The Blotter February 23 2005

A man wearing black high heels stood at the intersection of Third and Cleveland avenues. The man in heels flagged down a green Ford and talked to the driver. A police officer was watching and drove closer. The green Ford sped away. The officer spoke with the man in high heels. "[His] pants were open, I guess showing the goods," the officer wrote. "[The man] was placed in the back of the police car because the high heels were too small for him, and he was having a hard time walking." The officer patted him down and found a crack pipe. "The man was allowed to keep his wig on," the officer wrote.

The man, age 26, was arrested for pedestrian soliciting a ride.

A 65-year-old man parked his running car outside a newspaper office on West Marietta Street while he picked up a free newspaper at the main office. While he was walking away, someone hopped into his car and drove away. (It's a 2002 gold pickup truck.) The man described his car as being clean as a pin. And the car was totally paid off.

A retired man said he had a female friend over one night, and they started drinking. The next morning, the retired man woke up and realized his car was gone. (It's a 2002 red Chevrolet SUV.) But the female friend's clothes were still at his place. The retired man, age 62, could not give police any description of the female friend that was allegedly driving his red SUV without her clothes.

In an apartment on Simpson Road, a man said his girlfriend hit him in the mouth with a brick. Police spoke with the girlfriend, a 56-year-old blonde with missing teeth. According to the girlfriend, the fight started when the boyfriend got mad at her for being in a lesbian relationship. (Her lesbian girlfriend was present when the fight started, but she quickly left.) Then, the boyfriend pulled her hair. Then, she pushed the boyfriend, and he lost his balance because he already has a broken leg. She said he fell to the ground and hit his mouth on the pavement. Both the boyfriend and girlfriend were arrested for fighting.

A Lithonia man said someone keeps calling his cell phone at work. The caller is upset because someone got his sister pregnant. The Lithonia man said he has no idea who the caller is talking about, and no one is pregnant by him. The Lithonia man said he's not even dating anyone with a brother.

A man said he runs a record company and a school where he teaches artists how to sing and dance. He said one artist (an 18-year-old woman) called and asked if she could pick up her school transcript and diploma. Yes, he said, and then asked when he would be reimbursed for paying her school tuition. The artist started yelling and cursing. She said if she had to pay anything, she would call some other women and say that he sexually harassed them. The man told the artist that his lawyer would contact her. The man also reported her threat to police.

An employee at an adult entertainment club on Cheshire Bridge Road said a man walked into the club and requested information. The man wore navy blue Dickies pants, and his clothes were dirty, old and stained with motor oil. The man walked to his car, then returned to the club and requested a woman. Then, he pulled out his penis and started touching himself. The employee told the man to leave. The man refused, so she called 911. Then, the man left. "The suspect did not ejaculate and no video cameras were working at this time," the officer wrote. Four days later, a man wearing oil-stained Dickies walked into an apartment complex on Markham Street. He asked the leasing agent if he could see an apartment. The leasing agent said she needed to make a copy of his driver's license first. The man said he needed to get his girlfriend and would return later. Then, he spun around, pulled out his penis, and started masturbating. Then, he grabbed the leasing agent's arm. She jerked away and reached for the phone, but he grabbed the phone out of her hands. She said the maintenance man was about to arrive, so he better leave. The man ran out the building and drove away in a red Mustang.

A Decatur man walked into a gas station on Boulevard and asked to use the bathroom. "We don't have a public bathroom," the clerk said. The man got mad and threw a bottle of soda against the wall. The clerk called police. Police searched the man's car and found a plastic grocery bag containing suspected "Khat." "The suspected narcotic alleviates fatigue/reduces appetite. When consumed in large quantities, it causes manic behavior/paranoia/hallucinations," the officer wrote. The suspected narcotic is a native shrub of East Africa/Arabian Peninsula, the officer wrote. The man was taken to jail. The suspected Khat was turned in as evidence.

A woman said her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend calls her about 200 times a day. She said the ex-girlfriend follows her home from work every night, trying to figure out where they live. The woman and her boyfriend had to move from Alabama to Atlanta to get away from his ex-girlfriend. But the ex-girlfriend moved to Atlanta as well, and keeps harassing both of them.The ex-girlfriend is 28 years old.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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