The Blotter January 20 2010

JOHN DOE'S BIG DAY: At 11:20 a.m., an officer responded to a call about a person stabbed at a store on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard. The caller had a male voice and said he was at the pay phone outside the store. "When I arrived on scene, there was no one standing at the pay phone or outside of the location," the officer noted. All the store workers said no one had come inside saying they were stabbed. A fire truck and hospital medics also arrived at the scene.

Eventually, the officer saw a man and woman arguing about 50 yards away. The officer asked the couple if there was a problem. A woman yelled out, "Ask him, he's the one who called. I was just walking to get away from him." So the officer asked the man why he'd called to say he had been stabbed. The man said "because" and tried to walk away. The man said he fell on something at his house, and got a small scratch on his shoulder.

The man never explained why he claimed he had been stabbed and he would not give police his name. Eventually, the woman walked away – crying, screaming and yelling at the man to leave her alone.

Police charged the man with abusing 911 services. The officer wrote, "Mr. Doe had police, fire and Grady [Memorial Hospital] all respond to the call with lights and sirens going, with the roadways icy, for a fake stabbing call."

CLICHÉ ENDING: An officer participated in an undercover operation at a spa on Piedmont Avenue. He said a 63-year-old woman met him at the back door and escorted him inside. "She took me to a room, then said she will bring the girls in to let me pick who I wanted for a massage," the officer wrote. A short time later, the woman brought three girls into the room and the officer picked a 34-year-old woman for his massage, and the other girls left. The 34-year-old woman "told me that it was $60 for the massage, plus tip," the officer wrote. "I gave her the money and she asked if I wanted a 'happy ending' then made a motion with her hand for oral sex. I gave her the rest of the money and she then began to massage my neck, back and arms. She then told me to roll over then produced a condom."

Uniformed police arrived and arrested the employees and patrons inside the spa. The 34-year-old woman was charged with not having a permit to give massages.

ATTENTION-GETTING STATEMENT: An officer was transporting prisoners on Lee Street when he encountered a man. The man was sitting in the back of the prisoner transport police vehicle. The man said, "A man that shit I swallowed got my heart beating fast as hell." The officer called his supervisor — and medics. The man went to Grady Memorial Hospital. No further details.

BOLD MOVE OF THE WEEK: Around 4 p.m., an officer got a call about a disorderly person on a MARTA bus on Verbena Street. When the officer arrived, the woman was "on the bus, drinking a Colt 45 malt liquor can of beer and smoking a lit cigarette." The MARTA bus driver said the woman got on the bus with the beer and the cigarette and did not pay the bus fare. The driver said she asked for bus fare, and the woman said she wasn't paying for her ride and sat down. The driver said she asked the woman to get off the bus and the woman started cursing at passengers. The driver said she could not continue on her route, so she called another MARTA bus to pick up her passengers.

The officer wrote, "I asked the suspect to leave the bus three times." The woman said, "Fuck you, if you touch me, I'm going to kick your ass."

The officer grabbed the woman's wrist and said she was under arrest and put her hands behind her back. The woman "resisted and tried to punch me in the face," the officer wrote. For his safety, the officer called for backup. The woman "could not stand up on her own, due to her level of intoxication." The woman, age 47, went to jail on a disorderly conduct charge.

TRYING TO GET INTO HELL? A man said someone broke into a church on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. An officer noted, entry was made through a broken vent window. "Once the suspect was inside, the person cut a copper water pipe, which flooded the lower level of the church. Also, a gas pipe was cut in the process." A firefighters unit responded to the scene and cut off the gas line. Police could not get fingerprints because it had been raining.

A DAY IN THE LIFE: A woman said she had been hearing gunshots all day near her apartment on Campbellton Road. She said she soon noticed a bullet hole in her ceiling, so she called police. An officer wrote, "I noticed that the angle suggested that it probably came from the apartment above." The woman said she did not want to press charges against the people who live above her, but she wanted a police report so she could document the damage to her apartment. The officer knocked on the door of the apartment upstairs, "but was refused entry without a warrant."

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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