The Blotter July 22 2009

CRANKY MOMMA: A police officer responded to a call about a dispute on Pineview Terrace. “This was the fifth time since [2:30 p.m.] I had responded to this address regarding this caller and the ninth time since 10 a.m. the suspect had called 911,” the officer noted.  
    The caller said she wanted her son to leave her house. “The son, who lives at the residence, advised me he has lived there for 30 years,” the officer noted. The son provided valid ID showing his address. His mother said she was tired of the son living there. The officer explained the proper steps to evict someone: Go to the Fulton County Courthouse and start the process. The mother said she was going tomorrow. “I advised her that there was no criminal activity and that she needed to stop calling 911,” the officer noted. The mother said she was drinking Seagram’s gin all day and “I’m 77 years old, I drink it cause I paid for it.” She kept abusing 911, the officer noted. So the officer charged the 77-year-old mother with disorderly conduct under the influence and took her to jail.  

SIZZLING TEMPER: On Flat Shoals Road, a woman said she could not cook because her friend, a 55-year-old man, came over and made threats and cursed her out while she tried to cook. She said she asked her friend to leave, but he refused — so she called the police. The officer noted, “While at the residence in front of me [the friend] continued to curse and make threats.” The friend went to jail on a disorderly conduct charge.

JUST PLAIN CREEPY: A man called police because he found what looked like a human skull in a field on Abner Place. The man said he had been working in the field. “He found the skull only, no other body parts,” an officer noted. Homicide units responded to the scene and confirmed that it was a human skull. “At this time, it is unknown how long the skull was at the location and who the victim is — and it is also unknown if this was a homicide or accidental death.” The medical examiner’s unit took the skull for testing.

JUST PLAIN CREEPY, PART II: Two officers saw a black Crown Victoria with a push bumper, tinted windows and a chrome exhaust tips on Delowe Drive. “We noticed that the vehicle matched the description of a vehicle involved in several robberies that have occurred in Zone Four, impersonating police officers. The vehicle sped away from us when [the driver] saw us and we could not follow him because we had a victim from an unrelated case in the back seat."
    About an hour later, police got information about a black Crown Victoria with tinted windows, a push bumper and chrome exhaust tips that was possibly used in a carjacking. An officer wrote, “The vehicle was equipped with blue lights and three or four occupants were wearing ‘police’ shirts.” The officer said he spotted a car matching the description on Central Villa. The officer pulled behind the Crown Victoria and activated his blue lights. The driver abruptly turned right and sped up, the officer wrote. So the officer activated his siren to get the driver’s attention and to warn the kids playing in the area, since the street went through a busy apartment complex. The Crown Victoria “accelerated to 62 mph in a 30 mph zone before slowing down for the intersection at Alison Court.”
    Eventually, police stopped the Crown Victoria. “The vehicle was equipped with two ‘siren’ type speakers in the front grill,” the officer wrote. Police checked the driver’s cell phone, which reportedly showed a text message asking the suspect to check the brown bag in the bag seat for a badge. “There was also video of the suspect driving the car and appeared to be wearing a badge.” The suspect, a 20-year-old man, said he was not driving that fast, his car only sounded like it. “He also added he was not attempting to elude me, he was looking for a safe location to pull over,” the officer wrote. The 20-year-old man went to jail on multiple charges.

INTERESTING SALES TECHNIQUE: An undercover officer reported that a man was allegedly harassing customers and begging for money outside a store on Headland Avenue. The officer observed the man “pull up his shirt and walk toward a parked vehicle as he made gestures with his body as to dry hump the air.” The 44-year-old man went to jail on a public intoxication charge.

LOOK AT ME! A witness flagged down police near Bedford Pines on Boulevard and said another woman lifted her skirt inside a check-cashing store — in full view of other people — revealing her genitals and buttocks for no apparent reason. Police charged the 49-year-old woman for indecent exposure and took her to jail.

SWEET DREAMS: A 31-year-old woman said she left a window unlocked while she slept at her apartment on Fairburn Road. She said when she woke up, she realized her purse had been disturbed and a door key was missing from her purse. Also, she said $80 was missing from her pants. An officer arrived and checked out her apartment. “There was no forced entry into the apartment,” the officer wrote. The woman “claimed there were footprints on the floor and some clothes left on the floor; however, there was no evidence of [her] allegations.”

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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