The Blotter September 23 2009

STAND YOUR GROUND: Around 12:20 a.m., two officers saw a man standing in the middle of North Highland Avenue. The officers said the man just stood there, not moving and impeding traffic. One officer honked his horn and told the man to get out of the way. “[The man] continued to stand in the middle of the roadway and raise his middle finger to us,” an officer wrote.
    So the officers got out of their patrol car. According to the police report, “When approached, [the man] slapped [an officer] on the left shoulder and stated, ‘Come on bro.’” The man reportedly admitted he’d been drinking. The officers said they tried to just give the man a warning, however, he got belligerent and aggressive. “Numerous times, [the man’s] girlfriend told him stand still and keep his mouth shut,” an officer wrote, adding that the man continued use profane language and refused to stand still. So police arrested him. “It doesn’t matter,” the man said, “I know the sergeant who works at [a music hall/bar in Little Five Points].”
    While waiting for another police unit to take him to jail, the man said, “This is taking too long. I need an ambulance.” An officer wrote, “When asked what was wrong with him, [the man] stated, ‘I am messed up in the head. I may have a seizure and pass out.’ [He] was laughing and tapping his feet the whole time, while requesting an ambulance.” A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived. Then, the man reportedly said he never requested an ambulance and this was “bullshit” and a “fucking joke.” “[The man] then informed us he had swine flu and refused medical treatment,” an officer wrote. The man, age 40, went to jail on numerous charges.

STRANGE RITUAL: Officers got a call from a citizen to investigate deceased animals along the shoulder of a road. “We found a pig’s head and dead chickens with roses placed over the bodies,” an officer wrote. “Fruit and other unidentified food was also at the scene. The exact location is on Fulton Terrace, just east of Chester Ave., near the old train tracks.” A lieutenant and a representative from the Homeland Security Department arrived. “It was determined it may have been a religious activity,” the officer wrote. Police photographed the scene and a sanitation crew cleaned the area after the investigation. Nothing further.

STUPID MOVE OF THE WEEK: A 26-year-old man said he works at a bar/restaurant on 10th Street. He said one night, he came into work around 8, set his bag down on the bar and went downstairs for about 15 minutes. He said when he returned, his bag was gone. The man said his bag contained $2,500 to $3,000 cash, three ATM cards, a camera, and his identification cards. He said two customers had been in the bar — but he could not describe them and did not actually see them take his bag.

SCRIBBLE AND SYMBOLS: At a mosque on 14th Street, an employee said someone spray-painted grafitti on an outside wall. An officer wrote, “The picture/drawing spelled out “juse half dead,” with a tea kettle and a hand with rings around it.” The incident was captured on the mosque’s video. A representative from the Homeland Security Department responded to the scene. The graffiti damage is estimated at $200.  

PEOPLE STEAL WEIRD STUFF: An officer responded to a shoplifting call at a store on North Avenue. As he pulled up, the store clerk flagged him down and said the man in front of his patrol car had just stolen items from the store. The officer stopped the man and searched him. The man said he had dropped the items he took. “The items were a box of Fruity Pebbles and a box of oatmeal cookies,” the officer wrote. “The items totaled approximately $4.” The man, age 46, was charged with shoplifting and went to jail.

TIME TO RETIRE THAT ACT? An officer said several people stopped him and said a man “wearing a green number 4 Farve football jersey was throwing himself in front of cars and aggressively knocking on people’s vehicle windows, asking for money” at the intersection of Edgewood Avenue and Fort Street. The officer located the man, age 43. “[He] advised that he was looking for money from people and even asked me for money,” the officer wrote. “I observed a fresh gas above [his] left eye and he claimed to be very dehydrated and wanted medical help.” The officer charged the man with aggressive panhandling and took him to the detention center at Grady Memorial Hospital.

SALES TO THE SICK? At Grady Memorial Hospital, a security guard said a man was detained for soliciting on hospital property and refusing to leave. According to the security guard, the man was warned to leave — and then the man tried to get up to the second floor. Also, the man has been warned to leave the hospital once before. A police officer charged the 32-year-old man with “disrupting the peace of a hospital” and took him to jail. The man’s blue cooler, bag of miscellaneous silverware, black shoes, and hats were turned in to the police property room. (The Blotter Diva wants to know: What was the man allegedly trying to sell at a hospital? Forks?)

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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