The Blotter June 08 2005

A 30-YEAR-OLD MAN applied to become an Atlanta police officer. He was scheduled to interview at 11:30 a.m. at City Hall East. Before the interview, an officer ran a background check on the man, and discovered that there was a warrant for his arrest. The warrant was for failure to appear in court on a simple battery charge.When the man showed up for his interview for the police officer job, he was arrested and taken to jail. His briefcase, which contained documents for his interview, was turned in as evidence.

AT A HIPSTER STORE in Little Five Points, a woman tried to leave and the security alarm sounded. A security guard searched the woman's pockets. Her pockets contained several items that she did not pay for: postcards (85 cents), a matchbox ($5.50), and a product called Angel Snott ($2.50). The woman, age 26, was arrested for shoplifting.

ON DELMAR LANE, a woman, age 51, had food on her shirt, which was torn, and a cut lip. The woman said when she came home, her boyfriend pushed her to the floor and started accusing her of "fucking other men, especially those firemen next door." The woman let it go because she could "tell that he had been drinking." She started cooking dinner. Then, her boyfriend attacked her again and threw food everywhere.An officer arrested the boyfriend, who was tipsy. "You better quit lying or I'll cut you," the boyfriend told the officer. Inside the patrol car, the boyfriend kicked the prisoner partition. He told the officer, "I know you're fucking my girlfriend, too, cuz I seen you the other day at the fire station, you [racial slur]." The boyfriend said he would have the officer's job and the officer could bet on that because he knew the officer wanted to pistol-whip him and that he would make the officer kill him.

At the police precinct, the boyfriend accused the officer of taking his money and "giving it to that bitch because you let her keep my cell phone, you [racial slur]." The boyfriend was charged with simple battery and terroristic threats and acts.

AN ELDERLY WOMAN was sitting on her porch on Desoto Street. A gray truck pulled up. A man was driving the truck, and a woman with gold teeth was in the passenger seat. The gold-toothed woman said she had heard that the elderly woman's husband was sick.My husband has cancer, the elderly woman said. The gold-toothed woman said she was giving away free food and smoke detectors. She asked if the elderly woman had a large bag in her house to put some free groceries in. The elderly woman went inside her house to get a bag, and the gold-toothed woman followed her. The elderly woman gave her a bag. When they walked back outside, the woman got into the truck.

"What about my free groceries?" the elderly woman asked. The gold-toothed woman didn't say anything, and the gray truck sped away. The elderly woman went back to her apartment and realized her wallet had been stolen. Her wallet contained $31.50.

A 40-YEAR-OLD MAN from Mableton went to a Midtown bar with his female neighbor and her brothers. The Mableton man believes someone may have put something into his drink that caused him to black out. He remembers falling to the floor around 1 a.m. The man doesn't remember anything else until Sunday afternoon, when he realized he was walking barefoot down Peachtree Street. The man's shirt, belt, shoes, wallet and jewelry were missing.

A 19-YEAR-OLD WOMAN was walking down Laurel Avenue, near her home. Two men in a burgundy car pulled alongside her. They started talking to her, but she ignored them. They asked if she was anti-social and called her a "baby-ass ho." Then, they quickly put the car in reverse and backed into the woman. She was knocked to the ground and hit her chin. The men stole her cell phone and then fled in the car.A neighbor witnessed the incident and corroborated the woman's story. The woman went to the hospital with minor injures.

A 20-YEAR-OLD WOMAN said her boyfriend asked her to deposit his tax refund check into her checking account. They went to an ATM on Cascade Avenue. The boyfriend filled out a deposit slip and she signed it. The boyfriend placed it into the ATM along with the envelope containing the refund check. (The woman never actually saw the check). The next day, the boyfriend asked for his money. She withdrew $4,238.24 and gave it to him. She hasn't seen the boyfriend since. She said she dated her boyfriend for two years and he never had a legitimate job while she knew him.

A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN entered a store on Moreland Avenue and put 11 pairs of women's underwear in her purse. When she tried to leave, a security guard stopped her. The woman said she stole the underwear because she was hungry and she was going to sell the women's underwear. She went to jail.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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