The Blotter April 15 2009

SEEING BLOODY RED: At Chastain Square Shopping Center on Roswell Road, a 29-year-old woman said she went to the Dumpster to throw away some cardboard and discovered a box on the ground filled with bloody clothes. So she called police. An officer arrived to investigate. “As I approached the box, I noticed what appeared to be bloody clothing inside,” the officer wrote. Then, he looked closer. “The suspected blood appeared to be some type of red syrup. It also had a sweet smell to it. … To make sure that the substance was not blood, I [got] an ID unit to come out and take pictures of the scene before I started removing contents of the box.” After photos, the officer fully opened the box. “Inside the box was a plastic fake head, pants, a white shirt, and rubber flies and worms. It appeared that someone may have used the items to advertise a game of some sort. The reason for this assumption is because I also found a Chinese to-go box with a bloody fake hand inside. On the box, it advertised a game called ‘Grand Theft Auto in China.’ The game is believed to be full of blood and gore from the display on the box.” The officer discarded the fake bloody contents and filed a police report.  

REVENGE DRENCH? An officer responded to a dispute call on Washington Street. A 37-year-old woman “came running up to my car and started telling me that her neighbor was sweeping the water off her porch and almost hit her with it,” the officer wrote. The 37-year-old woman said her neighbor has had a problem with her ever since she slept with the neighbor’s husband. She insisted on a report because she said the neighbor threatened her. “There was no independent witness to say if she did or did not threaten her; this is why no arrest was made at this time.”

FLYING HIGH? A 46-year-old woman from Bayside, N.Y., allegedly hit a gate agent at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The female gate agent said the woman “struck her in the face several times while being removed from the aircraft for intoxication,” an officer wrote. A manager said he tried to talk to the woman — but she leaned over and bit him on the forehead. “Then, she began calling him a series of ‘Motherfuckers’ and tried to kick him in the presence of officers,” according to the police report. As an officer walked her to the patrol car, the woman allegedly tried to kick him repeatedly.

SCRAPPING OVER YOUNG JEEZY: A man from Lawrenceville told police he tried to get Young Jeezy to perform at a show in Pensacola, Fla., on Halloween. He said he met a 36-year-old Atlanta man who allegedly said he could arrange for the artist to perform and asked for $15,000 to secure the show. The Lawrenceville man said they signed a contract and he paid the $15,000. He said he later found out the man had no affiliation with Young Jeezy — and Young Jeezy was already scheduled for that date elsewhere. The Lawrenceville man said he has been unable to contact the man he paid $15,000. (The Blotter Diva wonders why a kerfuffle over a Halloween 2008 concert wasn’t reported until spring 2009.)

SIGN THE ECONOMY SUCKS, NO. 988: A 31-year-old woman said her two unemployment checks were stolen out of her mailbox on Mill Acres Drive. (The checks are worth a total of $254.) She said she called the Georgia Department of Labor and found out her two checks were signed and cashed at a check-cashing store on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. She suspects her children’s father’s girlfriend. She said that she and the girlfriend look similar and that this check-cashing store has photos on file, so if you’ve cashed checks there before, identification is not required.

SIGN THE ECONOMY SUCKS, NO. 989: A man said he got a water bill for $6,800 at his restaurant on Memorial Drive (near the intersection of Moreland Avenue). He said he told the Atlanta Water Department that he didn’t use that much water — and his typical water bill is $49 per month. Then, he said he heard water running while he was working near the back of the restaurant. “[He] said he then opened the back door and learned that the shower was running in the make-shift room,” an officer wrote. “[He] suspects the homeless people in the area have been taking showers. The rear of the restaurant is set up like an apartment.”

SUSPICIOUS FIND IN CANDLER PARK: A woman said she was going through the trash outside her home on McLendon Avenue, when she found a small white bag suspected drugs. So she called police. An officer wrote, “The bag appeared to contain suspected crystal meth weighing in at 9.6 grams.” The officer took the suspected drugs to the police station to be analyzed and destroyed.
RAGING X-FILES: A 39-year-old man said he was a patient at Atlanta Medical Center. He said his ex-girlfriend walked into his hospital room and damaged his laptop computer by throwing it on the floor. He said he had warned hospital security not to admit his ex-girlfriend to his hospital room, prior to the computer-throwing incident.

RAGING X-FILES, PART II: A 30-year-old man said his ex-girlfriend came to his house on Coleman Street. He said he walked outside, and his ex-girlfriend allegedly accelerated her Jeep and struck him. She apparently fled before police arrived. Medics treated his leg. “He had no visible injuries but said his leg hurt,” an officer wrote. “He also stated he took a warrant out last week for harassment.”

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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