The Blotter December 26 2007

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

So much for "peace on Earth, good will to men": A 41-year-old man said someone dumped decaying garbage on the porch of his home on Marcus Street. Also, he found a Christmas card with anti-gay notes next to the garbage. The man lives there with a male roommate. The Christmas card was turned in to the Atlanta Police Department.

Ex marks the spot: A 42-year-old man from Detroit, Mich., walked into a police precinct in Atlanta and said his ex-girlfriend is harassing him. She constantly sends e-mails requesting $1 million dollars cash to both his home and work computers, he said. She is threatening to continue the harassment until he pays the $1 million dollars or he loses his job, the man said. The man's attorney had made copies of six nude photos the ex-girlfriend allegedly sent to the man's mother. All 12 pages of e-mails, phone records and nude photos were turned in to the Atlanta Police Department.

Stupid video of the month: An officer responded to a hit-and-run accident involving a black Jaguar. The victim said the driver of the Jaguar fled by, hopping into an Oldsmobile Alero with another man. The officer ran the Jaguar's VIN — turns out the Jaguar was reported stolen in a carjacking in DeKalb County. Police dispatch said the Oldsmobile finally stopped at a location on Landrum Drive and two men ran away. Police checked the Olds and found a camera inside. "The camera showed several videos of [two men] driving in Jaguar, holding guns and talking about taking the Jaguar." (A suggestion from the Blotter Diva: Don't confess on videotape for the sheer fun of it!)

Home in the nick of time: A woman said she returned from a holiday and found three suspects in her apartment on Hickman Drive. Also, her bedroom set, her living-room set and several other items were missing, she said. The suspects — two middle-aged men and a middle-aged woman — went to jail on burglary charges.

A hairy situation: On Headland Drive, a 19-year-old woman allegedly tried to steal two bags of hair from a beauty-supply store. A store employee said he stopped the woman, who was very irate and cursed at him. The two bags of hair are worth $14. The black-haired woman went to jail on a shoplifting charge.

Sick, like Michael Vick: An officer responded to a call about a pit bull on the front porch of a home on Spring Street. "The residents were afraid to enter and/or leave the premises," the officer wrote. "They did not know whose dog it was. ... [Another officer] said initially, it looked like the dog had been shot in the face. Upon closer inspection ... the male white-and-brown pitbull had numerous scars all over its face. His mouth appeared to have been ripped open. He was people-friendly. The marks appeared to be consistent with an animal who has been fought." The Atlanta Humane Society took custody of the pit bull.

Asking for it, part I: A 34-year-old man said his gray BMW 645 was towed from a luxury hotel at Atlantic Station. He said when he finally located his car, a window was broken and the following items were missing: $20,000 cash, a diamond bracelet ($9,000) and a watch ($4,500).

Asking for it, part II: At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a middle-aged couple said they rode the train to Concourse B to catch a flight to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. When they got to the gate, they realized they had left a gray shoulder bag on the train. They searched for the bag, but it was gone. The bag reportedly contains about $27,000 worth of jewelry. This includes a white-pearl necklace-and-earring set ($6,000), a solid-gold watch ($9,000) and a white-gold diamond ring ($6,000).

Asking for it, part III: A 62-year-old woman from Augusta said she put her diamond earrings (worth $16,000) into a teal velvet pouch and tucked it inside her purse while she was at Scott's Antique Show on Jonesboro Road. She said someone bumped her — and the next day, she realized the earrings were gone.

A war within: On Moreland Avenue, an officer saw a gray-haired man holding a large sign that read: "1968 Disabled U.S. Navy Veteran Spare Change... Thanx!!!" The man had $13 and many coins. The officer arrested him. The man said he was bipolar and his medication wasn't working. The officer asked: "Do you need to see a psychiatrist?" The man replied, "I don't know, I have a letter from two doctors stating I get confused easily." The officer noted: "He did indeed have a letter from a V.A. psychiatrist stating such." Initially, the man said he was collecting money for food and shelter. Later, he allegedly admitted he has a crack problem. He went to a hospital.

Telemarketers gone amok: A woman said she received several calls from a telemarketer, and she asked the caller to remove her family's name from the company's registry. She said she warned the telemarketer that she would report any future calls. She said she got a few more calls that went to voice mail. The messages appeared to be from a man with a thick accent. According to the police report, the caller ranted, raved, cursed and said: "Pick up the phone," and "We know you live in Atlanta," and "We will kill you, you don't know us," and "We are from New York, Brooklyn." A Homeland Security investigator met with the couple.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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