The Blotter April 22 2009

HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW: A woman said she and her boyfriend went out drinking on a Sunday night. “The two of them had a conversation about trust, when [the boyfriend] convinced [her] to let him use her Wachovia bank card to get $40,” an officer wrote. When he returned from the ATM, she asked for her card back, but he allegedly refused to return it. Then, she said, the boyfriend pulled off her wig — and returned to an ATM and took all her money — $320.

WEDDING JITTERS? An engaged couple from Stone Mountain got into a fight on I-20. The woman, age 27, said she was driving and her soon-to-be-husband got mad because she was going 70-75 mph. She said he tried to put the car in neutral because she wouldn’t slow down — so she grabbed his arm and dug in her nails to stop him. The man, age 38, had cuts to his arm, the officer noted. “Since [he] was not able to get the car in neutral, he kicked [her] in the right leg to get her foot off the gas pedal,” the officer wrote. Apparently, that didn’t work, so “he tried to get his leg by the brake pedal, so he could push the brake down to slow her driving down. [The woman] also stated during the verbal dispute, he grabbed her wig off her head and threw it on I-20.” The woman said she saw a public safety officer on the side of 1-20 and pulled over and told him their fight story. The public safety officer called Atlanta police. The engaged couple was charged with simple assault/battery and went to jail.

SAVE THE GRASS: A 25-year-old man was “raising his hands up and screaming” while walking in the middle of McDaniel Street, an officer reported. As the officer approached, the man was “mumbling and staggering” and couldn’t keep his balance. “When I asked him why he was walking in the middle of the street, he mumbled that he didn’t want to step on the church’s grass,” the officer wrote. He was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic.

PARTY CITY: Around 1 a.m., police broke up a house party on Griffin Street that “had swelled to well over 300 people,” an officer wrote. “People were yelling in the street, on the sidewalk, and in the front yard, talking extremely loud.” Apparently, people were packed on the front porch. “Fearing that the porch may collapse with the weight of all those standing, I called for additional units,” the officer wrote. Several party-goers said they had paid $20 each to get into the party.
The officer encountered a 19-year-old man, who introduced himself as the “Party Promoter.” “I asked him what does a ‘Party Promoter’ do and he replied that for this particular party, he had met with the leasees and struck an agreement that for $100 rental fee, they agreed to ‘host’ a house party,” the officer wrote. “He went on to say that the ‘Party Promoter’ obtains entertainment for the party and begins to promote the party via social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The ‘Party Promoter’ then helps the leasee to prepare the space using a crew of employees by moving furniture and then monitors the party as it happens. Once the party is over, the promoter’s crew will return the next day and clean the location and return the furniture.”
Two men, age 22 and 23, who rent apartments in the house, were charged with disturbing the peace and “operating an adult dance hall without a permit” because they had charged an entrance fee. The party promoter was not charged, however.

STUPID MOVE OF THE WEEK: A 36-year-old woman called police and said her checking account had been tampered with. She said there were eight fraudulent transactions adding up to $118.65. An officer wrote, “She stated she remembered bending and throwing away her debit card before it expired back in February.” The card was possibly retrieved and used without her knowledge.

ROUGH NIGHT ON THE TOWN: Around 3 a.m., a 21-year-old man standing next to a wrecked green car told police, “All I wanted to do was go to the strip club, but no, they wanted to get drinks at Club NIMS first. Hey officer, I drank a [Grey Goose and cranberry] but I’m OK, and I think I kept up with them. I didn’t do nothing wrong. I can drive.”
The backstory: A witness said the man was driving very fast and weaving from lane to lane on Clairmont Avenue. The witness said, “Then, this man driving the Chrysler 300 hit a white car in front of me, then he tried to drive off, but he drove into a pole, and then he backed up and drove off very fast.” The witness said he followed the man to Spring Street and Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard, and stopped him before he entered an apartment building.
Atlanta police released the driver because there was no victim reporting and police didn’t see him driving. He called his friend, who owned the Chrysler — and his friend came and picked him up. The officer told the witness to contact DeKalb County Police, where the alleged accident occurred.
Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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