The Blotter February 18 2009

LOOSING BETTY BOOP, PART I: A 26-year-old woman said she was walking to the bus stop at Cerro Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive when she heard a car drive up behind her — and suddenly, the car's lights went out. The woman said she looked at the time and started running because she didn't want to miss the bus. She said she was almost to the corner when she heard a man behind her. She turned and said, "You scared me." The man reportedly said, "Give me your bag." The woman said she didn't have anything. The man reportedly said, "I'm going to shoot you." She said, "Here, take the bag." Her bag is a purple Betty Boop backpack, which contained her nursing set for school (worth $100). The nursing set includes a stethoscope, blood pressure cuffs, and a penlight, a Nikon digital camera and a drug guidebook. She said the man ran away — and she never actually saw a gun.

LOOSING BETTY BOOP, PART II: On Griffin Street, an 18-year-old woman said she came home from work around 7 a.m. and went to her room. She said she put her brown Betty Boop purse next to her before she fell asleep. The woman said when she woke up at 9:30 a.m., her Betty Boop purse was gone. She didn't see anyone come into her room and take her purse. Items reported missing include $300, a cell phone charger, a Bluetooth headset, and the brown Betty Boop purse (worth $45).

HONEY, SWEETIE, WHATSHISNAME: On Donnelly Street, a 34-year-old woman said she and her boyfriend got into a spat and he broke the front window of her apartment. She said the fight started because she accidentally called her boyfriend by the name of her child's father. The boyfriend left before police arrived.

STICKY SITUATION ... AGAIN: A 21-year-old man said he returned to his gold Chevy after work and realized that someone had put glue in the keyholes of the two front doors of his car. He said this is the second time that glue was put in his keyholes. No suspects.

SECOND TIME'S THE CHARM? On Eugenia Place, a 54-year-old man said someone broke a statue of a star in his front yard. The man said this is the second time his star statue has been broken. No suspects, and the neighbors didn't see anything suspicious.

ADDRESS WARS: A 38-year-old woman called police and said someone vandalized her home on Bisbee Avenue. So an officer arrived to check it out. She said the suspect — a woman — claimed to be from a "bank" and said that the woman's address is wrong. "After leaving and returning several times and several verbal disputes, [the suspect] got out of her vehicle and spray-painted the number ... on the front of [the woman's] home." The suspect fled before the officer arrived. The officer ran a computer check on the homeowner, the 38-year-old woman. Turns out, there was a warrant for her arrest in DeKalb County.

NO CHANNEL SURFING: A 37-year-old man allegedly tried to steal a TV Guide from a grocery store on Piedmont Avenue. He went to jail on a shoplifting charge. The TV Guide is worth $4. (The Blotter Diva is stunned that a) TV Guide still exists, and b) that someone would want it badly enough to allegedly try to steal it.)

NO W-2 FORMS OFFERED HERE: A 22-year-old woman called police and said someone stole her identity. She said she didn't realize this until she got a letter from the IRS stating that she owed $3,000 in back taxes for 2006. The 22-year-old woman said she didn't work in 2006 because she was in jail that year.

TAX TROUBLE: A woman and her boyfriend said a guy known as "Bowleg" came to their apartment to try to retrieve money paid to the woman for doing Bowleg's sister's taxes. The woman said she refused to give money to Bowleg, and he started yelling. She said her boyfriend stepped outside with Bowleg and the argument continued. She said Bowleg pulled out a black handgun, pointed it at them, and said, "Go ahead and come on out." She said she and her boyfriend went back inside the apartment and called police. Police searched the area for Bowleg, but couldn't find him.

TAX TROUBLE, PART II: On Skipper Place, a 20-year-old woman said her aunt knocked on the front door of her apartment. She said when she opened the door, her aunt forced herself inside and said, "You need to keep that tax information to yourself. You are a messy bitch." The 20-year-old woman said she had no idea what her aunt was talking about. She said her aunt hit her in the face, pulled out her braids and bit her left arm. Plus, she said she was holding her 9-month-old baby in her arms during the aunt's attack. Also, the aunt reportedly pushed her own mother on the floor during the dispute.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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