The Blotter October 14 2009

FOOD FRENZY: An officer responded to a call from an apartment on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. A woman said she “found a large amount of mayonnaise missing from her Hellmann’s mayonnaise jar,” the officer wrote. “[She] found peanut butter missing from the peanut butter jar and jelly missing from the grape jelly jar. [She] also found her box of instant potatoes to be open and she had never opened that box,” the officer wrote.

    The officer looked around and saw no damage to the front door, the back door or any windows or locks. So he asked more questions. The woman said she believes someone with a key to her apartment — such as a leasing agent or a maintenance man — came in while she wasn’t home. She said a specific leasing agent does not like her and may have been the one. Also, the officer wrote, “I learned that [the woman] had not left her apartment in four days, since she went to church.” Also, the woman’s 7-year-old son is the only other person living in the apartment. “I asked [her] if I could speak to her son about the missing food items and she refused to wake him up, stating that he had to get up early for school in the morning,” the officer wrote. “[She] said she had already questioned her son about the missing food and he told her that he didn’t take any of it.”
     The officer canvassed the area for potential witnesses — but couldn’t find any. “I noticed that [the woman] was a little paranoid, but she appeared to be in control of all her faculties and didn’t seem to be a mental patient,” the officer wrote. “The apartment was clean and in order and her 7-year-old son was sleeping soundly and appeared to be fine and in no danger.” A police report was filed.

AFTER THE FLOOD, PART I: An officer got a call about a weapon found on Besto Drive. A woman there said she is with the Virginia Baptist Disaster Relief Services team. She said they were tearing down drywall when she noticed a black, heavy sock in the drywall. She said when she picked up the sock, a silver .38 special revolver fell out of the sock. She said the gun was loaded. The serial number had been filed off the gun, an officer noted. Police took the gun.

AFTER THE FLOOD, PART II: At a city jail on Peachtree Street, an inmate reportedly pulled down a sprinkler pipe with a rope. “I observed water covering the entire floor of the city jail,” an officer wrote. The inmate, a 35-year-old man, was put into a holding cell, where the damage occurred.

NO CLOTHES, NO WAY: An officer said a concerned citizen told him about a naked woman at the intersection of Polar Rock and Pryor roads. The officer went there and found a woman “bending over and showing cars her private parts (vaginal area). She was also showing people at the church located at that intersection,” the officer wrote. She admitted to public indecency, and the officer arrested her.

    At the jail, “she started to take off all her clothes,” the officer wrote. “She started to suck on her breasts and show the guards and inmates her vaginal area. I asked [the woman] several times to put her clothes back on — but she refused to wear anything.” Jail employees said the woman needed to go to the psychiatric ward at Grady Memorial Hospital. The officer took her to the Grady Detention Center, where "she again would not put her clothes on and she would show the guards at Grady Hospital her private parts over and over, saying, ‘Jesus was licking her pussy and God was fucking her in the ass,’” the officer wrote.

    The woman “attempted to go to the bathroom in front of us but she started to bleed from her private areas and she was rubbing her hand in the blood… and wiping it on the walls inside Grady Detention. She stated that she was going to start killing folks starting with her daughter and her granddaughter.” The woman, age 43, went to the psychiatric ward.

SEEING RED: On Lisbon Drive, a woman said someone used red spray paint to vandalize her two cars outside her home. She said the words “Red Neck” were spray-painted on both cars. Also, the names “Nick + (Love) Desiree” were spray-painted on the street behind her Saturn, and “East Point 10-10” and “$ Money” were spray-painted on the street in front of her home. No suspects.

ROAD RAGE: A 58-year-old woman said she was driving on Decatur Street when she noticed a black car following her closely. She said she turned onto Boulevard — and so did the black car. She said the car pulled alongside her and she exchanged words with the male driver. Then, she said, the driver threw a golf ball at her and the golf ball hit her mouth, causing a cut on her top lip and excessive bleeding. She said the driver, a man in his 30s, fled — but the woman gave his tag number to police.

DRESS YOU UP: At a clothing store on Peachtree Street, an employee said someone tried to shoplift a pair of earrings. She said she confronted the suspect and recovered the earrings (worth $3.99). Police arrived to arrest the suspect. An officer wrote, “Subject appeared to be a female by dress and makeup, however identified himself as being born a man … but likes to be called Kim or Janice.”

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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