The Blotter August 05 2009

TREE STORY, PART I: A police officer reported a man walking on Myrtle Street in Midtown. “When [the man] observed my security vehicle, he attempted to hide behind a very small tree,” the officer wrote. “I backed up to see what [he] was doing and he backed around the tree in an attempt to continue to hide. I then pulled forward again — and again [the man] moved around the tree, continuing to hide. I then advised [the man] that I could clearly see him and asked him what he was doing. [The man] then stepped out from behind the tree, placed his empty hand to his ear and acted as if he were talking on the phone.”
According to the officer, the man started walking again and then stepped off the sidewalk and into a traffic lane — and kept walking. There was no reason for the man not to use the sidewalk, the officer noted. “As I was approaching, he repeatedly looked over his shoulder at me and continued to act as if he was talking on the phone, even though he had no cell phone with him,” the officer wrote.
The officer charged the man with “Pedestrian Must Walk on Sidewalk or Shoulder.” The man reportedly got very angry and said, “Obama is president. I am not your motherfucking slave, you cracker!” and “You only locked me up because I am black and gay. I will get you for this!" The man reportedly asked for the officer’s name and the officer said he gave his name. Then, the man said, “I got your name and I am gonna get you! Motherfucker, I will get you for this shit!” The man, age 30, went to jail.   

TREE STORY, PART II: An officer responded to a dispute at a Subway restaurant on Campellton Road. Three Subway employees said the former owner lost his franchise at this location. They said the former owner — a 53-year-old man — arrived because the alarm went off. “[He] was reportedly very upset and was ranting for over 20 minutes,” the officer wrote. The man reportedly had a gun in his front pocket. The office wrote, “He made several comments to the involved parties, saying they wouldn’t get hurt. He then stated, ‘Why would I take out some branches, when I could take out the whole tree?’" The involved parties took this as they were the branches and their boss was the tree. “They stated he seemed very disturbed, and thought he was threatening them or upper management.”   
The man left before the officer arrived. The workers wanted a report to document the man’s alleged threats.

POWER STRUGGLE: An officer responded to a dispute at a rooming house on West Lake Avenue. A 57-year-old woman said another tenant has been cutting off the power to her bedroom, forcing her to live in inhumane conditions and unbearable heat. “I asked [the man] if this was true, and he stated that he has not done anything to her power or extension cord,” the officer wrote. “I asked [the woman] if she had contacted the landlord, but she stated that she doesn’t want him to have her cell phone number and it’s her sister’s and she doesn’t want him harassing her sister.”
The officer personally called the landlord, who didn’t know why the woman had not contacted him directly. The landlord said he would take care of the problem, now that he is aware of it. Still, the woman wanted a police report. “I advised her that this was a civil issue and there was nothing I could do,” the officer wrote. “I advised [the woman] that she should contact the landlord directly if she had problems, and she stated she would not.”

POT AND MEMORY: On Perkerson Road, an officer reported a 22-year-old man “standing at a location in the parking lot that is common for drug users to use and purchase illicit drugs.” The officer wrote, “Upon conducting an officer-citizen encounter with [the man], I noticed a faint odor of raw marijuana coming from his person. I asked [him] if he had any identification and he stated that he didn’t. I asked [him] if he had anything on him I needed to know about, and he stated that he didn’t and that I could check, while lifting his arms up. Upon conducting a consensual/plain smell probable cause search of his person, I found the listed bag of marijuana in his front right pants pocket.” According to the report, the man said, “Ahh shit!!! I forgot about that.” He went to jail on a marijuana possession (less than an ounce) charge.

JUST PLAIN CREEPY: An Atlanta woman reported a harassing and threatening voicemail message, which said, “I know what you did two summers ago. You’re not going to get away with it. I’m watching you and so isn’t everyone else.” The caller threatened to take care of the Atlanta woman for what she did.
The Atlanta woman believes the caller is her late husband’s ex-wife, who lives in Florida. The Atlanta woman said her husband used to say, “so isn’t everyone else” instead of “so is everyone else” just like in the message. Also, she said her husband committed suicide two years ago, and the ex-wife believes that the Atlanta woman is responsible for his death. She said a friend told her a year ago that the ex-wife said she was going to get even with her. The Atlanta woman said she has never met or talked to her late husband’s ex-wife.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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