The Blotter June 15 2005

?A woman and her boyfriend were in bed in her apartment on Mayson Turner Road. The woman said an argument started because the boyfriend was biting off his fingernails and spitting them onto the bed. That was nasty, the woman said, especially since her baby was also on the bed. The boyfriend got mad and hit her mouth while she was holding the baby (who is 3 weeks old). As a result, the woman's lip was slightly cut.The woman called police, and the boyfriend fled. She wants a warrant for his arrest.

A 21-year-old man was at his sister's apartment on Plaza Lane. He put his diamond ring on the entertainment center and left for a job interview. When he returned, the ring was gone. The sister's kids said the man's ex-girlfriend stopped by while he was at the interview.The man called his ex-girlfriend and confronted her about the missing diamond ring. According to the man, the ex-girlfriend said she was "not afraid of getting the police involved" and that she had "earned the ring."

The man called police. He wants to prosecute and get his ring back. He described his ex-girlfriend as "wears a lot of makeup."

At 8:05 a.m., an officer was driving on Northside Parkway when she saw a middle-aged woman. The woman was on foot, in the southbound lane — and she was headed north and pushing two shopping carts. The officer asked, "Where are you going?"Arizona, the woman replied. She didn't have identification. The woman was jailed for "pedestrian walking in roadway."

An undercover officer was at Greenbriar Mall. A man walked up and said he was a police officer with the state of Georgia, and he was looking for a missing woman. The man showed a security/bail enforcement officer badge, and a radio. The undercover officer wrote, "He also had a fake Smith & Wesson handgun stuck in a cell phone case on his hip." The real officer questioned him about who he worked for. The man repeated that he worked for the state of Georgia, and he looked for missing kids in the metro area.After more questions, the man finally admitted that he was not a real officer. He said he just wanted to look important.

The man got a ticket for impersonating a police officer. His badge, fake gun and radio were turned in as evidence.

An officer went to a grocery store on Hollywood Road to deal with a dispute. The store worker said a man with a crew cut comes into the store and harasses him daily. The store worker said the man disrespected him by asking his wife for her phone number, opens items, and throws items around the store. The store worker said the man doesn't live in the neighborhood but comes to the area to attend church.The man fled before police arrived.

On Brookdale Road, a 71-year-old man heard a loud noise outside his house. He looked and saw that a plastic soda bottle had exploded on the walkway near his front door. Also, there were two empty bottles of toilet cleaner in the street, and broken pieces of tinfoil in his yard. The man knew (from his work as an engineer) that tinfoil and hydrochloric acid combined creates an explosion, and if a person is standing nearby, serious injury such as blindness can occur.At the same time, the man's neighbor was also the victim of an acid bomb.

The man told police that he has no idea of any motive for targeting his home, but he suspects a man in his mid-20s is responsible. He said the man exploded fireworks in a clandestine manner last August, and drives a light blue sedan with extravagant rims. He doesn't know the man's name, but believes he lives on Hanford Drive.

The neighbor said she received a subpoena that day to go to court about a stolen car. She wasn't sure if the acid bomb was an attempt to intimidate her about her testimony.

The Atlanta Fire Department's HAZMAT team showed up and collected the exploded materials.

No one was hurt. Police went to the store where the toilet bowl cleaner was purchased. At the time of report, the store manager was in the process of retrieving store surveillance tapes.

A 23-year-old man returned to his apartment on Ira Street. The front door was unlocked and the man's computer system was gone. The man called police, who arrived and lifted some fingerprints from the apartment. The man didn't have serial numbers for his computer system. But he did tell police that his computer had phrases like " 0% SHAME 100% GAIN" written on it with a Sharpie marker.

A 48-year-old woman went to a gas station on Metropolitan Parkway to get gas and buy some items in the store. According to the report, the woman asked the store clerk if she could smell some of the "ensence" sprays for the car. The clerk gave her the sprayers to smell. The woman said she was not able to smell the spray correctly. The clerk asked, "Which one do you want to smell? Come in closer so you can smell it," the clerk said. Then, the clerk sprayed some "ensence." Since the woman was so close, the spray got into the woman's eyes.Police were called to the scene. At first, the woman said the clerk intentionally sprayed "ensence" into her eyes. But once she watched the incident on the store video, she realized it was an accidental spraying. Medics flushed the woman's eyes out with water.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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