The Blotter March 05 2008

Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

Bizarre morning commute: A 36-year-old woman said she was driving to work one morning, and she stopped at the QuikTrip on Briarcliff Road. She said she was still in her car when a woman walked up and cursed and shouted at her. (She didn't know this woman.) She said the woman grabbed her arm and tried to pull her out of her car. Then, she said, the woman jumped on the hood of her car. The woman was last seen driving away in a red Jeep. The 36-year-old woman wrote down the license plate number on the red Jeep. Police checked, but that tag number isn't on file. The 36-year-old said she wasn't hurt and her car wasn't damaged.

Great expectations: A 48-year-old man said his girlfriend got irritated with him. He said she picked up a candle holder and tossed it through the window of his house on Brewer Boulevard. He said he is expecting a child with his girlfriend, and she just moved in with him. An officer talked to the pregnant girlfriend, age 19. She admitted to the candle-throwing. The pregnant girlfriend was arrested for disorderly conduct — and police took her to jail.

Mommie dearest: An officer responded to a fight call on Windsor Street. A citizen said a woman wearing a red jacket and a black hat was using some kind of stick to bang on the windows and doors of a house. The officer spotted a woman in a red jacket getting into a maroon car. He stopped the car and spoke with her. She said her daughter lived at the house, and they were fighting over a computer. The officer went back to the daughter's house and saw a damaged gray Ford Taurus in the driveway. The Taurus had a broken windshield, a broken window and damage on the driver's side door and fender. "The damage appeared fresh and there was a long metal bar sitting next to the vehicle which had small pieces of glass embedded in it," the officer wrote. The daughter said her mother banged on her windows and then damaged her car with a metal bar because she would not come to the door. The officer arrested the mother, age 31. The daughter is age 23. (For those of you who despise math, the mother would have been 14 years old when she gave birth to her daughter.)

The ex who lingers: A 28-year-old woman said someone ransacked her apartment on Wilkes Street. She said when she returned home, a white Crown Victoria passed by and when it reached the corner, she heard gunfire. "The refrigerator and oven had been turned over and dishes broken on the floor," an officer wrote. She also noticed the bathroom window had been broken out and a cinder block on the bathroom floor. Also, she noticed her bed had been turned over and stuff was on the floor. She said the incident might have been in reference to an incident between her baby daddy and his ex-girlfriend. An officer told her how to take out a warrant on the ex-girlfriend.

Paging Officer Wordsmith: An officer responded to a call about damaged property at an auto-glass repair business on Browns Mill Road. "I observed the front door of the business missing one of it's two pains of glass. There were some tool marks on the frame of the door. The second pain of glass was not broken and no entry was made into the building," the officer wrote. Total damages are about $700. Damage to the Blotter Diva's English-major soul: priceless.

Fighting tooth and nail: An officer responded to a dispute between two female dental assistants at a dentist's office on Broad Street. (One dental assistant is age 25, the other is age 51.) The younger woman said she had an ongoing dispute with the older woman, who was hostile, rude and intimidating toward her. She said the older woman was not carrying her workload. Also, she said, the older woman was verbally disrespecting her and calling her names. The younger woman said she was concerned about her safety, so she told her boss (the dentist), but he refused to do anything about the matter. So the officer talked to the dentist. "He indicated to me that there was really no issue and that both [dental assistants] just needed to learn to get along," the officer wrote. Then the officer talked to the older dental assistant. She denied using any disrespectful names. She said problems started when the younger woman's friend was fired from the dentist's office. After the officer finished his interviews, the younger woman said she was going to quit her job, effective that day.

Middle-aged, but not mellow: Two middle-aged women and a middle-aged man live together in a house on Ashwood Avenue. The man and one woman said the other woman got upset because they had company over to the house. They said she threw furniture around the house and flipped over all the tables. Police arrived and arrested this woman, age 52. She went to jail for disorderly conduct. (And yes, the Blotter Diva can read your mind. What are the relationships between these three middle-aged roommates? The police report contained no clues whatsoever. A couple and a sister? A threesome? We don't know.)

Cell-phone accessory rage: At Lenox Square, a man who owns a cell-phone kiosk said a customer threatened him. He said a man in a green shirt asked him about getting a refund for a cell-phone face plate. The owner said face plates are not under warranty and he can't replace it. The customer asked to talk to the manager. The owner said he was the manager. According to the owner, the customer said, "What, you think you are funny? Maybe I ought to come over the counter, smack you in the face and end your life!" The owner said the customer then walked away. The owner alerted Lenox Square security, but the customer left before they could find him. Later, the man said the customer returned and was standing on the upper level of the food court, flipping him the bird. Police searched for the irate customer, but he got away.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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