The Blotter May 12 2005

An officer saw an 18-year-old man walking in the middle of Hilliard Street. As the officer drove closer, the man put something in his mouth and started chewing. The officer got out of his patrol car, and the man started running. The man ran several blocks before he jumped into a Dumpster. There, two officers arrested him. The man admitted that he had swallowed a small amount of marijuana while running.

According to the officer's written report, "When told that he was apprehended by two of the slowest officers in Zone 5, [the man] responded by saying, 'Only reason they caught me is cause I been smokin' weed all day!'"

AN OFFICER DROVE into the parking lot of an apartment complex on Delmar Lane. Then, a man in a black Chevrolet began "driving off at a fast paste," according to the officer's written report. The officer pulled over the Chevy and spoke with the driver, a man in his mid-20s. The officer asked the man for his name. The man gave his cousin's name. Then, the man admitted that his license was suspended and gave his real name. The man was arrested for false representation and speeding.

ON DETROIT AVENUE, a 47-year-old man said his older brother (who is toothless) asked him for beer money. He refused to give his brother any beer money. The toothless brother got mad, grabbed a machete and threatened to kill him. The toothless brother swung the machete several times, cutting the younger brother's thumb and shirt. Police showed up and found the toothless brother at a neighbor's house, sitting on a sofa. He appeared tipsy. He was jailed for aggravated assault.

AT LENOX SQUARE, a man walked into a store and asked to see an adjustable bed. The man went to the restroom, and when he returned, he laid down on the bed. The man (age 46 and balding) asked the female clerk to position the bed with his feet up and his head up. Then, he asked the clerk for a pillow. The clerk, a 48-year-old woman, got a pillow. When she put the pillow under the man's head, he moved his head and rubbed the side of his face on her breast.The clerk ignored the breast rub. Then, the man asked for a second pillow. The clerk complied and put another pillow under his head. Again, he rubbed her breast with his face.

The clerk stepped away to help other customers. Later, she returned. The man was still lying on the bed. When he asked for a third pillow, the clerk said the store was closing. Then, the man asked her for a date and asked how his body looked. He asked her to look at his penis, saying, "I might be too much man for you." Then, the clerk realized the man was rubbing his penis through his pants.

Eventually, she got rid of the man. He gave her his business card. The man lives in Marietta and works as a nurse. A police report was filed.

AT A BAR on Ponce de Leon Avenue, a man offered to have sex with an undercover officer for an undetermined amount of money. The man said the amount of money could be decided after the sex act was over. The man, age 26, was arrested for prostitution.

A 44-YEAR-OLD MAN was driving near the intersection of Boulevard and Freedom Parkway, when a man in a purple SUV tried to pass him. He refused to let the purple SUV pass. The SUV driver followed the man to Boulevard and Memorial Drive. Then, the SUV driver got out of his car and threw orange juice on the man. He got back into his purple SUV and sped away. The man who was doused with orange juice said he was not drinking alcohol but was taking diphenoxylate, which can cause sleepin

AT AN APARTMENT on New Town Circle, a 21-year-old woman said a man kicked in her front door and stole some frozen meat from her refrigerator. The man appeared to be drunk. The man grabbed her 3-year-old daughter and took her next door, saying the woman didn't need her kids. He also tried to grab her 6-month-old son. The woman said she didn't know the man, but he hangs out at the apartment complex. She said they got into a verbal argument about a month ago, and she tried to call police and he snatched and broke her phone.The man was described as having a crew cut and a tattoo of the word "sin" on his neck.

A MAN WITH HIS PANTS around his knees was running in and out of traffic at the intersection of Peachtree and Seventh streets. Also, his penis was exposed. Someone called 911 and alerted police to the situation. Police arrived and arrested the man, age 42. The man appeared to be drunk. Also, the man had a partially amputated left thumb. He was jailed for indecency and public drunkenness.

A HOMELESS WOMAN was sitting in the middle of a sidewalk at the intersection of Pine and Courtland streets. A police officer told her to get up. "Fuck you," the woman said. She hit one officer's face and threatened to kill two others. She screamed profanities and had to be physically restrained. The woman went to jail. Her belongings, which included a book titled Timeless Truth Times, were turned into the police property room.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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