The Blotter September 30 2009

HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU: Around 12:30 a.m., an officer responded to a possible kidnapping call on Whitehall Street. A 31-year-old woman said three masked men robbed her and her boyfriend at gunpoint, and the men forced her boyfriend into a gold Audi and sped away. While the officer gathered info, the boyfriend called the woman on her cellphone. He insisted on talking to the police officer. “I asked [the boyfriend] what was going on and was he kidnapped and robbed," the officer wrote. "[The boyfriend] said he was not kidnapped and robbed. [He] said he was not sure why [his girlfriend] said what she said, but he was never kidnapped or robbed." Still on the phone, the officer told the boyfriend to say the number “55” if he was in danger. The boyfriend did not say "55" — instead, he said he just had to get away from his girlfriend. "[He] convinced me that he was not kidnapped,” the officer wrote. So the officer then told the woman that her boyfriend was not kidnapped and that he just needed to get away. “[She] started yelling at me and verbally insulting me, so I turned and walked away,” the officer wrote.
    The next day, the same woman called police around 11:20 a.m. So the same officer — plus another officer — returned to her home. The woman said she had not seen or heard from her boyfriend all day long. Then, she said one masked man and one unmasked man had kidnapped her boyfriend. “On the prior shift, the girlfriend said three masked men had kidnapped her boyfriend," the officer noted. “I was even more convinced that the story [the boyfriend] told me was accurate and the story that [the girlfriend] told me was a great fabrication,” the officer wrote. The two officers left and the girlfriend called 911 again. A sergeant went to deal with her. The officer wrote, “It was obvious to me that we could not help her to make [her boyfriend] call or come make company with [her], so she became verbally abusive.”

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE: At the Georgia Aquarium, a security guard called police after an employee allegedly admitted to taking items. The officer wrote, “The incident began after [the employee] was questioned about an unrelated event, and by his own admission, [the employee] confessed to drinking 1 to 3 bottles of the ‘Vitamin Water’ daily. The value of the consumed product ‘Vitamin Water’ was over $1,087, as estimated by the Aquarium based on the timeline, amount of consumption and retail value.”
     The Georgia Aquarium wanted the employee arrested for theft. “I advised both parties that this was a civil matter and that the lost prevention unit can swear out a warrant and prosecute [the employee] at a later time,” the officer wrote. No arrests.

ANGRY SCOOBY: A 35-year-old man said he and some friends walked into a convenience store on Glenwood Avenue. He said a man nicknamed “Scooby” drove past and “meanmugged” everyone. The man said he went into the store, and was standing at the counter, when Scooby approached and said in a provoking manner, “Whenever you get ready… Whenever you get ready.” The man said he asked Scooby what he was talking about, because he didn’t know what prompted the threat, and Scooby said, “I can show you when you come out the store.”
    The man said when he walked outside, Scooby pointed a pistol at him and made several threats, including, “I’ll kill your ass.” The man said he went back in the store to avoid confrontation.
    The man told police that Scooby wears a colostomy bag, from a previous gunshot wound to the stomach.

PICTURE THIS: A 37-year-old Texas woman went to the Varsity on North Avenue. When she returned, she said a bunch of stuff was missing from her car, including a Nikon camera, Sony video camera, telephoto lens, $500 in memory chips, lens caps, a battery and a charger (total estimated value $2,800). An officer wrote, “I asked the victim if she locked the door before going into the restaurant, and she replied, ‘I think I did.’” No signs of forced entry, the officer noted.

MEET OFFICER SPELLGOOD: At Grady Memorial Hospital, a security guard said a 52-year-old man got several warnings to leave. The officer wrote: “After he was there harassing there patience at the hospital [the man] left the Hospital and came back on property a short time later and whent into the restroom and lock the door…” The officer charged the man for “breach of peace” and took him to jail.

PRICEY PACKAGE: At a hotel on Peachtree Center Avenue, an employee said once a week, a man in his 30s picks up a package at the bellhop desk in the hotel lobby. The employee said he thought this was strange, because the man usually gives him a $40 tip and the package was always addressed to a woman. He said the man always had the correct name and signed for the package. The employee said the man dressed cleanly and spoke “as though he was trying to be hip.” The officer asked him to clarify. The employee said the man used terms like “Hey bro.” The employee said the man seemed to be “up to something illegal.” So one day, when the package arrived, the employee opened it and found “a big plastic bag with some weed in it.” Police set up in the hotel lobby to see if the man would show up and try to claim the package — but he didn’t. The box contained a total of 3.8 pounds of marijuana worth about $16,000.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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