The Blotter March 16 2005

An employee of the Atlanta Ballet called police to report harassing phone calls. Apparently, a man repeatedly calls the Atlanta Ballet office and asks to speak with a specific woman. The caller said he saw this woman in a magazine, and he loves her feet. He asks for her home phone number. He's called several times a day for the past two weeks. The caller won't leave his name or phone number.

On Peachtree Street, an officer spotted a man, with both hands inside his pants, massaging his penis. "He was partially aroused," the officer wrote. "He was smiling and watching pedestrians walk by as he was doing this. ... This was also located across the street from a Hooters restaurant." The man, age 44, was charged with public indecency.

A woman who lives on Whittington Drive called police and said a strange woman was sitting and crying in her carport. When an officer showed up, the strange woman was crying and yelling, "Dale!" The officer asked, "What's wrong?" The woman said she was trying to find her sister and father. The woman asked, "What year is it?" and, "Are you a real police officer?" Some neighbors showed up. They said the woman lives alone in a house on Whittington Drive. At this point, the woman was running up and down the street. Medics arrived and said the woman was either having a seizure or she was on drugs. Police located the woman's house and walked in. They found several almost-empty prescription medicine bottles and turned them over to the medics. After an examination, medics said the bottles contained cat medicine.

The woman, age 44, said she's had an episode like this before. She went to Piedmont Hospital.

A man walked into a drugstore on North Highland Avenue and stuffed 56 boxes of Trojan condoms into some plastic bags. Then, he ran out of the store without paying. The man hopped into a white Toyota Corolla and sped away. (The condoms are valued at $685.)Two days later, at a drugstore on 14th Street, a man opened a box of Trojan condoms, removed all the condoms, and put the empty box on the shelf. The man ran out of the store without paying. A burgundy Toyota Corolla pulled up, and the man hopped inside. (The condoms are valued at $13.)

At the time the two police reports were filed, the condom thieves had not been brought to justice.

A man from Gwinnett County called police and said his car was stolen. The man said he drove his car (a white Ford Thunderbird) from Barrow County to the city of Atlanta. All the man remembers is that he was drunk, and he woke up lying in the street. The car is gone.

An officer was working an off-duty job at the World of Coca-Cola. A tour bus dropped off a group of tourists, and the officer spoke with the bus driver. One tourist was an Indian man who was taking a lot of photographs. The driver gave the officer the man's name. The officer went to the third floor of the museum and talked with the Indian man. "I asked if he liked the museum. He said yes and that he was on vacation." Security guards were keeping tabs on the Indian man on the security camera.

After a brief conversation, the Indian man went into a theater on the third floor. Then, the Indian man left through a fire exit door, which was set to an alarm. The alarm started ringing. The officer chased him and caught him.

The man produced an Indian passport, which listed a name that was different from the name on the bus ticket registry. The officer let the man continue his tour. The officer tried to call Homeland Security, but was unable to make contact via phone. He called a police sergeant, who came to the museum. The Indian man was detained again. The Indian man said he was using his boss's name on the bus ticket because the boss booked the trip online with his credit card. A police detective contacted Homeland Security and the FBI, and they determined that it was OK to release the man.

On Howell Mill Road, a 38-year-old man was taking a shower in his apartment. Suddenly, a male neighbor burst into the bathroom and accused him of sleeping with the neighbor's wife. Then, the neighbor punched him (while he was in the shower). The neighbor took his sweat pants (which were on the toilet), keys, $155 cash, and his cell phone — and left.Police arrived. The neighbor said the 38-year-old was a crack addict who passed out in the shower and fell down. Inside the neighbor's apartment, police found the 38-year-old's cell phone. Police spoke with the landlord, who said the neighbor is a problem tenant who previously threatened to burn down the apartment complex.

The neighbor went to jail.

At a department store at Lenox Square a drunk man wearing Army fatigues was passed out in a dressing room. The drunk man, age 27, was clutching a bottle of white Zinfandel wine. The wine was turned in as evidence.

An undercover officer walked into a store on Boulevard and asked the store cashier if he had any weed baggies. "Yes, what size do you want?" the cashier replied. The officer asked for the $5 size. The cashier went to the rear counter and retrieved the baggies. "These are weed baggies, right?" the officer asked. "Yes!" the cashier answered. The officer paid for the baggies with city funds. Then, the officer went next door, to a barber shop, to observe if any drug activity was going on. The officer wrote, "I received a haircut by the barber and paid with city funds but observed no drug activity." No charges filed.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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