then the man sat on the floor of the Radio Shack and refused to leave. Get out, an employee said repeatedly. Still, the man sat. So police were called.

A police officer arrived and asked the man to leave. The man said he was not leaving unless he went to jail.

So the officer charged the man with disorderly conduct and took him to jail.

A few officers were conducting an investigation on Piedmont Avenue. A man walked up and said, "Y'all motherfuckers lockin' up jaywalkers?"

"Move along," one officer said. The man continued loudly, "I wanna know if ya'lls lockin' up jaywalkers, 'cause I'm about to jaywalk like a motherfucka!"

Then, the man darted across the street. A car almost hit him.

So the officer arrested the man, age 38.

Then the man became belligerent. "Half the officers on the APD is shit!" he said. "Don't care I got locked up, it's cold out here!"

Police found a crack pipe on the man. "He seems to be a bit mentally unstable," the officer wrote.A photo shoot for the entertainment industry was taking place on McDaniel Street. A few people gathered on the street. A police officer told them to clear the sidewalk so the artist and crew could get to the next photo location. Everyone moved except one 19-year-old woman. "She started getting smart, saying, 'If they can't give me a hug, then they need to get the hell out of my 'hood!'" the officer wrote.

The officer repeatedly asked the woman to move. Still, she refused to budge. So she was arrested for obstructing a public way. During arrest, police found a razor on her. The woman kept yelling, telling the officer, "I see why people kill y'all all the time."

At Lenox Road and Ga. 400, a black Miata rear-ended another car. The driver of the other car was hurt.

Police spoke to the driver of the Miata, who was a bit unsteady on his feet.

The officer asked the man what happened. "I'm not sure," the driver said. The officer asked, "Do you own the Miata?" "I think I own it," the driver replied, slurring.

The officer asked if the man had been drinking. "Absolutely!" he replied, adding that he'd had two or three margaritas. He said he was coming from work.

The officer asked, "How old are you?" The driver said he didn't know. "You don't know?" the officer asked. "Of course not!" the driver said.

The driver, age 34, went to jail.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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