The Blotter December 05 2007

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

A holly jolly Christmas: On Holly Street, a 47-year-old man said "Butch" approached him and they argued. (Butch is his ex-girlfriend's new man.) Then, he said, his ex-girlfriend snuck up behind him with a hammer and struck his face. He said his ex-girlfriend took his wallet, which contained $100 cash and his ID. Medics arrived, but the man refused treatment. The man told police: "Go arrest them. They stay at a crack house." "He was concerned about his money," the officer wrote. The man said Butch and his ex-girlfriend stay at a blue house, and offered a possible address on Madrona Street. The man asked: "Why can't you take me there?" The officer said: "It would just irritate the situation." The officer asked: "Is there anything that makes the house unique?" The man replied: "I'll show you if you take me there, it's a blue crack house. (The Blotter Diva must note: Nothing in the police report indicates the officer ever went to the alleged crack house.) No charges filed.

Do you hear what I hear? A possible kidnapping victim contacted police. The 34-year-old man said he finished his job working at the stadium for an Atlanta Falcons game, and he went to cash his paycheck. He said around 2 a.m., three men jumped him, threw him into a truck and beat him until he was unconscious. He said when he woke up, he was lying under a bunch of sheetrock and trash in an abandoned apartment on Ashby Street. He said the men took his money ($50 cash and a money order for $160) and his backpack — but they didn't take his wallet. Also, the man said he'd been drinking, and after he woke up, he tried to drink a beer but couldn't, so he threw away the beer in a field. Then, he took a bus home to his apartment on Thomasville Boulevard. The man complained of injuries to his head, shoulder and legs. Medics examined him — they said his wounds appeared old and already healing. Police spoke with the man's girlfriend. She said this type of thing always seems to happen to her boyfriend on his payday.

O come all ye faithful: On Boulder Park Lane, a woman said she came home and found her husband and an unknown woman in her bedroom. She said she got mad and scratched the woman's face and neck. She said she also broke the window and a few other items in the house. A police officer showed up, but the "other woman" had fled. The wife was charged with disorderly conduct and destroying property. She went to jail.

Winter wonderland: Around 3:20 a.m., an officer saw a 24-year-old woman fast asleep in the driver's seat of a Honda Accord. Her car was blocking a lane on Hamilton E. Holmes Drive. "It took me approximately two to three minutes to wake [her]," the officer noted, adding that she "appeared a bit delusional" and "made reference to things that did not exist." Turns out, her driver's license is suspended. She went to jail.

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch: Three women went to Phipps Plaza for a holiday shopping spree. They said they loaded a bunch of purchases into one woman's 2007 Chevy Tahoe in the mall parking lot. When they returned about two hours later, their purchases had allegedly been stolen. Missing items include: Coach purses ($950); clothes from Macy's, Victoria's Secret and Express ($877); makeup ($605); Christmas ornaments ($105); men's cologne/shoeshine kit ($80); Atlanta Falcons memorabilia ($50); an espresso machine ($80); and Juicy sunglasses ($100). The reporting officer noted, "I also spoke with a man who was asleep next to the [Chevy Tahoe], but he stated that he saw nothing during the 30 minutes he had been at the location."

Grandma got run over by an evil reindeer: An officer dealt with a distressed 72-year-old woman on Cativo Drive. The officer said the elderly woman was lying on a mattress covered with her own urine and feces. "There were cockroaches crawling on [the elderly woman], old food in the room, the whole house was dirty and smelled like urine," the officer wrote. "[The elderly woman] has not eaten in days and has not had a bath in months." An Adult Protective Services rep said a 51-year-old man was supposed to feed the elderly woman, administer her medication and take care of her. The 51-year-old man allegedly said he held the power of attorney for the elderly woman. The officer questioned him. Eventually, the man allegedly admitted he had forged the elderly woman's signature, and he had signed and cashed the elderly woman's Social Security checks for two years. (The monthly checks are $1,190). The woman was hospitalized. The Adult Services rep was trying to contact the woman's brother to let him know what was going on. The 51-year-old man went to jail.

A post-September 11th holiday drive: A 30-year-old Decatur man said he was driving on Ponce de Leon Avenue when a man driving a white Toyota Cruiser cut him off several times and yelled anti-Arabic slurs at him. The Decatur man said he felt threatened, so at the next traffic light, he put his handgun in his lap. The Decatur man said the Toyota driver pulled alongside him, cursed at him and taunted him to fight. According to the Decatur man, the Toyota driver saw his gun and said he knew the chief of police and threatened to have him deported.

All I want for Christmas is MARTA money: At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a couple approached a police officer. "They stated to me that there was a guy sleeping in the atrium with an offensive body odor," the officer wrote. "As I was walking through the atrium, I could smell him before I even encountered him." The officer woke up the man. "He then tilted his head back and told me, 'Go fuck with some crackers and quit fucking with me.'" The officer ordered him to leave the airport. The man headed to the MARTA station. Then, he turned around and said, "I ain't got no fucking money. You gonna give me some? How the fuck you expect me to leave?" The man, age 48, was arrested for loitering. The officer asked: "What is your business at the airport?" The man replied, "To sleep."

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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