The Blotter July 29 2009

CATNAP? On Pharr Road, a woman called police to report her cat missing. An officer arrived. The woman said she “has not seen her cat in several days and believes that one of her neighbors inside her apartment complex has kidnapped the cat,” the officer wrote. Also, the woman said the same neighbor confronted her and said she knew the woman has “herperies,” the officer wrote. The woman said she didn’t know how her neighbor could know that information about her. The woman “stated that she previous left her personal phone books outside her apartment on her patio, which is an open area next to a bus stop near [her] apartment,” the officer wrote. “[She] stated she found a small knife laying on her patio table when she returned to pickup her telephone book. When I inquired about the knife, [the woman] got the knife from her kitchen drawer and showed the knife to me.” The woman said she thinks her neighbor has it out for her. The officer couldn’t locate the suspected neighbor. The woman insisted on filing a police report.

SOMETHING FISHY: A 30-year-old woman said someone broke into her apartment on Park Avenue. “The suspects gained entry though an unlocked rear window,” the officer wrote. “The suspects damaged a fish tank and dumped the victims clothes on the floor.” But nothing was missing. Police could not get a legible fingerprint from the scene.

TOUGH DAY AT WORK, PART I: A woman said a kid vomited on her while she was at work on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. She said she went to the bathroom to wash up, and while she was there she took off her watch and left it in the bathroom. “When she realized that she left it, she went back to retrieve it and the watch was gone,” the officer wrote. “It was a gold Cartier Panther watch.” The woman’s watch is worth about $1,100. No suspects.

TOUGH DAY AT WORK, PART II: A 32-year-old woman said she works at Waffle House. She said she’s been having altercations with a co-worker known as Jam. The woman said she was moved around from one work location to another because of the altercation with Jam. She said on this particular day, Jam drove by her house in a white Chevy Lumina, rolled down the window and held up a black pistol into the air. “At no point in time did Jam point the gun at [the woman],” the officer wrote. The woman said children were in the backseat of Jam’s car. The woman’s cousin witnessed the incident and confirmed her story.

RECESSION SPECIAL? Around 5 p.m., an undercover officer was working on Hollywood Drive. A 42-year-old woman allegedly approached his car and offered to have sexual intercourse and oral sex with the officer — for $5 total. The officer arrested her for soliciting an illicit sex act.

LAWNMOWER MAN: A 39-year-old woman said someone threw a rock through the rear glass patio door of her home on Ormond Street. She said she suspects her neighbor behind her — because he is mad that she won’t allow him to mow her grass. No witnesses. “I observed the broken glass and the small rock which had been thrown,” the officer wrote.

BLONDIE BLUES? Around 10:35 p.m., a man allegedly drank from a 16-ounce can of Budweiser, while sitting in his car on Ponce de Leon Avenue. The car wasn’t running, the officer noted. “The subject stated he was drinking a beer before he went inside the Clermont Lounge.” He got a ticket for drinking in public. The 37-year-old man hails from Marietta.

BOLD MOVE OF THE WEEK: An officer said a man was staring at him through the window of a storefront on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. “[The man] kept staring at me,” the officer wrote. “Eventually, he walked off and went around the side of the building. When he returned, he walked past the storefront, put up his middle finger and yelled, “FUCK YOU.”
     The officer wrote, “I went out the front door and told [the man] to stop — he kept walking away. I told him to stop several times and I started to run after the subject. He looked back and started to walk away from me faster. I told him to stop again and then I grabbed him by the back of his pants. [The man] turned, grabbed my waistband about one inch away from my gun and pushed me with the other hand. I held onto him and told him to stop. He yelled at me to let him go and he made a fist around a cane he was carrying. I told him to let my waistband go and to stop raising his cane at me. He started at me and told me to let him go. I again ordered him to remove his hand from near my weapon, and to lower his fist and cane. He glared at me, and then complied.”
     The officer arrested the 31-year-old man on an obstruction charge. He went to jail.  

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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