The Blotter July 21 2011

In the buff

It's another blazing-hot summer in Atlanta. So what do people do when it's a gazillion degrees outside? Get naked on a whim ... in public. Across Atlanta, nudity was a frequent trend this week:

Around 10:40 a.m., a female clerk called police when she found a naked, disoriented man hiding in the bathroom of a CVS Pharmacy on Peachtree Street. "I'm drunk," the man said when an officer showed up. The officer did a little research on the naked dude. Turns out, he had a previous trespass warning at the same CVS. In fact, the guy's such a rowdy regular, his photo is posted on the "banned" wall at the store. The man, 49, went to jail for public indecency.

In a separate incident near downtown, police found a man "sleeping completely nude in a parking lot" near West Peachtree Place and Centennial Park Drive. The man, 44, went to jail for public indecency, too.

Also spotted by police: A woman taking her clothes off — while running down the street — around noon on Kings Grant Drive. When the woman stopped running she stood in the middle of the street "with her breasts exposed and wearing only blue jean shorts," the officer wrote. The woman said she lived nearby and was locked out of her house and was looking for some clothes to wear. She went to jail.

Finally, a man was arrested on Piedmont Avenue for reportedly strolling around and showing off his junk. According to the police report, the 58-year-old man "had his pants and underwear down near his ankles at the time, his private parts were being exposed to the public." He went to jail.

FLYING HIGH: At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a man reportedly tried to go through airport security with a marijuana cigarette tucked into his sock. When a police officer asked the man if the joint belonged to him, the man explained that he needs marijuana because he has ADD.

"I asked him if he had a prescription for the suspected marijuana — he said he did not," the officer wrote. As the officer started to arrest him, the man played the sympathy card, and told the cop he was headed to a funeral in Houston. When that didn't work, he played the prestige card. According to the officer, the man said he had a "$50 million dollar contract with Delta as CEO of his own company" and flashed a Delta contractor ID badge and an airport personnel badge. Apparently, no one was impressed. Airport workers confiscated his badges, and the man was taken to jail.

AGAIN WITH THE GANJA: At around 2 a.m., a taxicab driver said he picked up a skinny guy and his companion, and started driving to their apartment on Cheshire Bridge Road. En route, the skinny guy asked if he could smoke weed in the cab. No way, said the taxi driver, but Slim wouldn't let it go. When they arrived at the apartment complex, the man hopped out, grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed it all over the taxicab driver's face. He was long gone by the time police showed up.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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