The Blotter August 13 2008

Dogged by thieves

GEORGIA BULLDOG WOOFED? A 60-year-old man said he left his car with the valet service at Phipps Plaza and went inside to eat at a restaurant. He said he left his key chain, which has a silver-and-jeweled bulldog on it, in his car. After the meal, the man said he picked up his car and drove home, and then he realized the silver-and-jeweled bulldog was missing from his key chain. (The bulldog is worth about $2,000.)

NO FREE REFILLS, THANKS: A 63-year-old man allegedly pulled out his penis at the drive-thru of a Checkers restaurant on Moreland Avenue. The manager said the man started urinating — about eight feet from where customers get their food. The manager asked the man to leave, but he refused. Police arrested the man for indecent exposure. He hails from Gainesville.

INFLATION SONG? A woman said an Alpharetta man stole an external hard drive from a music recording studio on Trabert Avenue. She said the hard drive contains various artists' recordings. She said the man came back to the studio with the hard drive and demanded $300 — and then left. She said the man called her later and demanded $500,000 for the hard drive.

WORKPLACE HULLABALOO: At an office on Peachtree Street, a boss said a man was asked to leave the office for disobeying work rules and poor evaluations. The boss said the man got agitated and declared that he would dictate his future and at his next performance evaluation "the gloves would be off, Fat Fuck." The boss said he ordered the man to leave and report to headquarters — and the man threatened staffers and eventually left. The man is described as being in his early 40s with "groomed" brown hair.

WORKPLACE HULLABALOO, PART II: A 24-year-old woman said a male Delta employee poured water on her, while she was eating lunch in a break room at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. (She also works at the airport.) The woman said the water ruined her meal and damaged her cell phone, which was inside her shirt pocket. She reported the water incident to her supervisor. The police report listed no motive for the alleged splash attack.

TIME TO MOVE ON, PART 1: Around 9 a.m., a 32-year-old man said he returned to his home on Rogers Street where there was a woman in a pickup truck in his driveway and a motorcycle in the grass. He said his landlord was inside his home. The man said when his landlord saw him, the landlord ran out the back door, hopped on the motorcycle and left and the woman in the pickup truck followed. So the man called police. He said he and his landlord are having an eviction dispute, and he believes the landlord was trying to put his stuff on the street without a DeKalb County marshal present. Also, he said, a change purse was left behind. It contained a crack pipe and a large blue baggie of suspected methamphetamine, an officer noted. The man said he believes his landlord might have planted the change purse inside his home.

TIME TO MOVE ON, PART II: A woman said her boyfriend is incarcerated in Gwinnett County Jail — and his ex-girlfriend is harassing her with phone calls and text messages. Also, the woman said the ex-girlfriend is impersonating her and got her phone disconnected, among other fraud issues.

ACTING OUT: Someone vandalized a professional actors' studio on Piedmont Road, the owner said. The words "Mind Freak" were spray-painted on the actors' studio and sidewalk. No suspects.

BATHROOM FIXATION? Someone flagged down a police officer and said a man had locked himself inside a women's bathroom stall at Peachtree Center Mall. So the officer went to the women's restroom and ordered the man to come out of the stall — but the man refused. After a while, the man "finally and reluctantly" left the stall, the officer wrote. The 54-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct. He has black and gray hair.

X OFFENDER? A 49-year-old woman said she's constantly getting harassing phone calls. She said the caller left the name "Body" in text messages, and left a telephone number with a New York state area code. She said the caller is using a device to track her phone. Also, she said, the caller often sings obscene songs and leaves the message "I bust my gun." She suspects her ex-husband.

JUST PLAIN CRAZY: An outraged man called police and said his 82-year-old father is missing. The man's brother, however, told police that the father rode MARTA to the Veterans' Affairs hospital. So a police officer called the VA Hospital and talked to an administrator. She said the father had checked in at 6 a.m., and he was being treated on the fourth floor. Apparently, the outraged man already had this information "but he did not believe that the VA had his father, despite being advised of that fact by several VA employees over the telephone," the officer wrote. The man insisted on filing a police report "to document his belief that the VA Hospital was not treating his father, and he wasn't there, despite being told by VA staff that [his father] had been admitted earlier this morning." The officer told the man to physically go to the VA hospital to verify or disprove his father's location.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words. Want more? Listen to the Blotter Diva on 92.9's (Dave FM) "The Zakk Tyler Morning Show" every Tuesday between 6:30-7 a.m.

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