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The Blotter October 29 2008

HAUNTED HEAD? At a cell phone store on Peachtree Street, the manager called police and said a strange man refused to leave and demanded a replacement phone, but he had no ID. Police officers found the man down the street. The man “apologized and thanked us several times, but continued to back away,” the officer wrote. Police eventually caught him and pepper-sprayed him. “As we were trying to apply restraints [the man] tried to bite our hands ...” an officer wrote. “[The man] made several rambling statements about being a minister, playing for the Cowboys, being friends with [Dallas Cowboys quarterback] Tony Romo, and stated he was going to bring us lobsters.” Police found three small baggies of suspected marijuana in his pockets. The man, age 22, went to jail.

ZAP THAT ZOMBIE FEELING! At a drugstore on Peachtree Road, an employee said a man grabbed two packs of Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shots, and walked to the back of the store. Another witness said the man drank the energy shots and tried to hide the empty packages. The man reportedly pushed an employee and walked out of the store. Police caught him a few minutes later. According to the police report, the man got aggressive and tried to kick the side of the patrol car. Officers took him to the ground “to prevent him from damaging the police vehicle and also to protect [him] from hurting his self.” The 45-year-old Roswell man went to jail on a shoplifting charge. Total cost of the energy shots: $5.

GHOULISH BLACKOUT: A 38-year-old man said he was at a gas station when a dispute broke out — apparently between a guy named “Brian” and another guy nicknamed “Killer.” According to the police report: “This is when Brian told Killer to get the shit.” The man said Brian and Killer got into a car and followed him onto Harwell Road. “At this time, ‘Killer’ began to inquire as to what the dispute was about,” according to the report. The man said Brian pulled out a knife, so he grabbed a rock. Eventually, they both dropped their weapons. “He then began to explain to ‘Killer’ that Brian was the person with the malfunction. This is the last part of the day he can recall,” according to the report. When the man woke up, his right hand was bruised. He said he asked around the neighborhood to find out what happened during his blackout. He said he found out that Brian hit him in the head, and Killer struck his face. The man admitted that he had been drinking alcohol.

POWERFUL COSTUME? An 18-year-old said he was sitting on a bench across from the MARTA station near Underground Atlanta when a man walked up. According to the 18-year-old, the man said he was a police officer and showed a badge. He reportedly said the 18-year-old was under arrest and must pay a $160 fine to be released. The 18-year-old said he went to an ATM, withdrew $160 and gave it to the man. According to the police report, the 18-year-old said he didn’t realize he had been robbed for about two weeks — then he reported the incident to police.

FEELING SPIRITS? An officer responded to a call about a drunk woman passed out in front of an apartment complex on North Avenue. Several residents said they woke up when the drunk woman pounded on the front door and screamed, “Let me in.” They said the drunk woman pounded on several residents’ doors and said she lives there, although no one had ever seen her before.

The officer talked to the drunk woman. She said she lives there. The officer asked, “What is your address?” She said Briarcliff Road. The officer wrote: “I advised her she was not on or near Briarcliff Road.” According to the officer, the woman’s eyes were extremely bloodshot and she couldn’t stand up on her own. The 27-year-old woman was charged with disorderly conduct under the influence.

TRICK FOR TREAT? At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a 22-year-old woman said her Armani sunglasses were resting on her head, but when she got off the plane, her sunglasses were missing. She returned to the plane and looked around — no sunglasses. The woman, from West Palm Beach, Fla., filed a police report on the $500 sunglasses.

ELECTION TENSIONS, PART 1: A 72-year-old woman said she got harassing phone calls. According to the woman, the caller said, “I saw your damn daughters on TV.” She said the caller cursed, got louder, and said, “Let me tell you something — Barack rocks.” She said the caller repeated “Barack rocks” several times and mentioned another name. The woman said she has three daughters who work for Barack Obama’s campaign and she is skeptical about the threats.

ELECTION TENSIONS, PART II: Someone reportedly sent four threatening e-mails to a Georgia politician’s campaign headquarters in Midtown. According to the police report, “One of the threatening emails stated, ‘This world is so fucked up because its runed (sic) by fucking n, lesbos and queers and they should all be shot in the head by a 30-6 caliber rifle. Those that support these groups are going to get shot as well. [The Georgia politician] is a fucking nlover, and I should put a 30-6 round in his head for supporting a n-- running for president.’” No suspects.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words. Want more? Listen to the Blotter Diva on 92.9’s (Dave FM) “The Zakk Tyler Morning Show” every Tuesday between 6:30-7 a.m.

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