The Blotter June 09 2009

A KING’S LIFE: A man said he hadn’t seen his 60-year-old roommate since Thursday afternoon – and now it was Sunday. He said every morning, the 60-year-old man walks to a store on Campbellton Road to buy liquor – but on that particular Thursday, he never returned. The 60-year-old man’s hair is gray and “lifted up like Don King’s hairstyle. [He] also goes by the nickname of Don King,” an officer wrote. The roommate said he’d checked area hospitals and jails — no luck. The officer went to the liquor store and talked to a few people — one man said he remembered seeing a person matching that description early that morning purchasing something to drink and leaving with a lady friend.

STRANGE ALIAS, MY DEAR: An officer was patrolling Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard when he noticed a woman near a vacant house. She wore a black hoodie, jeans and white sneakers. “As I passed the house, [the woman] started heading toward the rear of the vacant property,” the officer wrote. “I stopped the woman, who stated her name was Hilarey Clinton, with a date of birth of 03-14-1965." The officer spoke with the woman’s mother and found out the woman’s name is not Hilarey Clinton.  (The Blotter Diva must note: The woman, age 27, is not currently serving as secretary of state.)

THROWING STONES: A 25-year-old man said someone threw a large rock through the back window of his home on Bunker Hill Drive. Someone had written “The Fuck Rock” on it. A police officer asked the man if he had any ideas about who threw the rock. The man said no, he is peaceful and has no enemies.

DOUBLE TROUBLE: An undercover officer said a 29-year-old woman approached his car and asked if she could get inside. “Once inside, she asked if I was the police, then grabbed my crotch and told me to grab her breast to prove I was not the police,” the officer reported. Apparently, another woman hopped into the officer’s car on Camilla Street — and she allegedly offered to have sex with the officer for $30. Then, the first woman “stated she would have sex with me for free, but if I wanted to watch them, she would charge me more money,” the officer reported. He arrested both women for prostitution.

UNLUCKY TOSS: An officer was transporting an arrestee, when “a man walking along Hamilton E. Holmes Drive suddenly threw a brick into the street and started yelling and screaming and cursing at the air.” The brick struck the front of the patrol car.” The officer took the incoherent man, age 55, to the mental health unit at Grady Memorial Hospital.   

FUNNY MONEY WON’T GO FAR: At Lenox Square, a cleaning man said he found two $100 bills while he was emptying a trash can. The cleaning man took the bills to the mall security office, and police were called. “Upon further inspection, I found the bills to be counterfeit,” the officer reported. The $100 bills have a picture of Abraham Lincoln on the front. (Blotter quiz time: Whose face is on a $100 bill? No Googling allowed!)

BEDTIME STORY: On Hardee Street, a 21-year-old man said he was lying in bed with his girlfriend when a strange man opened the bedroom door and looked at them. The girlfriend said she jumped out of bed and ran behind the bedroom door. The suspect reportedly said, “Someone left me in downstairs.” Then, the man closed the door, ran down the stairs and left. He is described as a man in his mid-20s with short hair.
The door had been kicked in — and a clear, visible shoe print was on the door. “On the wall in the stairwell, there was blood,” an officer wrote. “There was also blood on the outer doorknob in the bedroom.” Police searched the area, but couldn’t find the man.

SPEEDY’S TOUGH NIGHT: Around 3 a.m., an officer tracked a black Mercedes going 98 mph on I-75. The officer pulled over the Mercedes on Howell Mill Road and spoke to the driver, a 23-year-old man. “I asked [the driver] to provide a driver’s license, but he stated he didn’t have one,” the officer reported. “He stated it was gone. He then stated to take him to jail. I then asked him why he was going that fast. He stated he was going home, and taking his buddy home, too." Also, “he stated he was in a hurry to get to a Waffle House … He stated he should not be driving at all … And he stated he was an idiot. He also stated he was retarded for going that fast.” After refusing a breath test, the driver was charged with DUI/less safe driver. Turns out, his license was already suspended.

AIRPORT SLEEPOVER: Around 7 a.m., an officer dealt with a possible security breach at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. A Delta Air Lines agent said he found a woman asleep under the stairwell on the tarmac level. According to an interpreter, the 32-year-old woman said she had been there since 9 p.m. the night before. The woman said she missed her flight to Buenos Aires and just wanted to get some fresh air. Also, the woman said she missed her first flight to Buenos Aires on purpose because she wanted to stay and tour the airport. She said she had missed the second flight because she fell asleep. The officer requested a K-9 unit and airport security regulators — they checked the area and gave an “all clear.” According to a Delta corporate interpreter, the woman was evasive about her whereabouts in the last 48 hours. The interpreter said the woman would not answer questions directly and gave different answers to the same questions. Since the woman is an international visitor, police turned her over to U.S. Immigration and Customs to deal with her.  

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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