The Blotter April 13 2005

At the corner of Lethea Street and Lakewood Avenue, a 45-year-old woman flagged down an undercover cop. She hopped into his car and asked if he wanted a date. "Yes," the cop said, "how much do you need?" The woman said she needed $1.99 for sex, so she could buy a three-piece chicken meal at Church's.

The woman was arrested for prostitution.

(Note: The Blotter diva has been scouring police reports for about a zillion years, and $1.99 for sex is the lowest price she can recall in the entire history of The Blotter. That chicken must be mighty tasty!)

A 24-YEAR-OLD SMYRNA WOMAN went to a hipster specialty store in Little Five Points. As she tried to leave the store, the theft alarm went off. Empty your pockets, an employee said. The woman complied, producing a pink cigarette lighter with the words "Pussy Power" on it. The woman had not paid for the pink "Pussy Power" lighter, which belonged to the store. She was arrested for shoplifting and taken to jail.

The pink "Pussy Power" lighter was valued at $1.50.

Two days later, an 18-year-old Marietta man walked into the same hipster specialty shop in Little Five Points. According to a security guard, the man tried to steal an "eye" ball, an ash tray, and some magnets. (Total cost: $22.) The Marietta man was jailed for shoplifting.

AT ABOUT 1 A.M., a man dropped his pants around his ankles, exposing his "sex organ" to traffic on Lee Street. An officer approached, and the man took off running. The officer quickly caught the man, who "was having trouble running with his pants around his ankles." The man was jailed for public indecency.

A MAN WEARING PANTYHOSE, a thong and a short skirt walked into a coffee shop on Edgewood Avenue. The man pulled up the skirt and pulled down the pantyhose, exposing his buttocks. Then, he shook his buttocks in front of customers. The man left the coffee shop, but not before the owner snapped his picture. Police were called, and an officer found the pantyhose-clad man around the corner. The coffee shop owner says he has repeatedly warned the man about trespassing, and he doesn't want the man in his shop. The man, age 47, went to jail for trespassing. The man took his Bible, a book, and a denim jacket with him. He threw away his other belongings, since he did not want to keep them.

AT ABOUT 7 A.M., a man was driving down Second Street. In the middle of the road, he saw a red rooster with its head cut off and a beheaded goat. The rooster was lying near the goat's tail. Police could not locate the goat's head. "The goat looked very young and had a white coat," the officer wrote. On that same morning, police found another dead goat on Mt. Zion Road. Yet another dead goat was found on Constitution Road.

ON NANCY CREEK ROAD, an officer saw a car moving slowly and stopping every few mailboxes. When the car neared police, the female driver looked at the cop and then quickly drove away. Police followed her to Moores Mill Road and turned on the blue lights. The driver, a 24-year-old woman, jumped out of her car and ran. After police caught the woman, they asked why she was stopping at the mailboxes. The woman said she was homeless and bored. Police found more than 280 pieces of mail in her car. The woman said she didn't know what do to with the mail, and she would probably throw it away. In addition to mail from that neighborhood, police found mail from Kennesaw, Marietta, Smyrna, Vinings, Austell and Powder Springs. Some mail was opened, including credit reports and loan applications. In the woman's car, there was a half-gram of methamphetamine. The woman's purse contained two glass pipes, a prescription for Adderall (a stimulant) for another woman, a Macy's credit card in yet another woman's name, and a $100 savings bond issued to another woman. Also, there was an envelope containing $1,100.

Eventually, the woman said she takes the mail to a man in Marietta and exchanges it for meth. She said he told her to go to wealthy neighborhoods to get the mail. She has used meth for at least a year.

ON JACKSON STREET, a 27-year-old woman said she took out a warrant on her ex-boyfriend — and that caused problems with the ex-boyfriend's grandmother. One morning, the grandmother called and threatened to kill her. The grandmother confessed to deflating the woman's car tire earlier that week and cutting the screen on her back door. A witness overheard the conversation, which was on speaker phone.

A FIGHT BROKE OUT at a church on Cascade Road. A woman said she and a male acquaintance got in a dispute about her sitting in his seat, and suddenly, the man slapped her. The man said he was just playing with the woman. The man was jailed for simple battery.

A 39-YEAR-OLD MAN called 911 several times, saying he was going to kill himself if Atlanta police didn't take him to the psychiatric wing at Grady Memorial Hospital. When police showed up, the man was gone. Later, he called police again. (This time, he was at the corner of Moreland Avenue and Moreland Drive.) An officer saw the man in a phone booth. Immediately, the man demanded to be taken to Grady's psychiatric wing or he was going to make a car hit him. "Watch me," the man said, running in front of an 18-wheeler truck. He yelled for the driver to hit him. The driver locked down his breaks, and avoided hitting him. Another patrol car arrived. The man ran to the car, leapt into the backseat, and pleaded with the officer to take him to Grady.According to the report, the man appeared to be on drugs or a "lack of medication."

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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