The Blotter March 20 2009

WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR: On Stone Road, a 56-year-old man called police and said he was having ongoing issues with his neighbor down the street. (His neighbor is another man in his 50s.) So an officer arrived to deal with it. The 56-year-old man said the neighbor constantly harasses him and tries to damage the fence surrounding his home. He said he warned the neighbor to stay off his property, and the neighbor keeps ignoring his warnings.
So the officer talked to the neighbor. He said he doesn’t bother the other man or his fence, and in fact, the other man throws sticks and sprays him with hose water when he walks by.
The officer issued a verbal trespassing warning to the neighbor. He was told not to touch the fence, or walk inside the fenced area of the other man’s home. The officer told the neighbor that he could walk in front of the other man’s home on the unfenced grassy area, “so that when he walks his dog, he does not have to walk in the street,” the officer wrote.

FORK IN THE FAMILY: At an apartment on Campbellton Road, a woman said her 22-year-old daughter threatened her with what she called a “pitchfork used for flipping steaks.” A male witness said he tried to stop the fight by grabbing the pitchfork — and cut his right index finger in the process. The daughter reportedly left the scene in a Jeep before police arrived.

JANE DOE SAYS: Around 8 a.m., three officers responded to a call on Moreland Avenue involving a woman who said she was raped. The woman refused to give police her name — so she is listed as Jane Doe in the police report. An officer wrote: “She informed [another officer] that she had the thing done to her. I then attempted to get her name and she stated she did not want to get stuck and ‘I been prostituting and I been raped.’ However, Ms. Jane Doe refused to give any information about a location.” Medics arrived and Jane Doe reportedly had an aggressive attitude toward them. “Ms. Jane Doe then stated, ‘Y’all acting like y’all don’t know me, y’all been raping me with Draculas and stuff. I don’t want to get stuck,” the officer wrote. Medics took her to the psychiatric ward at Grady Memorial Hospital.

CRAZY CO-WORKER? A 21-year-old Marietta woman said she gave a coworker named “Bishop of Crunk” a ride home — and he punched her in the face. She said she blacked out, and when she came to, she was at her friend’s house, in a bed. She believes she was assaulted while pulling into her friend’s apartment complex on Oglethorpe Avenue — but she doesn’t remember what happened. She said her ID was missing, along with $5 and her car. Apparently, her car was just purchased, and there’s no tag on it. “It is believed that the vehicle was impounded,” an officer wrote. The woman had a black eye, a cut on her head, a busted lip and scratches on her leg. She said she and Bishop of Crunk worked together for about two months at a studio. Turns out, her car was indeed impounded. So at least she’ll get her car back.

GOOD USE OF A JAIL CELL? An officer reportedly saw a man standing on the 17th Street exit ramp on I-75/85 with a sign that read: “House fire took everything — homeless hungry — anything helps — work wanted construction.” The officer approached the man, who reportedly said he was a victim of a house fire and just needed help. He allegedly didn’t have any ID on him. He said he is originally from Michigan. The officer ran a computer check, but the man’s name didn’t show up on file with the Atlanta police. So the officer arrested the man for standing in the roadway and soliciting contributions. The 34-year-old man went to jail.  

TAXING SITUATION: A middle-aged woman said she left her home on Stovall Street at 8:20 a.m. She said when she returned home, her front door key would not fit into the slot and she just pushed the door open. She said several drawers were open and $7,000 cash was stolen (the money is part of her tax refund). She said no one knew she had the money hidden in her house. Also, she said, some jewelry was stolen, including a diamond cluster ring (worth $1,200), an S-shaped necklace ($99) and several other rings ($200). A police officer dusted the front door and all the open drawers but didn’t get any fingerprints. The officer did find a garden tool inside the house — and it may have been used to gain entry.

PARENTS OF THE YEAR: A 29-year-old man called police about a fight with his wife. So an officer went to the couple’s home on Welmingham Drive. The husband said his wife got upset after he confronted her about a spill she made on the floor — and didn’t clean up. He said they argued, and his wife jumped up in his face and hit him, causing scratches on his face and neck. The wife said her husband pushed her on the bed and jumped on her. She said she hit him in the face to get him off her — and she had a small scratch on her arm. The officer wrote, “Upon my arrival, [the wife] was attempting to leave the location, to take their two small children to day care.” Both the husband and wife were charged with disorderly conduct. The husband went to jail, and the wife got a ticket because there was no one else to take care of the kids.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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