The Blotter May 05 2010

FUNNY MONEY: An officer dealt with an upset man on Lynhurst Drive. The man said several months ago, he got a call from a stranger saying the man had won the lottery. The officer wrote, "The suspect said that a requirement to collect the grand prize was to prepay President Obama. [The man] was required to make payments to the suspect over several months. [The man] made an estimated dozen payments totaling about $15,000."

The man said he called police when he discovered he was being scammed and the suspect kept asking him for money. The man said when he told the suspect there would be no more payments, the suspect threatened to take the man's family to Texas. The suspect reportedly said he would leave the man's family at the border if he did not comply. The man is now fully aware that he was scammed with the fake lottery call, the officer wrote.

NOT-SO-INVISIBLE MAN: Around 5:30 p.m., a naked man walked out of his apartment complex on Campbellton Road. Other people and children saw the naked man, according to the security guard at the apartment complex. So a police officer went to the naked man's apartment. "He stated that he was having foreplay with his girlfriend and that he was chasing her around the apartment naked when she ran outside," the officer wrote. "[He] stated that he did not realize he was outside until he was about 15 feet out his door." The man said he apologized to the security guard and went back inside his apartment. The man, 19, was ticketed for public indecency.

MEET OFFICER SPELLGOOD: Around 12:30 p.m., an officer got a call about a woman possibly exposing herself at gas station on Northside Drive. The officer wrote, "When I arrived on the scene, I observed [a woman] with her pants and under ware down while shaking her buttox in front" of the gas station. The woman was "exposing herself to the general public as she dances with her pants down." The officer arrested the woman on an indecent exposure charge and took her to jail. According to the police report, the woman, 39, reportedly said she uses drugs and has an alcohol problem.

POOP SHOW: A middle-aged man said he saw another middle-aged man defecating in a parking lot on North Avenue, where others could easily see him. "[The man] advised he had photographic evidence of the suspect defecating on his cell phone," an officer wrote. The man who pooped offered to "clean it up," but the other man still wanted to prosecute. The 50-year-old man who pooped was arrested without further incident. He went to jail.

STUPID MOVE OF THE WEEK: An officer was working an extra job at Philips Arena. "I was on my assignment in the designated floor seats area speaking with [another officer]," he wrote. Then, a 24-year-old man allegedly walked in between the two police officers, while smoking a marijuana cigarette. "I approached [the man] and retrieved a marijuana cigarette that he threw on the floor in an attempt to hide from the police," the officer wrote. The man was arrested on a marijuana possession charge. He hails from McDonough.

CHICKEN FIXATION: A man allegedly ordered a 16-piece fried chicken meal and a soda and then walked out without paying at a Publix grocery store on West Peachtree Street. This happened around noon on a Friday. A security guard stopped him, and the 42-year-old man went to jail on a shoplifting charge.

Meanwhile, on the same Friday at 12:05 p.m., a different man allegedly ordered a box of fried chicken and tried to leave a Publix grocery store on Piedmont Avenue. The 38-year-old man was arrested on a shoplifting charge.

NUGGET DELIVERY: An officer arrested a 36-year-old man for allegedly panhandling at the corner of Peachtree and Harris streets. The man allegedly made "repeated requests from the same tourists after being told 'no,'" the officer wrote. "[The man] advised that I should give him a break because he had just gotten out of jail that morning for panhandling. He also stated that he was standing on the corner for the last 20 minutes, because one of the many people he knew and greeted downtown had gone to Chik-fil-A to get him some breakfast and would be returning shortly."

O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? On Boulevard, a 63-year-old woman said she got a phone call from a person acting like her brother. "The unknown person stated that he was in Clayton County Jail and he needed $950 to be bailed out of jail," an officer wrote. The unknown person said the woman should call a man at a 770 number and meet him and another guy, so they could bail him out of jail. The 63-year-old woman said she met with the two unknown men in their late 20s, who arrived in a green Ford Taurus. "Once she gave them the money, they asked for another $850," the officer wrote. "She stated she needed to head to the bank and she would meet them later. Once she left the location, she called her brother and asked him whether he was in jail," the officer wrote. The brother said he wasn't in jail, he was at home. Also, the brother said he didn't know the two men who allegedly met with his sister. Once the sister realized she'd been scammed, she called police. An officer tried to call the 770 number but never got an answer.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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