The Blotter March 22 2012

Blast off!

People freaked when an explosion went off at a Peachtree Street apartment complex. A 27-year-old man said he had no clue what caused the explosion, but there a cloud of smoke and his apartment was damaged. He said the explosion was "extremely loud and it woke him up from his sleep and he was in fear of his life," a police officer wrote. The explosion shattered his window and sent glass shards into his right arm. (His arm was bleeding from a minor cut.) The man believes the person at fault lives in the apartment directly below him.

Police knocked at the apartment below, and even though they could hear movement inside, no one answered. They accessed a master key and went inside. Immediately, a slim guy wearing a baseball cap stepped forward. The explosion's source was sitting on the dining room table: a box of "M-2000 Max Blast Fire Crackers."

The man said he'd gotten the fireworks in South Carolina, and decided to shoot off a few on his porch. He claimed he didn't know he damaged anyone's apartment. (Kinda hard not to notice a smoking firework busting your neighbor's window, right?) Our fireworks rookie is a 31-year-old man, who lives in Georgia, apparently unaware of the "fireworks are illegal" laws here. He went to jail on multiple charges, and Homeland Security was notified about the incident.

STALLED OUT: At a grocery store on Ponce de Leon Avenue, a guy locked himself inside a men's bathroom stall, so the manager called police. An officer went inside and found a 51-year-old man "passed out on a toilet with his pants down to his knees," the officer wrote. "There was an empty bottle of Holland House cooking sherry on the floor next to him." The store manager said the sherry came from Aisle 6. The man went to jail on shoplifting charges after medics treated him for extreme drunkenness.

BAD INTERVIEW PREP: In downtown Atlanta, an officer saw a black SUV speeding behind him. "The driver had to swerve into the left-hand lane, cutting off vehicles and almost striking the rear of my patrol car," the officer wrote. The SUV reportedly swerved in and out of traffic, almost hitting two other cars. The officer pulled over the black SUV and talked with the driver, a 40-year-old man who didn't have a license. The man said his driver's license expired a few years go, and he never bothered to retake the driver's test. The officer asked: Why were you speeding and almost hit several cars? The man replied, "I thought you guys was parked so I had to swerve from hitting you. I was trying to get home to get ready for a job interview. I was late!" Yes, the man missed that job interview because he went to jail for reckless driving.

MOVER'S REMORSE? In Castleberry Hill, a woman said she just moved into a new apartment when a suspicious guy wearing a blue jacket started banging on her door in broad daylight. Apparently, the guy wasn't bringing a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" basket. The guy grabbed a piece of wood, banged some more on the woman's door, and demanded that she give him $10 and a cigarette. Then, she said, the guy picked up a piece of concrete and threatened to throw it through her window. So she called police. The man was extremely drunk and could not explain why he was banging the woman's door. He went to jail.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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